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Who Is Aitana Lopez, Spain's First AI model: Biography, Career, Net Worth, Influence
Who Is Aitana Lopez, Spain's First AI model: Biography, Career, Net Worth, Influence

Songs and movies are only two examples of the many easy and sophisticated jobs that artificial intelligence (AI) has taken over. The most recent use of artificial intelligence is by an influencer called Aitana. To learn more about her, read the article.

Who is Aitana Lopez?

Aitana is a 25-year-old Photoshop whiz and virtual influencer who uses AI to fuel her content.

A group of designers and artificial intelligence specialists programmed Aitana to act out her digital identity by giving her a distinct look, personality, and way of living.

Aitana has a distinct personality that appeals to contemporary viewers, in contrast to conventional models who serve as empty vessels for designers.

Who is Aitana Lopez's creator?

Who Is Aitana Lopez, Spain's First AI model: Biography, Career, Net Worth, Influence

Spanish AI model "Barcelona. Gamer. Fitness. Cosplay. Lover." was created by Rubén Cruz and his agency, The Clueless.

Cruz admitted that he had the idea for Aitana while he was having trouble finishing other projects, which led to its cancellation or postponement. According to his interview with Euronews, the issue did not lie with the designs but with the influencers and the model. According to him, "We did it so we make a better living and not depend on other people who have egos, who have manias, or who just want to make a lot of money by posing."

As a result of Aitana Lopez, brands are now approaching Cruz's agency for a variety of reasons, particularly advertising. Fanvue, an alternative to OnlyFans, is another platform where the Spanish AI model posts her photos. She just signed on as the spokesperson for a supplement brand for athletes.

Additionally, Cruz shared that she has been approached for a date by famous people through private messaging. There are a lot of people who follow her who have no idea she is fictional. A famous Latin American actor once asked her out on a date via text message. Some members of our staff enjoyed his childhood television shows, and now he has almost 5 million followers. Cruz stated that he was unaware that Aitana did not exist.

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What does Aitana Lopez do?

Who Is Aitana Lopez, Spain's First AI model: Biography, Career, Net Worth, Influence

The weekly program for Aitana is decided by Cruz and his staff at their weekly meeting. Instead of changing clothes for her photoshoots, AI tools and Photoshop are used for Aitana's modeling. According to Cruz, "we realized that people follow lives, not images" during the first month. Although she is not physically present, we felt it was necessary to ground her in reality so that viewers could empathize with her. A narrative was required of us.

Cruz, a fitness enthusiast at heart, originally conceived of Aitana. According to their official website, she is "a strong and determined woman, independent in her actions and generous in her willingness to help others."

The Clueless does not, however, limit itself to Aitana as an AI model. Maia was also created by them. Their names are also not chosen at random. The acronym "AI" describes the intelligence that is present in each of them.

What is Aitana's net worth?

At present, Aitana earns about £9,000 (about 9 Lakh) monthly and has more than 121 million followers.

An intriguing tale unfolds on Aitana's online presence, which was initially conceived of as a fitness fanatic with a determined and complex personality. Her social media accounts take followers on a journey via her weekend vacations in Madrid, gaming sessions, and embracing of the fusion of Eastern and Western cultural trends, while her website presents her as an extroverted and kind individual.

The insight that stories evoke stronger emotional responses from viewers than static images inspired the development of Aitana. "We had to give her a bit of reality so that people could relate to her in some way," says the graphic designer who came up with the idea.

Due to Aitana's enormous popularity, her developers have introduced a second virtual model, Maia, who is described as "a little more shy." A key component of both names is the abbreviation "AI."

In addition to attracting audiences, Aitana and her colleagues could shake up the influencer marketing sector. Commissioning their virtual models is becoming increasingly popular among brands looking for personalised ambassadors who don't want to deal with the expense or potential problems with real-life continuity.

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Aitana's daily life

The Clueless has a committed crew that plans Aitana's daily activities and her Instagram posts. Amazingly, she has amassed a fan base of almost 121,000 individuals who anxiously follow her online adventures. However, Aitana's ability to disappear into different settings is her most distinctive quality.

The design team at The Clueless uses cutting-edge Photoshop techniques to merge Aitana with real-life environments, resulting in stunningly realistic photographs that deceive even the most critical observers. This method, which makes use of both AI and creative genius, makes it seem as though Aitana is actually present in multiple locations at once.

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Aitana's success

Who Is Aitana Lopez, Spain's First AI model: Biography, Career, Net Worth, Influence

The scope of Aitana's achievements goes much beyond her online persona. Despite being an AI-generated model, she is a wealthy person in the advertising industry, making over a thousand euros per ad and an average of almost three thousand euros per month. The potential earnings can reach a staggering 10,000 euros. The meteoric climb to stardom that Aitana enjoyed exemplifies the revolutionary power of AI in the modeling business, which has the ability to revolutionize both the creation and monetization of models.

How huge is Aitana's influence?

There is more to Aitana's influence on the fashion business than just her wealth. Her makers at The Clueless have added a second virtual influencer, 'Maia,' to their portfolio after seeing a need for more customizable virtual models. Curiously, the names both contain the abbreviation for AI, which represents the technology that gives them life.

Aitana and Maia's meteoric rise to fame has unleashed a deluge of brand inquiries for their customizable virtual avatars. A growing number of companies are looking for ways to project an image that embodies their brand values, but without the hassle of actual influencers. There has been a deluge of inquiries from marketers looking to utilize virtual models at the Clueless agency.

In summary

When it comes to artificial intelligence (AI) for modeling, Aitana Lopez and her digital twins are at the forefront. We may anticipate the introduction of progressively more realistic virtual models as technology progresses. As a result of AI-generated models' adaptability, low cost, and capacity to mold their image to their exact specifications, brands will increasingly rely on them.

Ethical concerns, however, are a part of this change. We can't turn a blind eye to the possibility of damaging society norms and unattainable ideals of beauty. In the future, it will be crucial to find a middle ground between the influence of AI and ethical representation in the modeling industry.

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