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Horoscope for Aquarius Season 2023
Horoscope for Aquarius Season 2023

When Does Aquarius Season Start in 2023?

On January 21, 2023, the Sun will change from the sign of Capricorn to Aquarius, the legendary water bearer. According to astrology, Aquarius Season is the most beautiful moment of the Lunar New Year 2023 because it is also the 1st day of Tet of some Asian countries such as China, Vietnam, etc.

Join to discover special horoscopes and astrological forecasts for the 12 zodiac signs in this promising Aquarius 2023 season.

What is Aquarius Season?

We have a total of 12 astrological seasons, each of which coincides with the 12 zodiac signs.

Each season corresponds to one of the 24 solar terms according to the perpetual calendar. It can be seen that although the culture and history are different, both the East and the West use the weather and the sky as a measure of destiny and predict everything.

This is a rarity in astrology and horoscopes.

Aquarius season is one of the 12 astrological seasons. And like other astrological seasons, it carries a special meaning in the destiny of the 12 zodiac signs.

And the great thing is that it will bring back mostly positive energy for everyone.

This is great for the 12 zodiac signs as you enter this new year 2023. We will feel like we are breathing a new wind. The negative things will go away, will be focused on the good things and learn to accept the real person of each person.

Aquarius Season in Astrology

According to traditional astrology, the first month of 2023 will begin with the season of Aquarius. Aquarius season will impact all zodiac signs, but Aquarius, Leo and Taurus will feel it more strongly than others.

This is a zodiac season that's not a major event to shake the planet, but it can provide a much-needed period of time to reset to receive new energy.

Special Astrological Events During Aquarius Season

The Aquarius season in 2023 is quite special. Astrologers consider this a lucky season because there are many good astrological passages occurring during the Aquarius Season.

Around the beginning of this season, Uranus, the great awakener of the universe, will return to its original orbit.

Uranus transit will bring sudden changes and events that challenge self-worth and financial worth. These changes are worthy of our expectation and anticipation in the new year of the Rabbit Quarter 2023.

Then the Aquarius New Moon or the first 1st Moon of 2023 will plant the seeds for our emotions or whatever we want to happen next. The new Aquarius new moon in the future encourages us to let go of the past, or at least some of the things that we are still attached to.

And in the middle of Aquarius season, Venus moves into the sign of Pisces, increasing our desire for spiritual depth. It extradites the 12 zodiac signs on a journey to connect and develop beneficial social relationships.

4:54 a.m. January 22, 2023, New Moon Aquarius

New Moon in Aquarius is the ruling emotions, relationships are harmonious, as the feminine side is emphasized. Male and female energies combine, making you assertive, yet gentle in all dealings with others.

7:49 a.m. January 23, 2023, Uranus is in transit

Uranus is the unique innovator of the astrological world. A planet of sudden changes, shocks and inventions, this rebellious cosmic figure is known for disrupting the status quo and bringing surprises into our lives.

On January 23, 2023, Uranus is transiting in Taurus, so it will affect matters related to money, beauty, sustainability, values and even management roles. our.

2:29 am 6/2/2023, Leo Full Moon

Very irritable and moody. Family disputes can happen every day. You will have difficulty finding peace. You will feel confused, because you will not be able to completely think with your head or feel with your heart. Choosing what to wear for the day can be difficult, as you may find it difficult to decide if you want to dress more feminine or more masculine.

Horoscope 12 Zodiac Signs in Aquarius Season

Horoscope for Aquarius Season 2023: Lucky and Unlucky Zodiac Signs
Aquarius Girl

Top Luckiest Zodiac Signs in Aquarius Season


Aries is the lucky zodiac sign when it comes to Aquarius Season, it creates an aggressive and quick minded Aries. You have a keen sense, intelligence that helps you reach new heights. And you are a very fair person to the crowd. However, Aries is easily caught up in the market at this time, because you are too complacent and tend to be a bit egotistical.

Financially Aries is a very solid thinker, and what you know is often accurate, well thought out, and clearly dealt with. But you are quite cold, distant and aloof, because your emotional side is not strong, so Aries' emotional luck is also not good.


In the season of Aquarius, Taurus is a sign of favorable social relations. The combination of Aquarius Sun and Taurus creates a personality that people easily love and admire. You are never petty or calculating too much. Your charm is extended to all people, all walks of life.

With relationships Taurus does not bother people with his worries. But when others come to you, you are willing to give up everything to listen to their problems. You care about people and enjoy being around them as an observer, but somehow maintain your distance and don't get too involved in your personal life.

Taurus judges people not based on position or rank, but simply whether the other person cares about you or not. You have a certain confidence in yourself and you never feel like you have to put on a show to impress anyone.

This combination blends the uniqueness and independence of Aquarius with the determination and strong will of Taurus. Together these two fixed signs create a will so strong that it can become obstinate and unforgiving. All of this makes for a friendly and sociable Taurus.


During Aquarius season Virgo is provided with a basic sense of duty, responsibility and competence. You tend to suppress your emotions for the sake of great causes for all of humanity. Objectivity is one of Virgo's strong points.

Although you are sensitive, you are basically a thinker and have the ability to calm down. You separate yourself from your surroundings allowing you to see things in a carefree manner. Your capacity for insight and insight is unmatched. You have a very deep sense of responsibility, so the work side of Virgo is quite beneficial.

Unlucky Zodiac Signs in Aquarius Season


Intellectually, Gemini is quick-witted, gifted, and intuitive, but tends to skim the surface of most problems. So in the actual money making business, this can be a disadvantage.

You are not paying attention to your expenses and income, so the financial benefits are quite short and meager. It's hard to tie you to reality and you can easily lose money or get scammed about money.


Aquarius season makes Cancer not really strong, because your ruling planet is the Moon. You are subjective and almost too isolated from life as well as people around you. Aquarius' independence enhances Cancer's sensitivity and tenacity. You are a little restless and easily changed by outside influences. Sensitivity makes Cancer react faster than they think.

You always see others as you see yourself and are very aware of your limitations. This is striking in that Cancer has never been so sure of himself. You judge others with empathy, acceptance, and patience.

Others sense your honesty and are drawn to Cancer's somewhat unusual approach. Aquarius season increases Aquarius' discomfort and insecurity. Cancer is trying hard to hide the hurt inside.


At first, it's hard not to like Leos during Aquarius season. You usually walk into a room with your brightest presence, catching everyone's attention. Leo has the skill to "work" with the crowd to achieve high efficiency. As friends, you have a knack for tapping into a buried dream, polishing it back to shine, and making everything seem possible.

There is a distinct confidence in Leo that other zodiac signs only dream of. This gives you the freedom to fully express your creative and dynamic self. But the cold Aquarius season is a fatal blow to Leo when you have to return to the mundane world. You spin in dramatic relationships. Leo is quite lethargic and playful when the Aquarius season passes.


Aquarius season creates a Libra a bit like a passing breeze. It can be powerful and intense, but lacks stability and often changes direction. Your impact on work can be great, but you tend to drop the finished project and move on to another.

As long as you're dedicated and passionate, things go fast, but as soon as you're tired, everything falls apart. Libra is easily discouraged and then you will move on to something more interesting and engaging, uncommitted and free from emotional ties.

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