Last year, YG Entertainment uploaded a new video titled BABYMONSTER - Introducing member Ahyeon.

Before this group debuted, the company released a series of videos to show off each member's charming charisma. Before Ahyeon, videos of other members such as Ruka, Pharita, Rora, Asa and Chiquita were widely shared on social networks.

After appearing on the company's YouTube channel, Ahyeon became a hot topic on SNS and websites. In particular, the upcoming female idol not only received many compliments about her beauty and talent, but many Korean netizens also associated her with her "senior" Jennie (BLACKPINK).

There is a lot of "attached" information showing that trainee Ahyeon has comprehensive qualities that will certainly play an important role in strengthening BABYMONSTER's reputation.

Who is Ahyeon Baby Monster: Biography, Personal Life, Career and Facts
Who is Ahyeon Baby Monster - Profile, Age, Height and Facts

Who is Ahyeon Baby Monster?

The Idol's full name is Jung Ahyeon (2007) born in Hupyeong-dong, Gangwon Province, Korea. She spent time studying at Seong Lim Elementary School and Daeryong Middle School before being accepted into Hanlim Entertainment Arts High School - one of the most famous schools in Korea. There are even reports that Ahyeon has moved from JYP Entertainment to YG Entertainment. This all shows that she not only has a beautiful appearance but also possesses great musical talent.

Ahyeon Profile

  • Stage Name: Ahyeon
  • Full Name: Jung Ah Yeon
  • Native Name: 정아현
  • Birthday: Apr 11, 2007
  • Country of Birth: South Korea
  • Height: 168 cm (5'6'')
  • Position: rapper, vocalist
  • Zodiac: Aries
  • Chinese Zodiac Sign: Pig
  • MBTI Type: ISTJ (Her previous result was ESTP)

Ahyeon Baby Monster's Personal Life

Currently, Ahyeon is still single and has no intention of dating. In particular, this beauty born in 2007 is still quite young so she wants to focus on developing herself and with the band Baby Monster. All information about her personal life, ideal type, or dating relationships are also kept private and not shared with the media. She has also never been involved in any dating rumors.

Ahyeon Career

Revealed musical talent early

When Ahyeon was only 11 years old, she was sent to study at Ara Dance Academy in Chuncheon. In 2017, she participated in Banana Culture Entertainment's audition and passed the first round. In February 2018, luck smiled when she successfully passed YG Entertainment's audition.

From there, she became a trainee at YG and spent more than 5 years learning and practicing her skills here. The past journey proves Ahyeon's efforts and perseverance, and she will have many opportunities to develop her career in the future.

From "Little Jennie" to rookie "monster" BABY MONSTER

In early 2023, YG company released a video introducing the members of the upcoming girl group BABY MONSTER, including the female idol born in 2007. Her appearance has attracted public attention. . She received many compliments for her beauty and talent. Many Korean netizens also compare Ahyeon's charisma to that of BLACKPINK's "senior" Jennie.

Jung Ahyeon was praised for her unique voice and ability to combine vocal and rap well. She showed off her voice with its own unique color that is unlike anyone else's. She has a unique voice and precise pronunciation, which is loved by many people. Ahyeon is also highly appreciated in the dance class for her eye-catching charisma and ability to handle movements well. Korean netizens praised her for being somewhat similar to her older sister Jennie.

Possesses foreign language ability since childhood

A special feature of Ahyeon is her excellent foreign language ability as she has been fluent in English, Chinese, and Korean since she was 5 years old. This is a huge advantage for the female Idol in the context of the gradually decreasing Kpop industry. enter the stage of globalization

YG producer Yang Hyun Suk exclaimed, “Ahyeon is a warrior with many “secret weapons.” Every time I see her, I think, "It's difficult to be so talented in every aspect."

Ahyeon and Fashion Style


Ahyeon, a potential piece of the new generation K-pop girl group Babymonster, is stirring up the online community with her "cool" and extremely "trendy" fashion style. Even though she is only 15 years old, Ahyeon already possesses a unique aesthetic taste and is not afraid to experiment with the latest fashion trends. From dynamic streetwear outfits with baggy pants and crop tops, to stylish outfits with unique patterns, Ahyeon always knows how to transform herself in an impressive way.

If you regularly follow Ahyeon, fans will not be surprised to know that the female artist born in 2007 is a big fan of Sporty style. She often appears in healthy sports outfits such as jogger pants, hoodies, crop tops combined with sneakers. She is also not afraid to experiment with new fashion trends such as coordinating outfits with bralettes, bodysuits or using accessories such as necklaces, earrings...

The most important thing that creates Ahyeon's "sporty-chic" style is confidence and personality. She always shows comfort and confidence when wearing any outfit. Her radiant smile and attractive charisma are the highlight that attracts all eyes.

In addition to possessing a dynamic style with simple colors, Ahyeon also always attracts attention because of her diversity and constant transformation. The female artist is not afraid to experiment with vibrant colors, from sweet pastel colors to outstanding neon colors, Ahyeon conquers them all perfectly. In colorful outfits, Ahyeon exudes radiant beauty, full of vitality. Not only that, she also skillfully combined suitable accessories, creating a highlight for the overall outfit.

The diversity of Ahyeon's style is not only reflected in colors but also in the way she coordinates clothes. Sometimes feminine and gentle with dresses, sometimes dynamic and individual with jeans and crop tops, Ahyeon always knows how to transform to fit each concept and express her sophisticated aesthetic taste.

Interesting Trivia and Facts

• In 2023, Ahyeon became known as a new member of BABYMONSTER at the age of fifteen.

• Jung Ah Yeon attended Daeryong Middle School and Hanlim Multi Arts School.

• Ahyeon plays the roles of a rapper and vocalist in BABYMONSTER. She can dance, rap, and sing, and is regarded as an all-around talent.

• She has a younger brother and is Korean.

• She made it through both the YG audition in 2018 and the first audition for Banana Culture Entertainment in 2017.

• She spent four years training.

• Ahyeon speaks Chinese, English, and Korean with ease. At the age of seven, she began studying Chinese, and at five, she began studying English.

• She was the second BABYMONSTER member to be made public.

When Will Baby Monster Return in 2024?

At 0:00 on April 1 (Korean time), BABYMONSTER released their first mini album and MV with the theme Sheesh. The project marks the first time YG female rookies are promoted as a full 7-member lineup, with the return of Ahyeon. Accordingly, this is also the official debut of "trump card" BABYMONSTER after 2 singles were absent due to health reasons.

The group is YG Entertainment's first girl group after BLACKPINK has been gone for seven years. A 2023 reality show called Last Evaluation followed the band's selection process and featured seven possible members. Yang Hyun-suk, the founder of YG Entertainment, Lee Su-Hyun of AKMU, Kang Seung-Yoon and Lee Seung-hoon of WINNER, and others assisted in ranking and judging the girls to determine who would make their debut in YG's next girl group, with all of the members eventually making the cut.

BabyMonster gets its name from the fact that they are marketed as "all-rounders" or "monster rookies." Each member is a talented singer, rapper, or dancer. The group speaks several languages fluently, including Chinese, Japanese, English, Korean, and Thai.

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