Zodiac Signs Who Are Jealous Of Others Success
Zodiac Signs Who Are Jealous Of Others Success
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Why Do People Have Jealousy?

Have you ever questioned why most people appear to have a predisposed propensity to feel envious of others' successes?

We can explore this universal human emotion through the unique and fascinating lens of astrology.

Each zodiac sign experiences jealousy differently, and it can take many forms. Some people might only have fleeting thoughts about it, while others might struggle with it for a long time and even develop hatred. In fact, criminology and psychology have shown that many people hate and commit crimes simply out of jealousy of others' success.

It is critical to realize that, in moderation, jealousy is a typical human emotion. But some zodiac signs may be more prone to feeling resentful of those who are more successful than them.

Ranking of the 12 Zodiac Signs: Who is Most Jealous of Others Success?

Although these signs may be predisposed to jealousy, it's important to keep in mind that envy is just an emotion like any other, and it can be channeled in productive ways with the right mindset. The first step toward overcoming jealousy is realizing your own tendencies and working on improving yourself and your self-awareness. Although astrology can shed light on our character traits, it is ultimately up to us to determine how we react to the world.

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1. Aries

They are the most envious of the 12 constellations, but they are not even aware of this negative trait.

In high mountains, there are even higher mountains, so it makes sense that there are many people who are superior to Aries. But they never give in to this reality. Who could be more blatant than an Aries who enjoys competing with others and tries to bring them down?

Due to their tendency to take the lead, they find it difficult to follow others and dislike those who are superior to them. When discussing or debating a particular topic, Aries is occasionally even prepared to "attack" the other person in an effort to assert their superiority.

They might simply want to cause trouble or want to "score points" with their boss. Their true goal is to "solve" the individual rather than the issue.

The good news in this scenario is that people who, like Aries, have a strong dislike of losing will still pursue competition as their goal, exerting all of their strength to distinguish the highs and lows of their rivals. They have produced some amazing results as a result, which not everyone can.

2. Taurus

Taurus has a lot of faith in the framework they can build for their own lives. However, because they have a rather limited perspective due to the idea of safety, it is challenging for them to accept the originality or innovation of others. When someone takes a different approach and succeeds, there is even a little bit of jealousy.

This constellation appears to be unhappy or unconvinced when someone has a better life simply because they lead a more liberated, ambitious, or reckless life than you. Taurus only believes that they are lucky, regardless of who succeeds more quickly, and that their talent and talent are not necessarily comparable to theirs.

In light of this, this constellation will undoubtedly be upset if someone unexpectedly surpasses them. Taurus is unhappy if someone is different from them, despite the fact that they make no effort to change that person's life.

Taurus should set aside their envy because it can limit their opportunities for advancement at work.

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3. Virgo

Virgo does not show that they want to compete with others, but if someone achieves something better, they immediately find a way to "find fault", pointing out the imperfection of the task, or the result. things that other people have. After that, they clearly expressed their disapproval of the success that person had created.

It can be said that when ranking the jealousy of the 12 constellations, they are in 3rd place because of this somewhat unpleasant personality. In general, they prefer to work alone rather than working with others.

For this zodiac sign, praising a good action or deed or even sharing it with many people is extremely difficult.

That's why Virgo's catchphrase is often: "I rarely praise others because my standards are quite high." While they are proud of the perfect standards they set for themselves, others feel extremely uncomfortable.

Ranking of 12 Zodiac Signs Who Are Jealous Of Others Success
Zodiac Signs Who Are Jealous Of Others Success

4. Capricorn

Some people hide their jealousy, but others show it openly. The concealer will appear happy when others are praised by their boss or achieve good results at work, but in reality they feel very uncomfortable. They are the "faceless but dissatisfied" subjects.

However, the Capricorn zodiac sign is not secretly competitive and is not even afraid to show its jealousy. Sometimes this comes from greed for fame, they always want everything others have. Capricorn thinks they are the ones who deserve those things.

But Capricorns have no bad intentions in this, they will not "stab the other person in the back". They see "strong enemies" as a way to break their own limitations in pursuing their goals. Thanks to that, they have the ability to improve their lives, constantly striving to become better every day.

5. Sagittarius

Sagittarius always likes to be in control of their own life, so they feel very proud if they achieve it themselves. But this does not mean that they alone can achieve this goal.

It is for this reason that before they could be gentle, happy, and tolerant with everyone, but after they succeed, they often show jealousy because they are afraid of others being better than them. So once someone suddenly surpasses you in the field where Sagittarius feels most confident, this constellation will begin to show jealousy. Even many Sagittarius will find every way to overthrow the opponent.

Advice for this zodiac sign is to control your thoughts and actions. They need to remember that each person has their own abilities and the standards of success need not be the same from person to person.

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6. Gemini

Gemini individuals occasionally exhibit tendencies of competitiveness and jealousy. However, these emotions are transient in nature, as their inherent sensitivity enables them to discern that an individual's accomplishments are a result of their diligent efforts.

This particular constellation consistently exhibits the ability to promptly perceive and discern alterations in the emotional state of another individual, regardless of the circumstances.

As a result of this ability, individuals born under the Gemini zodiac sign possess the capacity to empathize with others and contemplate the challenges they have faced in their personal journeys towards achievement. Consequently, they develop a deep admiration for those who have attained success and aspire to achieve similar levels of accomplishment. It is advisable to prioritize acquiring knowledge instead of succumbing to feelings of jealousy as previously experienced.

7. Leo

Publicly praising someone is something Leo rarely does because they are fastidious and have quite high standards. However, they are also understanding people. If they think calmly, they still know how to acknowledge the efforts of others.

Leos themselves love to be praised and placed first, but sometimes they still have a happy heart - knowing how to be happy for the joy of those around them. More than anyone else, they understand that life has forced them to be where they are today countless times. So it is completely worthy for someone to be happy or successful.

In addition, in some situations, as a leader, Leo still knows how to let others shine knowing that it will be better for the group.

8. Cancer

Cancer is renowned for its compassionate nature, thereby creating limited opportunities for the manifestation of jealousy.

It is indisputable that individuals occasionally experience feelings of sadness due to a perceived lack of fortune or a less favorable life compared to others. However, individuals with the Cancer zodiac sign possess the ability to regulate their thoughts and subsequently reengage with life. The concept of reality.

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9. Aquarius

Aquarius is a zodiac sign that does not like to fight, just wants to peacefully enjoy life. People of this constellation always think of others and are not jealous of what others achieve.

They don't care too much about whether someone succeeds or fails, they just want to know what good things that person has created in this life. For example: do they protect the environment, do charity work to help people,...

Aquarius' kindness is most clearly shown in community activities, helping people in difficult circumstances. They are not afraid to put in effort, spend money on their loved ones or give everything they have to share.

10. Scorpio

Often harsh with people and looks dangerous on the outside, often "playing the evil role" but hidden deep inside Scorpio is a kind heart. If you understand this constellation well, you will know that they are very kind.

In general, Scorpio is also very thoughtful of others, so he rarely feels jealous of someone's happiness or success.

Moreover, this constellation is not ambitious, so it has no intention of competing. Comparing with others is not enough to make you more tired.

11. Libra

Individuals born under the astrological sign of Libra exhibit a tendency to primarily direct their attention towards the positive aspects of their existence. Consequently, they may struggle to comprehend the motivations underlying feelings of envy experienced by individuals who observe the accomplishments and contentment of others.

This celestial configuration consistently manifests opportunities to bestow blessings upon individuals in their vicinity. Libra willingly seeks assistance as a means of demonstrating the inherent entitlement of all individuals to experience such gratification.

12. Pisces

According to the Pisces perspective on life, the notion of jealousy is absent as individuals of this zodiac sign consistently experience contentment in the joy and well-being of others. These emotions are inherently innate to them.

This particular constellation exhibits a strong inclination towards assisting others and engaging in activities that bring joy to others. Their profound empathy and limitless affection for individuals render them inclined to offer anything within their means, so long as it brings about a sense of contentment and joy in others.


You just discovered the Jealousy Ranking of the 12 Zodiac Signs: Who is always jealous of other people's success? Find out where you stand in the rankings and reflect and experience your life.

As we just discovered in the article above, jealousy is a common human emotion that can exist in all zodiac signs.

While astrology can provide insight into the tendencies of certain signs, it's important to approach this "jealousy" with a positive and open attitude.

Instead of seeing jealousy as a negative trait, see it as an opportunity for each zodiac sign to grow and gain self-awareness to strive to rise up and be more successful in life and career.

By understanding and moderating jealousy, individuals can lead happier, more fulfilling lives and build stronger, more supportive relationships in all areas of life.

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