Who is Mikhail Mishustin: Biography, Personal Life, Career and Net Worth
Who is Mikhail Mishustin: Biography, Personal Life, Career and Net Worth

Mikhail Mishustin's Early Life

On March 3, 1966, Mikhail Vladimirovich Mishustin was born in Moscow.

He received a diploma in systems engineering in 1989 from the STANKIN Machine-Instrument Institute in Moscow, which is now known as Moscow State Technological University STANKIN. He finished his postgraduate studies there in 1992.

He earned a PhD in economics in 2003 after successfully defending a thesis titled "Mechanism of state fiscal management in Russia". He graduated with a doctorate in economics in 2010 from the Russian Federation's Academy of National Economy, which is now known as the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.

Mikhail Mishustin's Career

Who is Mikhail Mishustin: Biography, Personal Life, Career and Net Worth

Mishustin has served in a number of capacities with the International Computer Club since 1992. The club is a non-profit organization whose mission is to "attract advanced western information technologies to Russia." He oversaw a testing facility there prior to being elevated to the position of deputy director general in 1995. Mishustin presided over the organization's board as chairman from 1996 to 1998.

He worked as an information systems assistant to State Tax Service chief Boris Fedorov in 1998.

Mishustin has been the deputy head of the State Tax Service since August 22, 1998, working under Boris Fedorov (who held the position until September 1998) and Georgy Boos, who succeeded him. The State Tax Service became the Ministry of Taxes and Duties on December 23, 1998.

Mishustin was the deputy minister of taxes and duties from March 1999 to March 2004. Georgy Boos, Alexander Pochinok (from May 1999), and Gennady Bukayev (from May 2000) were the ministers in charge at the time.

Mishustin oversaw the Federal Real Estate Cadastre Agency from March 22, 2004, to December 18, 2006; it was reorganized in March 2009.

Mikhail Mishustin led the Federal Agency for Management of Special Economic Zones from December 18, 2006, to February 29, 2008; the agency was dissolved in October 2009.

Mishustin served as managing partner of UFG Asset Management and president of UFG Capital Partners from 2008 until 2010. He managed initiatives to establish real estate funds, venture capital funds, and regional business development initiatives. In addition, Mishustin oversaw academic affairs at the Institute of Real Estate Economics, a division of Russia's Higher School of Economics, during this time.

Mishustin succeeded Mikhial Mokretsov as the head of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation on April 6, 2010.

In addition, he has been employed by the Russian Federation's government as the academic director of the Tax and Taxation Faculty at the Financial University since October 2013.

Mishustin is a member of the Russian hockey team CSKA's supervisory board. Under the President of the Russian Federation, he is a member of the academic council of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.

He was a participant in the Presidential Council for Financial Market Development from 2011 to 2018.

Mishustin reported earning 18.993 million rubles (about $309,000 at the current exchange rate) in 2018, while his spouse made 47.709 million rubles (around $776,000) during the same year.

Order of Honor (2012) and Order "For Merit to the Fatherland", fourth class (2015) were awarded to Mishustin.

2024: Russian Prime Minister

Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed the reappointment of Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, the parliamentary speaker has said, with a vote due the same day in the Duma on the choice.

"President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin submitted to the State Duma a proposal on the candidacy of Mikhail Vladimirovich Mishustin for the post of Chairman of the Government," the speaker of the Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin, said on the Telegram messaging app.

"Today, deputies will make a responsible decision on behalf of their constituents on this issue," Volodin said.

Approval of the appointment is nearly certain, as there are almost no members of the parliament who would go against the president's wishes.

The announcement comes following the legally mandatory resignation of the government ahead of a new presidential term.

Mikhail Mishustin's Quick Facts

- Being the top technocrat in the government and lacking any experience in the security services, Mishustin does not belong to the group of intelligence veterans known as the "strongmen," or siloviki, who are close to Putin. He oversaw the federal tax office before taking on the role of prime minister, and during his ten years there, revenues were more than doubled.

- The COVID-19 pandemic and Russia's conflict with Ukraine have overshadowed his time in office and presented Mishustin with numerous logistical problems that he has had to resolve.

- In October 2022, Mishustin was appointed head of a new Coordination Council, tasked with collaborating with business and regional authorities to enhance military supply, medical care, and logistical assistance. Putin has admitted to issues in this field following a disorganized 300,000-man mobilization, during which some of the men were reportedly without sleeping bags or other essential equipment.

- He strikes me as a self-assured speaker because he frequently appears on TV taking Putin's scathing questions about official assignments and due dates.

- Mishustin said his government had faced "very complicated" circumstances but was able to adapt Russia's economy to Western sanctions and meet Putin's targets, to whom he referred 67 times in official excerpts, opens new tab of his speech, in his annual report to parliament in April 2024.

- Mishustin might be crucial to a change in power in the future. In the event that the head of the Kremlin steps down, is removed from office, or needs to take a leave of absence due to illness, the prime minister is first in line to become acting president until fresh elections are held.

Mikhail Mishustin's Foreign Policy

The BBC reports that "Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin has little say over" the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but he "has the unenviable task of rescuing the economy." Mishustin does not want to be linked to the conflict and was not aware of Putin's intentions to invade Ukraine on a large scale, according to sources close to the Kremlin.

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Mikhail Mishustin's Domestic Policy

On June 1, 2020, Mishustin declared that a national plan was ready to revive the economy, jobs, and income of the populace following the coronavirus pandemic. On June 2, he gave President Putin a presentation of the plan. 300 priority locations, 9 parts, 3 phases, and over 500 events are all included in the plan. The plan allotted one and a half years, or until the end of 2021, for the economy to recover. The plan's objectives are to guarantee GDP growth rates of at least 2.5% annually, lower the unemployment rate to less than 5%, and achieve sustained growth in real incomes.

Mikhail Mishustin's Personal Life

Mishustin has three sons and is married. He is an ice hockey player. In addition to being a member of HC CSKA Moscow's supervisory board, he enjoys watching sports immensely. There have been reports that before he was appointed prime minister, he and Putin got to know one another through their mutual love of football. Mishustin plays the piano and is an amateur musician. He composed pop music as a hobby, including songs for singer Grigory Leps.

Amidst the COVID-19 epidemic in Russia, Mishustin tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus on April 30, 2020. He used a video chat to tell President Vladimir Putin that he was infected. In addition, he declared that he was entering self-quarantine. Putin sent his condolences and bestowed upon him a speedy recuperation. The first senior Russian official to make the public aware of his coronavirus affliction was Mishustin. He became the most well-known political person in Russia to get the coronavirus after receiving his diagnosis.

What is his estimated net worth?

Who is Mikhail Mishustin: Biography, Personal Life, Career and Net Worth

With earnings of 183.31 million rubles (about $3 million; €2.7 million), Forbes Russia ranked him as the 54th highest paid state official in 2015. The Reuters news agency reports that his spouse declared income of 47.709 million rubles for the period under review.

The Moscow region is home to property worth at $48.2 million that belongs to Mishustin's family. His father, Vladimir Mishustin, along with his two eldest sons and sister, Natalya Stenina, are the owners of the real estate.

The Anti-Corruption Foundation, located in Russia, contacted Mishustin on January 16, 2020, requesting an explanation of how his wife made about 800 million rubles, or almost £10 million, during a nine-year period. The Kommersant daily released a thorough examination of Mishustin's financial dealings on January 19. This included his oversight of UFG Invest, one of the biggest investment firms in the nation. In compliance with the law, Mishustin gave his wife ownership of all of his assets and investment ventures when he decided to join the civil service in 2010. Official declarations verify that Vladlena Mishustina started earning dividends after the transfer. A large portion of the assets were reportedly sold in 2013 and 2014, with the money going into deposit accounts to earn interest, according to Kommersant.

Mikhail Mishustin's Unknown Facts

1. There are rumors that Mishustin is also inventive. He is a songwriter and pianist who wrote a song for well-known Russian vocalist Grigory Leps.

2. Mishustin's huge riches has caused considerable controversy despite the plaudits he has received for his work. While serving as the deputy tax minister, he acquired a home valued at hundreds of millions of Russian rubles, according to the investigative website Proekt.

3. Bloomberg claims that Mishustin and Putin grew close because of their mutual love of hockey. He serves on the board of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation and is a member of Putin's Night Hockey League.

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