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Planning a trip should be something positive and fun but all the options and possibilities we can choose from nowadays can easily overwhelm us.

Planning a trip, long or short can easily become a stressful task. Where do you begin and what should you do first? These are simple tips you should follow to plan and organize your perfect adventure:

1. Be Knowledgeable

It’s always a good idea to do some research on local language, currency, customs and other information about the area you are visiting. If you overlook one of these, you may unconsciously insult someone, miss a flight, be caught someplace with no purchasing power, or have no way to communicate with the locals.

2. Decide On A Destination

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This decision is often based on two factors: the amount of time available for your travels, and your budget. At this stage of your planning feel free to let your imagination run wild.

If climbing Mount Kilimanjaro tops your bucket list, scout the web to find out how much this trip would cost and what would be involved in it. You can always keep the information you gather for use at a later date. If you just want to get away and go somewhere cheap, South East Asia and many countries in South America are great to visit on a shoestring budget – in SEA you can easily get by on $1000 a month and with a bit of effort $500.

Furthermore, how long do you want to travel? Are you going on a short trip of a few days or a few weeks or traveling long term for more than 6 months? The longer you travel the less you will spend on average per day. Short trips will always be more expensive!

3. Cost to travel

When you ask friends or trust other websites or blogs, don’t trust when they say it’s cheap or expensive. For Europeans, South East Asia might be pretty cheap but for a Swedish, Germany is pretty expensive. Therefore try to figure out the exact costs of some key products and services at the destination.

Another help might be Expatistan, a free database of prices in the world. You can type down your city and a city in your destination and it tells you how much more expensive or cheaper it is. An awesome resource to calculate the costs of traveling!

How much money will you need in Vancouver per day? maybe $150? How long are you planning to stay? A week? Well, now you know that you will need $ 1.050! We finally have a number. Is it cheap or expensive? You decide!

4. Plan An Itinerary

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Once you have found a destination that meets your requirements and can realistically fit within your holiday time and budget, it is a good idea to plan an itinerary for your trip. An itinerary can also help you fit as much as you can into your limited time, allowing you to make the most of your holiday.

If you have limited time and no plans, chances are that you will run around places never making the most out of your trip, spending too much time planning the trip you’re already on. The less time you have the more you need to plan, and if you have all the time in the world, you can fit more spontaneity into your travel plans.

Using sites to make an itinerary plan, is a great idea – which gives you a good overview of your trip.

5. Download Helpful Travel Apps

We all travel wit

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h at least one device. With smartphones, tablets, laptops, there are few who choose to disconnect completely when they’re away from home. So make the most of the fact you can cram a million different tools into one small electronic device and get APP’d up before you leave. You can try:

Stay on budget with the help of Trail Wallet, which monitors your spending and breaks down your monthly expenditure.

Get Skype and convince your loved ones to download it too. You’ve got to be pretty remote to be more than a few hundred meters from a reliable internet connection these days, so save yourself the cost of international phone calls and instead stay in touch for free.

Join Airbnb and keep their app close at hand. A great option for those traveling on the fly and keen to meet local people, this app will connect you with people renting out their spare room for a very affordable fee.

6. Get the right credit card

Getting money abroad can be costly. If you don’t feel comfortable running around with big amounts of cash you will probably get money from an ATM many times during your trips. Every time you pay a fee, sometimes it is a fixed fee sometimes a percentage. But most of the time between €2 and €10

A few banks offer free credit cards but most of the time you will have to look for an internet bank. They offer free credit cards where you can withdraw money around the world!

7. Find out which Visa you need and check the validity of your passport

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If you are going to a country where you need a visa, check it early and plan accordingly. Also, check that your passport is valid for at least 6 months by the time you enter the country!

Check everything and enjoy your adventure. Do you have everything?




Credit Card?

Well, that is the most important. It gets you out of the country and into the new country. Now lean back and enjoy your adventure.

We hope this post helps you as a guideline to organize your trip a little bit better! Good luck!

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