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What is a podcast?

A podcast is a digital audio file, which can be downloaded from the internet and listened to on various digital devices.

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There are many websites for users to enjoy podcasts, like Buzzsprout, Transistor, Podbean, Castos, etc. Also, except the audip podcasts, there are also some video podcasts. Sometimes, some users want to convert the downloaded podcasts to MP3 format for playing on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Andoid or uploading to iTunes, MusicBee, etc for management or for media playback, for which these users will need a tool or a software.

The term Podcast is actually a portmanteau of iPod and Broadcast.

Podcasting started as mostly an independent way for individuals to get their message out there and build a community of people with similar interests.

That still exists, but today there are podcasts from:


companies (large and small)

radio networks (like NPR)

TV networks (CNN, Fox, ESPN, etc.)

new podcast-only networks (Gimlet is a great example)


storytellers (Lore comes to mind)

churches (Red Rocks Church is amazing)

What is MP3?

How to Convert Podcast to MP3: 4 Best Ways & Easiest Steps

MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 Audio Layer III, best known as MP3, is a digital encoding format for audio which allows for compression and delivery of audio at a relatively small file size. It is a common audio format for streaming or storing audio and has become what amounts to a universal standard for delivery and playback on the Internet.

Voices uses built-in audio players to share your Profile demos and Audition files. For best results MP3 files uploaded to your Profile or submitted as auditions should be encoded at the bit rate 128 kbps.

If you are using demo files recorded onto a CD you will need to use an audio application to rip the files to MP3 format.

On a Windows-based system, Windows Media Player will allow you to rip CD audio to a number of formats, MP3 among them.

On a Mac, iTunes will similarly permit you to rip CD audio to MP3.

In either case, be sure that you have set MP3 as the desired format. Windows will default to WMA format and iTunes to M4A, so you may need to change a few settings in order to rip to MP3 the first time.

Is MP3 good for podcast?

When it comes to sharing your audio as a podcast, MP3 and M4A files are the only audio filetypes that are supported for podcast apps (like iTunes or Apple Podcasts). Acast supports both file formats. We recommend uploading 128 - 160kbps MP3 files.

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Convert Podcast to MP3 - Method 1: Use iTunes

iTunes also works fine when converting the podcast to MP3 format.

If you have not got iTunes installed on your computer, download it from then install it.

Step 1: Click on File button on the menu bar>Add File to Library to upload your podcast to iTunes. Windows users can press Ctrl+B to bring up with the menu bar.

Photo video converter
Photo video converter

Mac users to go to iTunes menu to go to Preference and Windows users need to click Edit menu to go to Preference option.

Photo video converter
Photo video converter

Step 2: Choose MP3 Encoder by clicking Import Setting>Import Using.

Photo video converter
Photo video converter

Step 3: Click the OK button to save your settings.

Step 4: Go back to File menu, click on Convert button>Create MP3 Version to complete your podcast to MP3 conversion.

Photo video converter
Photo video converter

Convert Podcast to MP3 - Method 2: Use Avdshare Audio Converter

Avdshare Audio Converter is a professional podcast to MP3 converter which supports to convert any podcast downloaded from Buzzsprout, Transistor, Podbean, or from any other podcast website to MP3 format for any audio application which supports MP3 format.

This podcast to MP3 converter also supports to convert any downloaded podcast to other audio formats, like WAV, AAC, WMA, FLAC, etc for users to easily play or edit the downloaded podcast on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Xbox, Zune, Roku, PSP, many smart TVs, etc.

Except for converting many podcasts to MP3, this podcast to MP3 converter also supports to convert any audio file, downloaded from any audio website or obtained from other source, to MP3 or to any other audio formats.

Also this podcast to MP3 converter also works as any audio format to any audio device or any player converter to convert any unsupported audio format to any audio device or player supported audio formats.

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Convert Podcast to MP3 - Method 3: Use UniConverter

Step 1. Add Podcast files to the MP3 converter

Photo video converter
Photo video converter

In the main interface, select "Converter" tab and then "Add Files" option to import the Podcast files to the Podcast to MP3 converter. Or you can just drag and drop the Podcast song files to the converter. This Podcast to MP3 converter even supports to import music files from your mobile devices, to achieve that, click the drop down icon and then "Add from Device" option beside to directly load Podcast files from your iPhone, iPad, iPod or other tablets and phones.

Step 2. Select MP3 as output format

Photo video converter
Photo video converter

In the format tray, go to "Audio" tab and select MP3 to set it as output format. For more encoder settings, click the Setting icon to change sample rate, channel, bitrate, etc.

Step 3. Ready to Convert Podcast to MP3

Photo video converter
Photo video converter

Click the "Convert" button to start to convert Podcast to MP3 on your Mac or Windows PC. That is it! You done! With this Podcast to MP3 converter, you can convert all the audio and video Podcast to MP3 effortlessly.

Online Podcast to MP3 Converter

If you don't want to install a Podcast converter program on your Mac or Windows PC, you can also try online video converter to convert your Podcast files to MP3.

Convert Podcast to MP3 - Method 4: Use dbPowerAmp

Open dbPowerAmp Music Converter. dbPowerAmp is a popular, ad-free program for both Windows and Mac OS used for CD ripping and audio conversion.

If you do not have it, you can purchase and download it from There is also a 21-day free trial period if you want to try it out first.

Step 1: Select a podcast file. dbPowerAmp Music Converter will immediately open to a browsing window to locate the file you wish to convert. Once a file is selected, a menu with various encoding options will appear.

You can select multiple files by holding Ctrl (Windows) or ⌘ Cmd (Mac) while selecting files.

Step 2: Select “mp3 (Lame)” from the “Converting To” dropdown menu. This is located in the upper left corner of the window.

LAME is the name of the encoder being used.

Step 3: Choose an encoding quality. Move the slider to the right to increase quality, and to the left to decrease. Lower quality files will sound worse but encode more quickly and take up less space.

You can also choose between bitrate settings like VBR (variable bitrate) and CBR (constant bitrate). Variable bitrates are more efficient and take up less space, while Constant bitrates maintain a higher quality throughout the track.

Step 4: Choose a save location. Click the folder icon and select a location on your computer you would like the converted file to be saved to.

This will create a copy of your podcast with the new format in the location you choose. The source file will remain in its original location on the computer.

Watch this video to learn how to convert podcast to MP3

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