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Enjoy the article and like always be sure to send it to a fellow (fit) traveller. Brushing up on this list just prior to taking a vacation can make all the difference. Without further ado here are 7 ways to stay healthy while on vacation:

Practice mindfulness.

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Studies show mindful eating can reduce impulsive food choices that lead to weight gain. If you’re in Paris and must have a macaroon, choose the best one, savour it slowly, and enjoy every bite. View that occasional indulgence as an almost-meditative experience and you’ll find a bliss sure to become a trip highlight, Max Living cites.

Avoid lack of sleep

It is understandable and admirable that a traveller wants to do as many things as possible while on vacation. Running on adrenaline this won’t feel too bad at the moment, however, don’t be fooled, it will all catch up leading to a breakdown. Once the trip is done with all a traveller might want is their bed for the next week.

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This must be avoided for a traveller’s physical and mental well-being. Increased sleep can instantly boost morale while providing more energy instantly. Mixing this in with stretching and meditation can result in one of the most positive vacation experiences ever.

Make exercise a fun activity

You don’t have to run five miles every day, but you can choose activities that are naturally aerobic. A vacation is a good time to hike, walk, wander, swim, and move about. Every destination has its draw, according to Samujana. For example, Thailand is a great place to stay active, with a full array of water activities–sailboarding, diving, swimming, boating–to keep you busy, as well as the opportunity to learn Muy Thai boxing. In the evening, you might enjoy dancing at a nightclub!

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If you are one of the lucky people who loves a serious workout, make use of the gym and exercise equipment available to you where you are staying. If a morning workout is your routine at home, keep it up during your vacation. You’ll feel better physically, and you’ll also feel better mentally for sticking with your good habit.

Bring a journal

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This can lead to a different kind of health and one that is related to the mind. Improving the brain can result in one improving themselves physically as well. A journal can provide the traveller with a great sense of positivity. Simply writing your goals and what you hope to achieve can be the start of something special once you get back from the trip.

Among the goals can include a healthy lifestyle once your trip comes to an end. A traveller might be astonished to see how effective it can be to simply write down your goals on paper.

Stay hydrated

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One of our top wellness tips is to stay hydrated, both and home and when you’re away! Dehydration can often be mistaken for hunger, so pause when you have the chance and have a refreshment, or take a refillable water bottle with you wherever you go, We Travel cites.


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Who needs the gym when a traveller has a swimming pool at their disposal? A traveller doesn’t need to limit themselves when it comes to burning calories. As a matter of fact, swimming can prove to be even more effective. A free swim, in general, requires lots of muscles to be put to work. This causes the calorie breakdown. This ritual can also shock the system providing a new cardio formula as opposed to a jog, treadmill or whatever else a fitness enthusiast usually utilizes for cardio.

Enjoy the local food in moderation

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Travelling is all about experiencing new things, especially new foods! But the trick is not to go overboard. Don’t stuff yourself with that delicious new food until your full, instead eat little and often throughout the day. This way you get to try even more! To help you stay healthy when you’re travelling, try to commit to one healthy meal a day. This will keep you in a healthy frame of mind, and you’ll feel better for it.
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