Top 10+ Free AI Tools to Create Videos from Text
Free AI Tools to Create Videos from Text
To save time, many content creators opt to use AI to create their videos.

For those looking for the best and free AI tool to create videos from text, here are the best options to consider:

Editor Note: Create video scripts using OpenAI's ChatGPT

Recently, ChatGPT has taken the world by storm. This clever tool not only allows you to create many different types of text, but it also has the ability to create videos on any topic the user desires. OpenAI's ChatGPT is well-known for its ability to generate high-quality content in a wide range of languages. Although ChatGPT does not currently support video creation, users can use this AI tool to script videos with a variety of creative ideas.


1. Flex Clip

Top 10+ Free AI Tools to Create Videos from Text
Flex Clip

Flexclip's video style suggestion menu includes templates for advertising, real estate, business, news, weddings, birthdays, and travel videos for YouTube and TikTok. This platform allows users to create videos and images from text, as well as narratives.

It supports creativity with over 1,000 text animations and millions of animated vector elements. The platform also provides editing tools, AI subtitles, GIF creation, and background removal.

Flexclip includes both free and paid options. Even in the free version, users have access to a variety of features.


2. VideoGen

In collaboration with Google, VideoGen provides specific options for those looking to create horizontal videos or in formats already required by platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Users can make videos from blog posts, websites, and articles.

To achieve the desired results, VideoGen provides AI tools such as image generation, subtitles, and even advertising. AI provides over 150 voice options, including 40 different languages and voices to choose from.


3. Synthesia

Top 10+ Free AI Tools to Create Videos from Text

Synthesia enables users to create videos from text and includes cool features such as AI avatars and voiceovers in over 120 languages. Users can attract viewers by selecting from over 140 avatars.

To ensure high-quality dubbing, editors can select from over 120 languages and voice tones, or they can even copy their own. An automated subtitle generator is also available.

SynthesiaIO is a website that helps you create AI videos from text for free in just 15 minutes. You don't need complicated equipment and you don't need video editing skills.

With SynthesiaIO, you can apply it to many different fields, including: learning, sales, internal communications, marketing,... You can use SynthesiaIO to create educational videos, advertising, product introduction, employee training, customer feedback and many other purposes.


4. Runway

The tool can generate videos from text, remove elements from videos, apply slow motion effects, add motion to images, remove backgrounds, and create animations. The platform can create beautiful videos in a variety of styles. In addition to the free plan, Runway provides a paid plan with numerous additional features.


5. Fliki

Top 10+ Free AI Tools to Create Videos from Text

Fliki includes an easy-to-use text-to-video editor, realistic voices, dynamic videos, and a variety of AI-powered features. The free version of the platform allows you to create videos up to 5 minutes long in 720p resolution with a watermark.

Video can be created by combining pre-hosted media, such as videos and images from partner providers and IA Media, with AI-generated imagery. In addition, the tool includes 300 voices in over 75 languages for dubbing.

The paid version allows users to create AI avatars, sound effects, stickers, and over 1,000 voices for dubbing... They can also record 180 minutes of video at resolutions up to 1,080p with no watermarks.


6. Wondershare Virbo

This is another option for those seeking simple text-to-video conversion capabilities. AI can help users write professional video scripts. Users can enhance their videos with over 180 customizable avatar templates. Voice acting is available in more than 300 different voices and languages.



GliaCloud Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015, making it one of the leading platforms for the application of AI. The application can use AI to create free HD-quality videos from text. doesn't stop there; users can also preview and edit content before downloading it to their device.

This is considered the best solution for those looking for a tool to help with video creation in order to increase traffic and interaction while saving the most time and money. lets you add transition effects to your videos, making them more seamless and harmonious. The app also includes hundreds of free music tracks to help you select and adjust background music to make your videos more lively and appealing. Users can also select from over 50 high-quality voices and record their voice directly on the platform to use in videos.



Top 10+ Free AI Tools to Create Videos from Text
InVideo is a user-friendly AI video creation platform with a wealth of features and graphics resources. allows you to create professional and engaging videos in a variety of fields and industries in just a few minutes. offers over 4000 video templates and more than 50 diverse themes across multiple genres. You can add text to your video or convert articles, PDFs, and emails into videos. The app also lets you select your preferred voice, music, and effects.

This platform also includes over 9 million resources from the media stores iStock, Shutterstock, Pixabay, and Pexels. You can use these resources to enhance your videos without any watermarks.


Top 10+ Free AI Tools to Create Videos from Text

VEED.IO is an online video editing platform that lets you create and edit videos quickly and easily. The application will help you create attractive and professional videos for a variety of purposes, including education, marketing, social media, podcasts, and more. Thanks to VEED.IO, users will not need to install the application on their device, and you do not need to have advanced video editing skills to produce visually appealing videos.

VEED.IO has many useful features for improving the quality and image of videos, such as the ability to cut, join, and convert different video formats, edit video audio by adding background music, and adjust volume and mute noise. Not only that, but the application allows you to automatically create subtitles in over 100 languages and edit them as needed. VEED.IO also lets you live stream your videos to a variety of social media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.


Top 10+ Free AI Tools to Create Videos from Text

If you want to create AI videos quickly and easily, is the app for you. is an AI-powered online video creation platform., aimed at those with no video experience, will help you create extremely engaging video content in minutes. can generate videos from your text using artificial intelligence to analyze the text and choose appropriate images, sounds, and effects. Furthermore, the application offers a variety of appealing effects to enhance the visual impact of your videos, such as text, stickers, emoji, filters, transitions, and so on.


Top 10+ Free AI Tools to Create Videos from Text
Make videos with Pictory is an online AI video creation platform that uses artificial intelligence to convert long-form video and text content into short videos that can be shared on social media. allows you to create professional and engaging videos for a variety of purposes, including advertising, marketing, education, podcasts, and TikTok., in particular, can automatically summarize long videos into shorter ones by utilizing artificial intelligence to identify important parts and remove unnecessary ones. The platform also allows you to edit your videos using tools on the interface such as cutting, merging, rotating, and adjusting video size. Furthermore, will assist users in automatically converting text to speech in videos with a variety of voices and high quality.


Top 10+ Free AI Tools to Create Videos from Text
Designs makes use of AI technology to help users create and edit products like logos, videos, banners, and mockups quickly and easily. The application includes numerous tools to assist you in the content creation process. The most prominent is Videomaker, a video creation tool that uses A to automatically convert text into video. You can enter text or choose another text source, and AI will analyze it and recommend the best images, sounds, and effects.

Additionally, the Speechmaker feature allows you to convert text to speech in video. At the same time, you can select from over 50 different voices and use them at high quality. If you still don't have a video idea, the free Copywriter feature can help you create engaging and convincing texts to increase engagement and sales. You only need to enter some basic information, and the AI will generate texts with a flexible and natural narrative.


Top 10+ Free AI Tools to Create Videos from Text

The last item on the list is Wisecut, an AI video creation tool that can automatically remove long pauses, add background music, and subtitles to create engaging videos. Wisecut can be used to shorten long videos for social media platforms such as YouTube Shorts, TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Social Ads.

Long gaps in videos can be detected and eliminated by the platform, improving their smoothness and polish. Moreover, Wisecut will enable users to choose and modify background music automatically based on the video's length and content. Wisecut can be edited freely and can assist you in creating subtitles for videos in over 100 languages with just one click. In order to edit the video by rearranging scenes and text, Wisecut can also generate a script based on the speech in the footage.


Vidnoz AI is a free Al video generator with hundreds of avatars, templates, and voices for fast Al video creation.


Easy, fast, and 100% free AI video generator.

300+ AI avatars, 470+ realistic AI voices, 300+ templates.

AI Script Generator, let AI generate your video speech.



The article above provides a detailed overview and introduction to AI video creation tools from text that are quick, simple, and cost-free. I hope you select a platform that meets your requirements and that you have wonderful experiences.

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