Top 10 Best Artificial Intelligence Tools For Greetings and Wishes
Top 10 Best AI Tools For Greetings and Wishes On International Women’s Day

Are you one of those people who wants to write something unique for their loved ones on the most important days of their lives but can't think of anything or don't have much writing ability? Well, AI has offered all of the features for generating wishes and greetings.

Top 10 Best AI Tools For Greetings and Wishes On International Women’s Day

1. CelebU Video Generator

Price: Starter plan is free and costs $9 per month.

CelebU is an AI video generator that creates wishes for your loved ones. It allows users to create personalized video messages from their favourite celebrities. It is the greatest AI Wishes and Greetings Generator, cloning voices to create deep false movies to send to friends and family.


Delivers quick video templates.

It offers video messages at an inexpensive price.

It's quick and straightforward to use.


Creates video messages for any occasion.

Provides complete customizing options.


It can be detrimental because people may use it for malicious purposes.

Always requires an internet connection.

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2. Easy-Peasy AI

Price: Free

Easy-Peasy AI delivers personalized wishes in only seconds. It is a user-friendly and very effective AI Wishes & Greeting Generator. You can write personalized notes for any occasion or event.


Offers an endless wishes template.

Simple to use and arrives soon.

Also encourages improvising the tone of greetings.


Simple to use and navigate.

Free of charge.


It lacks human touch.

It is necessary to have an internet connection.

3. VidDay

Price: free

VidDay is a fun AI greetings and Greetings Generator that generates everything from happy birthday greetings to heartfelt parting notes. You can make personalized messages for any occasion. It's quick and straightforward to use.

VidDay is available for free and includes the following features.

Provides a variety of templates to pick from.

Can make wishes for any occasion.

Provides a variety of tones to pick from.


Generates desires with a single click.

Can create wishes, greetings, jokes, and poetry.


Only works with a network connection.

Lacks a human touch.

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4. Magic Type AI

Price: free

Magic Type AI is an amazing AI Wishes and Greetings Generator that creates greetings, poems, and wishes. It is straightforward to use because to a sophisticated user interface. You can make unique wishes and greetings for any occasion or function.

5. ChatGPT

Price: ChatGPT 3.5 is free • GPT 4 costs $20 per month.

Make your requests clear and heartfelt with this top generative AI chatbot. ChatGPT is unquestionably one of the best AI wishes and greetings generators, capable of creating personalised and innovative messages for every occasion. Its 3.5 version is provided for free as a bonus.


Creates individual wishes and greetings.

Makes wishes more personal.

Makes unique wishes and greetings.


Simple and quick to use.

6. Esy-Peasy AI

Price: free

Easy-Peasy AI generates personalized wishes within seconds. It is an easy to use and Best AI Wishes and Greetings Generator. You can create personalized messages for any occasion and event.

7. HyperWrite

Price options include free, premium ($19.99/month), and ultra ($44.99/month), as well as birthday wishes.

HyperWrite is an AI Wishes and Greetings Generator that also creates greeting cards. It is easy to create charming and sincere messages and greeting cards thanks to GPT-4 and ChatGPT technology. It is quick and simple to operate and navigate.

Features include the ability to generate birthday greetings, send romantic text messages, and design cards from an unlimited number of layouts.

8. BirthdayWishes

Price: free

Birthday Wishes is one of the most effective artificial intelligence wish and greeting generators. AI that creates sincere and exact birthday wishes. It is totally customizable, as users may enter the person's name, date of birth, interests, and so on. This AI-powered program generates wishes in multiple languages.

Features: • Encourages multi-language wishes.

• Makes personalized wishes for loved ones.

• Users can choose the tone of voice.


HIX.AI's pricing options include free, AI Basic Writer ($4.81), AI Writer Pro ($7.21), and AI Writer Premium ($24) a month.

HIX.AI is a happy birthday wish generator powered by GPT-4. It's one of the best AI wish and greeting generators. It encourages the creation of unique and individualized birthday wishes. Any form of greeting can be customized based on your preferred tone of voice.

Features: • Supports several languages for birthday wishes. • Offers customizable options. • Provides quick greetings and wishes.

10. Appypie

Price: free

Create unique and interactive greeting cards with Appypie, one of the best AI Wishes & Greetings Generators. It creates personalized greeting cards using several templates. AI allows you to make thoughtful wishes on cards for numerous occasions.

Features include customizable greeting cards, personalized options, and an easy-to-use interface.


AI has made the process of creating wishes and greetings more enjoyable and creative. People may now create personalized greeting cards with AI-written meaningful inscriptions. These AI Wishes and Greetings Generators are new to the market but have already dominated the sector of greeting cards and wishes. They are incredibly simple and quick to use. Some of these tools are free, while others are expensive, and they offer a variety of capabilities for personalizing greetings to loved ones.

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