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Who is Jenna Marie Ortega?

The date of her birth was September 27, 2002, in Coachella Valley, California. She started acting when she was nine years old. In "Stuck in the Middle," a Disney Channel show told from Harley's point of view, she played Harley, a creative-engineering genius who has to deal with being the middle child in a family of seven. Her zodiac sign is Libra.

Rumors of Dating with Johnny Depp

An account that talks about celebrities started the rumors that Jenna, who is in Scream VI, was dating the actor, who is 60 years old. This caused a lot of talk on social media, and some people even wondered if Johnny was in a follow-up to Tim Burton's 1988 hit Beetlejuice. The movie is the second time Jenna Ortega has worked with the director. They worked together on the popular show Wednesday, which came out last year.

The rumors are over now that Jenna has taken to her social media account to address them. "This is so silly I can't even laugh. I've never met or worked with Johnny Depp in my life," she wrote. Let's be alone, please stop telling lies.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor's agent said in response to the dating rumors, "Mr. Depp has no personal or professional relationship with Ms. Ortega at all." He has never talked to or met her. He doesn't work on any projects with her and doesn't plan to. He is sickened by these false and harmful rumors that are meant to hurt his job and reputation.

Who is Jenna Marie Ortega: Biography, Love Affairs, Personal Life And Net Worth
Who is Jenna Marie Ortega: Biography, Family, Personal Life

Jenna Marie Ortega's Early Life

She has been acting since she was 9 years old, when she got her first job as the lead in a Colgate toothpaste commercial. Her parents, Edward and Natalie Ortega, helped her follow her dream of becoming an actor, even though they "have no interest whatsoever in [Hollywood] or the film industry," Ortega said in an interview with Elle.

Still, Ortega is thankful that her family supports her and says, "They gave up a lot for me to do what I do." Before Ortega became popular, her mom would drive her to Los Angeles for auditions from their home in California's Coachella Valley. It would take hours to get there and back.

Natalie works as a nurse in the emergency room, and Edward is a prosecutor in California. Ortega has families from both Mexico and Puerto Rico. He is one of six children.

Jenna Marie Ortega's Family

Who is Jenna Marie Ortega: Biography, Love Affairs, Personal Life And Net Worth

Behind the scenes, Jenna Ortega grew up with her parents, Edward and Natalie Ortega, and five brothers. She played Wednesday Addams on TV.

In 1998, Edward and Natalie had their first child, Isaac. In 1999, Mariah was born, and in 2000, Mia. Adam and Jenna were born in 2002. Aliyah and Markus, her younger twin brothers, were born in 2004.

The family grew up in the California desert near Palm Springs. For Jenna's interviews, her mom would make the long drive to Los Angeles. Jenna got parts on Jane the Virgin and Stuck in the Middle when she was only 12 years old, so her sacrifice paid off.

Facts about Jenna Ortega Family

They raised their family in a well-known spot.

Natalie and Edward lived in Coachella Valley, which is near Palm Springs, California. This is where the famous Coachella music event has been held every year since 1999, three years before Jenna was born. When she was a teenager, she started going to the event.

She told PEOPLE, "That's what all the "cool kids" do in high school." "The second weekend is for locals." Some amazing things have happened that I don't think I would have seen otherwise. I saw Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg one year. There is a lot of different music, and each time we go, we find something new to enjoy. I believe I will always be affected by the excitement.

They show others how to work hard.

Natalie works as a nurse in the emergency room, and Edward runs a company. "So, four or five times a week, my mom was a full-time ER nurse, but she would drive me — it was a six or seven-hour round trip L.A. and back for auditions ... and she has five other kids," Jenna told Jimmy Kimmel Live! "She was also one of the best."

They help Jenna with her work but don't take advantage of her.

In 2014, Jenna was only 12 years old when she got her first big part. She played a young Gina Rodriguez in Jane the Virgin. Jenna told the press, "I have a family that is very supportive." It took a lot for them to let me do what I do.

Also, the actress said that her parents have "no interest whatsoever" in the showbiz business. "I could come home from work with cool people, famous people, people I looked up to, and they wouldn't be interested," she said. They told her, "Hey, you forgot to do the dishes before you left, so you have to do them all week."

Jenna's folks take her on trips all over the world.

Natalie and Jenna went to Paris together in February 2023. People saw them at the Louvre and at a Paris Saint-Germain soccer game, where Jenna wore a shirt with her name on it that was made just for her. After only one month, Natalie shared an Instagram picture of herself with Markus in New York City.

Natalie used a picture of her and Jenna on an airplane to wish Jenna a happy birthday on Instagram in 2019. The family loves to travel so much. She wrote, "Happy Birthday Reeree!" under the picture. "I love you a lot and am so proud of you ❤️."

How did Jenna Ortega get her start as an actress?

Who is Jenna Marie Ortega: Biography, Love Affairs, Personal Life And Net Worth

A 2018 interview with Forbes says that a casting agency found Jenna Ortega on Facebook. In the beginning of her work, Jenna was in CSI: NY, Days of Our Lives, and Iron Man 3.

Since she started acting a few years ago, Jenna, the killer queen, has been one of the most important women in Hollywood. She gives young people a strong role model that they can still connect to. Ortega's impact has even been linked to the success of her project. For example, Jenna's famous dance in the fourth episode of Netflix's Wednesday, The Addams Family spin-off TV show made the show go viral on social media. Wednesday's crowd grew quickly over the next few days, making the first season of the show the most-watched English-language season on Netflix. It even did better than Stranger Things 4, which was the most-watched season of the show.

Ortega was recently asked by Vanity Fair if there was anything she would have done differently in her work. She was talking about Wednesday and Beetlejuice 2, which are pretty much all of her Tim Burton projects.

Jenna answered, "I like to make other people happy." Even though I like to say I'm not, I am. I wish I had a stronger sense of being in charge of my life. When I was younger, I wasn't really thinking about how to play the game because I was just happy to be there. It doesn't have to be that way. I wish that I had had more freedom to be myself when I was younger. I'm sure I've gotten into bad habits like taking myself too seriously or not being able to keep my life in balance.

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Net Worth

Ortega is said to have a net worth of around $5 million. But it's not clear how much Ortega is paid for different jobs, like Wednesday's pay.

Jenna Ortega's Personal Life

Who is Jenna Marie Ortega: Biography, Love Affairs, Personal Life And Net Worth

Ortega is known for keeping many parts of her life secret, including who she dates. Ortega talked about her dating life in an Armchair Expert podcast interview with Dax Shepard in March 2023. She said she's not really interested in dating right now because of how busy her work routine is and how vulnerable a relationship makes her.

She also told Elle that the thought of dating makes her feel stressed and that she doesn't need to think about it right now. But that hasn't stopped people from spreading rumors. There has been talk that Ortega may have been seeing actor Pete Davidson, but there is no proof to support this theory.

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Unknown Facts about Jenna Ortega

She liked Barack Obama a lot when she was younger

Ortega told reporters that she had a big crush on Barack Obama when she was younger.

As early as this year, Ortega told Elle that she had told her mom that she wanted to be the first female president because she had a crush on Obama.

"I had phases where I clung to something and then made it my entire personality," he said. "To this day, I'm still obsessed with Obama."

The first thing Ortega did was be in a toothpaste ad

When Jenna Ortega was in Stuck in the Middle

Jennifer Ortega also had a role in the Disney Channel show "Stuck in the Middle" when she was just starting out. Disney Channel photo by Eric McCandless, sourced from Getty Images

The "Scream" star said that her first acting job was in a toothpaste ad when she was 9. She brought this up while hosting "Saturday Night Live" for the first time.

The first TV parts Ortega had were in "Rob" and "CSI: NY" in 2012

Ortega told Wired that her first movie appearance was in "After Words," which didn't come out until 2015.

Ortega was a vegan before shooting "Wednesday," but she changed her diet while the movie was being made

Jenna Ortega stopped being a vegan while the movie "Wednesday" was being made in Romania. VW Pictures by a Contributor/Getty Images

Before shooting "Wednesday," Ortega had been a vegan for a long time. But because the show was set in Romania, where a diet based on meat, eggs, dairy, bread, and sugar is popular, the actor had to change the way she ate.

"I was vegan for a really long time, but I stopped being vegan when I went to Romania to shoot 'Wednesday' actually, because the food is very different there, and I don't think I was meeting my nutrition requirements, so I started eating fish again," the actor told Wired, saying she's now a pescatarian.

Ortega never leaves the house without her Sony headphones that block out noise

Ortega told The Strategist in New York Magazine that the actor usually likes to listen to something or have something playing in the background. This could be because he grew up with five brothers.

Tech experts say that the Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones are some of the best noise-canceling headphones you can buy, which is why Ortega always has them with him.

She said, "I wear these on set." "I wear them to work, after work, and on walks." It's comfortable to just feel the headphones on my chest. People always call me a headphone head. "I really like these because I can use them without taking out my phone."

Jenna Ortega's "It's All Love"

The book "It's All Love" by Jenna Ortega came out in 2021. Book Club for Kids by Random House

Ortega's first book, which came out in early 2021, is a collection of personal stories and quotes that show what it was like for her to be a Latina in Hollywood.

There are stories about people who didn't get the parts they wanted, but the book also talks about things that most people can connect to, like crushes, faith, friendship, depression, and dealing with low self-esteem.

"When I'm working, I try to bring love and positivity to the set with me every day," she said. "My craft makes me happy, and I'm thankful that I can follow my dream." That love comes out in big and small ways. It goes a long way when I do nice, thoughtful things for the people I work with.

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