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Cats make for purrfect pets. They’re affectionate and clean, love to play and provide great companionship. Follow our article to know how to take care of your cat and to ensure your feline family member stays happy and healthy.


The very first thing you should do research before taking a cat to your home is its food. According to rspcansw.org.a, cats are carnivores, meaning they must eat animal protein to survive. Give your pet a high-quality cat food suited to her life stage and health status.

The first ingredient should always be meat. Cats also need some natural foods, such as fresh, raw meat; raw chicken wings; and raw, meaty bones. While many cats go crazy over fish, feeding them it exclusively doesn’t provide them with the correct fatty acids.

Despite what many people think, cats can’t drink cow’s milk. It’s also important that your cat does not consume alcohol, avocado, chocolate, coffee, cooked bones, manufactured meat such as sausages, garlic, grapes, nuts or onions. Always ensure your cat has access to clean, freshwater.

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Provide a Sufficient Number of Litter Boxes

As far as potty places go, Werber says a good rule of thumb is to have one litter box per kitty, plus an additional one. So if you have three cats, you should set up four boxes. Reviewed in the dailypaws.com, it is believed that you'll want to think carefully about where those boxes go. While humans love to tuck the boxes in out-of-the-way places, like in a basement or a dark corner, cats may not be willing to use them there. Werber says to think about how it is in nature. ″The animal is in a vulnerable position when performing those functions,″ he says. ″They want to be able to see around them." For the same reason, your pet may not be willing to use a box with a cover.

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Veterinary Care

Cats need yearly visits to the veterinarian for vaccinations, boosters and general health checks. This includes vaccinations against cat flu. They also require regular flea control and worming, even if they are indoor-only cats. Cats also need help cleaning their teeth – look for treats which do this.

Any changes in defecation, drinking, eating, urination, or weight loss or gain should be checked out with your veterinarian.

Litter trays

Cats need access to a clean litter tray at all times. They should instinctively use this from a young age. Keep their litter tray in a quiet place away from their food and water. If you have more than one cat, they will need at least one litter tray each. Some cats prefer certain types of litter trays or brands of cat litter over others. Others may need their litter tray cleaning several times a day. If they’re not happy, or if they’re anxious or stressed, they might decide to urinate elsewhere.

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In New South Wales, you must have your cat microchipped and registered by law. Check with your local council for details. Make sure you keep the details on your cat’s microchip up to date.

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