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The Love Island villa is about to welcome a new contestant in the form of medical student Priya Gopaldas.

Following lots of speculation, the 23-year-old will arrive on the ITV2 dating show this week, and she’s already got her eye on three of the guys in the villa, including newly-single Teddy Soares.

Priya Gopaldas Biography

Priya Gopaldas, 23, is rumoured to be the latest bombshell to enter the Love Island Villa.

Priya has over 12,000 followers on Instagram, where she shares snaps of her glamorous outfits and her sporty hobbies including rugby.

You can keep up with the bombshell @priyagopaldas.

Priya Gopaldas Family

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Photo CelebSaga

As per the information in the media, she belongs to the South Indian Ethnicity and holds British Nationality

Priya Gopaldas’ father’s name is Jay Gopaldas. Jay is a pharmacist as well as a director. Likewise, her mother’s name is Nisha Gopaldas. Nisha works as a secretary who also has a history as a travel consultant.

Priya’s father, Jay, is also on Instagram. His handle name is @gopaldasjay, with only 38 followers and 43 posts. Jay appears to keep his private life private.

She also has a brother. However, his name is yet to be disclosed to the public.

Priya’s ethnicity is Indian. However, she resides in London.

Priya is one of three Asian contestants who have been accepted into the Love Island villa. Andrea Jane Bunker, Shannon Singh, and Sharon Gaffka are the remaining contestants.

Priya Gopaldas appears to be highly family-driven as she often uploads photos with her parents, specifically her father.

What does Priya do for work?

Photo The Sun
Photo The Sun

Priya is currently studying to become a doctor.

Speaking of her career, she revealed: “I’ve been studying for five years now. It’s six years until I qualify as a doctor and the goal is to be an orthopedic surgeon – that is muscles and bones. There aren’t enough women in that area of surgery. I feel like I’d like to go head first into that area and be a representative for women who think orthopedic surgery is male dominated. More women need to be exposed to it and realise they can do it.”

She continued: “I feel like this year in particular has been so intense because of Covid. Our studies were interrupted midway and we were all told if we wanted to we could help out during the pandemic so I was working in ICU for the whole of February. You would come back after every shift exhausted so there definitely wasn’t any time for dating or relationships.

“The NHS has been really tough in the ICU with the long hours, but I find it so rewarding and it’s made me really resilient. Being here is good for me because it’s something absolutely different to my job.”

She worked on the Covid-19 Intensive Care Unit in early 2021.

Priya volunteered her services on the Covid ward when students were contacted asking if they could help with the increasing cases.

Priya worked six day, 12 hour night shifts, supporting doctors and nurses in the understaffed department.

Priya loves exercising and regularly shares pictures of herself running, quad biking and even sky diving.

She also shares clips of her and her friends going out to bars and restaurants, enjoying meals out and getting dressed up to enjoy cocktails.

She described it as a “daunting experience” writing that she “was shocked to see just how ill patients were”.

Priya is very modest about her work as a nurse, writing that she is one of many helpers and telling her

Priya Gopaldas Net Worth: How Rich Is She?

Priya Gopaldas’s first TV appearance in Love Island’s most popular TV show has captivated fans, particularly in India.

The net worth of a nursing student with a high chance of renown is expected to rise progressively over time.

Why did Priya sign up for Love Island?

Priya was up for a challenge, saying in an interview ahead of her villa debut: “I thought it was a challenge, it’s something different. I’m single and I’m looking for love and I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to take me out of my comfort zone. I’m nearing the end of medical school so I’ve got my career on track, but now I just need a man!”

When is Priya Gopaldas entering the Love Island villa?

Photo The Sun
Photo The Sun

Priya is set to enter as the series goes into its final weeks, and her arrival is sure to shake things up.

She has spent the first week in August in isolation in Majorca.

Now rumours are circulating that Priya could be entering TONIGHT with professional footballer Aaron Simpson.

It’s thought the Former Wolverhampton Wanderers player has been in Majorca for a number of weeks waiting to take part.

Aaron has also played football for Portsmouth and Sutton United.

Aaron has high standards when it comes to girls, but his mother’s are even higher.

He told the Daily Star: “Sometimes it can be hard to know if someone is genuine or not.

“My mum is really protective over me. The approval is always needed from mumsy, for sure.

“My family is really important to me. I’m very close to my mum, dad and my sister.

Who has Priya got her eye on in the villa?

Photo Daily Avent
Photo Daily Avent

There’s three guys on Priya’s radar – Matthew, Teddy and Dale.

When asked who she fancies the most, she said: “I think Matthew is my type. He’s tall and I like his Irish accent. He seems really intelligent and I think we’ll get on. Also Teddy seems really cheeky and a good laugh and Dale is spicy and attractive! “

Matthew is very single after he simply told Kaz: “We’re done!” and Teddy was recently been dumped by Faye following the movie night clip of him admitting he found former contestant Clarisse attractive. Dale is coupled up with Abigail, but has been chatting to Mary, so Priya might have to graft a little there.

So is she competitive?

“Absolutely,” she said. “Competition is something I really enjoy, I thrive off it. I went to an all girls school so it was very competitive and I played netball with a team of girls. I’m also a keen runner, I run ultra marathons which is another of my passions. I’ve been around lots of girls before that I’ve been in direct competition with so I’m used to that. I’m ready for the Love Island Villa in terms of competition.”

Love Island is an ITV reality TV show which sees single participants couple up in an effort to find love - and win a £50,000 prize.

The show is currently presented by Laura Whitmore and narrated by her husband, comedian Iain Stirling.

The seventh series is currently showing on Monday-Friday and Sundays at 9pm.

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