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The new bombshell Rachel Finney came in after an explosive re-detachment saw Brad McClelland and Chagas Wallis left alone. She also revealed that she is targeting Aaron Francis, Hugo Hammond and Toby Aromolaran as the guys she would like to meet – but who is Rachel Finney and what is her type?

How old is Rachael Finney?

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Rachel Finni is a 29-year-old hailing from London!

Upon her arrival to the Majorcan villa, her fellow islanders were shocked to find out that she was in her late-twenties.

She even exclaimed "why is everyone so young" when she discovered the rest of the casts ages.

The star stated that Love Island would be "an amazing way to spend the last year of my 20s, doing something that fulfils me emotionally."

When quizzed on how her family would describe her, she said: "Very, very independent. I don’t rely on anyone for anything. I’m very caring and spontaneous and creative."

What's Rachael Finney's job?

The newest bombshell is a luxury travel specialist!

When talking about her job role with Brad McClelland she said: "Basically I book holidays for the rich and famous."

She spoke about some of the coolest things she's experienced in her line of work: "For me, it’s more what the hotels are capable of.

"We had a rock star staying at one of our hotels once and we managed to open up the ceiling just so we could get a Baby Grand Piano in there for them."

Who Is Rachael Finney – Biography, Personal Life, Age, Job, Love Island’s Bombshell

Why did Rachael Finney want to go to Love Island?

Rachel admitted that she was always a fan of the hit ITV shows.

She states: “It’s a combination of two things. I’m always a fan of the show and it’s a great experience. You meet great people.

“I am a person who loves to live the best of my life.”

What is Rachael Finney’s ideal partner?

Rachel Arrived at the end of episode 5 After the reunion caused a ruckus in the villa.

Brad and Chags were left without a partner-and Rachel had to choose what she liked best.

When asked about her type, she said: “I like the way modern relationships are.

“I don’t need people for anything. I can buy my own house and take care of myself.

“I love knowing that there is another person in my life.”

Asked which man in the villa caught her eye, she said: Our work is similar, so I think we can have an interesting conversation.

“Hugo seems to be a boyfriend’s material-handsome and attractive-and I want to break his shell a little more.

“And Toby-he’s charming and cheeky. I’ll definitely have a lot of fun with him, but I need to see if he’s worth pursuing.”

Rachel, who once said she was in the elevator with George and Amal Clooney, said her dream fate would be a “total surprise.”

She said: “I don’t want to know it’s coming. Like a scavenger hunt, you go somewhere, whether it’s a nice restaurant or a candlelit place.

“You’re laughing, going home, eating desserts, watching your favorite movies, and stripping your clothes!”

What has Rachael Finney said about Love Island 2021?

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Rachel gave two main reasons as to why she decided to sign up for the hit-dating show this year!

She explained: "It’s a combination of two things – I’ve always been a fan of the show. It’s a great experience, you meet great people."

The travel specialist continued: "It’s more than going on Love Island for the sake of it. I’m doing it because I love the show and I need someone to marry me."

In a partner, the 29-year-old Londoner is looking for someone independent and sexy, she said: "I genuinely have no type. As long as you are sexy, smell nice, don’t bite your nails or chew loudly, have me!

Does Rachael Finney have Instagram?

Rachel does have Instagram! You can follow her @rayfinn, where her group of friends are running the account until she returns from her summer of love!

Her account mostly shows cute selfies and lavish trips away!e had her eye on Aaron Francis before entering the villa.

Love Island “Rachael Finney’s new bomb confused viewers after claiming that French cuisine Coq au vin was made of ducks.

A 29-year-old luxury travel specialist who made her spectacular entrance to the villa on Friday, July 2nd, BradMcClellaland At the villa during the latest episode on Sunday, July 4th.

Rachel was seen acquainted with Brad at the villa when he saw them discussing their favorite food.

When Brad asked what “coqauvin” was made of, Rachel replied:

“If you ask someone else here what coq au vin is, they will know it.”

But its beauty is very confusing to fans after telling worker Brad that the traditional French dish Coq au vin (usually made of chicken) is actually a duck dish. I was allowed to.

Rachel pulled Brad for a chat as she got to know the boy

Love Island viewers used Twitter to share their complaints about Rachel’s misinterpretation of the food.

Some say:

“Rachel, you lost me in Coq au vin, girl. Chicken,” another added.

“Can Rachel talk about all the right acting that Brad didn’t know what Coq au vin was, but didn’t even know it was a chicken, not a duck?” 3 Second post.

How can I watch Love Island on TV?
Photo Industry Update
Photo Industry Update

Love island Turns on at 9 pm ITV2 From Sunday to Friday.

You can catch up with past episodes with the ITV hub.

If you have BritBox, you can watch the episodes there for free.

Brad and Chaggs of Love Island are facing an ax-and who will the new bomb girl Rachel choose?

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