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Tom Wolf (born November 17, 1948) is an American politician and businessman who has served as the 47th governor of Pennsylvania since January 20, 2015. A member of the Democratic Party, Tom Wolf defeated Republican incumbent Tom Corbett in the 2014 gubernatorial election and was re-elected in 2018. Prior to his election as Governor, Wolf was the Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue from April 2007 to November 2008 and an executive in his family-owned business, states

Governor Tom Wolf

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Whether as a business owner or governor, Tom Wolf is a leader consistently taking on the status quo and trying to help middle class families. Tom is a different kind of leader, and he has been a different kind of governor.

Before he was governor, Tom was the owner of the Wolf Organization, a distributor of lumber and other building products. Tom bought this family business and grew the company — eventually more than quintupling the business in size. He did this with smart leadership and by treating his employees fairly, even sharing the company’s profits with workers.

Since he took office in 2015, Tom has fought to change Harrisburg. On day one, his first actions as governor were signing a gift ban prohibiting administration employees from accepting gifts from lobbyists and reforming legal contracting to end pay to play. Tom also donates his entire salary to charity and refuses a state pension.

When Tom took office, he inherited an education system that had been cut by one billion dollars that led to teacher layoffs, cuts to programs like pre-k and tutoring, and larger class sizes. Rather than make Pennsylvania’s children the first casualty of the budget process, Tom made our children and our future our top priority. He has now restored the one billion dollar cut to education made in the previous administration, leading to improved graduation rates and more children in pre-k.

By expanding Medicaid, Tom provided quality, affordable health care to 720,000 Pennsylvanians. He has also given more than 50,000 seniors the opportunity to age in their homes and made Pennsylvania a national leader in fighting the opioid and heroin epidemic by expanding treatment options and ensuring law enforcement and first responders have the resources they need.

Tom is working to grow our economy by making it easier for small businesses to start and expanding career and technical education opportunities. He is fighting to make sure wages keep up with the cost of living, focusing on skills training for kids who do not go to college, helping small businesses, and rebuilding Pennsylvania’s infrastructure, according to

His decision to violate social distancing guidelines

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Gov. Tom Wolf (D) on Friday defended his decision to violate social distancing guidelines — and his state’s own orders — by attending a Black Lives Matter protest in Harrisburg but admitted that it was “inconsistent” for him to do so, particularly after threatening business owners.

“That was inconsistent, I acknowledge that,” Wolf said during Friday’s press conference in response to a sharp critique from Pennsylvania Rep. Fred Keller (R-PA), who highlighted the hypocrisy of the governor:

The governor attended a Wednesday protest in the state’s capital, marching alongside protesters despite the fact that Dauphin County is in the yellow phase of reopening, restricting large gatherings of over 25:

The governor has come under fire for being among the most obstinate of state leaders in terms of reopening the state following the shutdowns spurred by the coronavirus pandemic, even threatening business owners and county leaders amid rumblings of a “mutiny” forming in response to his far-reaching, restrictive orders.

“To those politicians who decide to cave in to this coronavirus, they need to understand the consequences of their cowardly act,” Wolf said last month, warning that such leaders “urging businesses to risk their lives and risk the lives of their customers or their employees by opening prematurely” were “engaging in behavior that is both selfish and unsafe.” He also threatened business owners with the loss of licenses, cites

Personal life Tom Wolf

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Tom and his wife, Frances, live in Mount Wolf, PA (named for an ancestor four generations removed) in the house that Tom has lived in since infancy. They have been married for 39 years, meeting for the first time in the library while studying at the University of London.

Frances was working on her undergraduate degree in History, and Tom was working on getting his master’s degree in Philosophy. After a Geneva, Switzerland wedding in 1975, the couple returned to the United States and settled in York.

They had two daughters, Sarah and Katie. Tom went to work at his family business and Frances began to establish herself as an artist. Today, Tom is the Chairman and CEO of Wolf Cabinetry, America’s largest supplier of kitchen cabinets and a leading provider of specialty building products. Oh, and he is Governor-Elect of Pennsylvania. Frances, or “Frances Donnelly Wolf,” is a well-known artist who paints still lifes, human figures, and scenes of the natural world. Her work has been featured at the Lancaster Museum of Art, York College of Pennsylvania, and the Artists’ House Gallery in Philadelphia.

Both Sarah and Katie received public educations and successfully obtain college degrees. Neither of them became professional baseball players as Tom, as young father, dreamed. However, both are successful young women. Sarah currently works as an architect and lives in New York, while Katie is a geologist and lives in California. Tom credits his daughters as part of his motivation to be a good Governor, stating in an interview “everything I want to do is to make this [Pennsylvania] the place that my daughters would want to…come back to.” “That means good jobs, good opportunities, and excitement” he continued. “I’m judging my success by whether Pennsylvania becomes that place.”, according to
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