Cancer Career Horoscope. Photo: Knowinsiders.
Cancer Career Horoscope. Photo: Knowinsiders.

CANCER Career Horoscope - All Life

Though you are emotional, you are extremely determined and focused on the workplace. You are kind and compassionate, caregiving and nurturing jobs suit them best. You need to feel that you are making some difference in the organization. Your contribution can be too small but it gives you contentment. You love to work independently and hate to follow the structure of an organization.

You are scared of too many responsibilities but will accomplish important work with accuracy, low risk, on time, and successfully. You may face lots of ups and downs in your career. You are intellectual, creative, and incredibly good at reading people and know in advance what they need. Your intuitions are also very strong. The combination of four talents makes you successful in your career. It also helps you to make perfect decisions, a good problem solver, and a leader. Your subordinates and colleagues respect you as a manager. It is because you fix things, guide colleagues and employees, and nurture their careers. You possess amazing people skills and hence you choose determined and focused people in your team who will boost your career as well as theirs. You prefer to build a career in the field that requires insights and assistance. You can shine out in your career if you let go of your insecurities and shyness. You will start doing things and tasks the moment you are assigned. You will not stop until you have finished them. You can powerfully handle your career due to your personal perseverance.

You love working hard and your intuitions help you to know that a job is well done. You prefer to work in your style and excel in environments where you can drive your own schedule and agenda.

Career Mantra: I’m successful because I care

Lessons to be given: support, intuition, intellectuality, creativity,

Things you need to learn: how to receive gracefully, control mood swings, think twice before reacting, control sensitivity, and patience.

Despite all Cancers’ pluses and minuses, they are very responsible. They will always be at work on time. They can pull themselves together and be serious and businesslike. Cancer career horoscope analysis reveals that these people understand that if they want to earn money, so they will have to work hard.

The biggest motivation for Cancer is to help themselves and the people they love. If Cancer is the boss, they will always take good care of the workers that are loyal to them. Cancer can also be very dismissive towards people who have betrayed them. It is best not to get on Cancer’s wrong side. Therefore, mostly Cancer career path indicates that they are very calm and patient people. Also, most people love to be around them.

Cancer will always be the individual who remembers everyone’s birthdays or other special events and also takes care of a party. They make everyone feel appreciated and pampered. So that makes other people love Cancer’s presence. And Cancer will like to be recognized.

The Crab loves to act as a leader, provided he’s at ease with his prescribed duties and his colleagues. The Cancer sun sign, being a natural nurturer will do well in the role of an educator, healer or defender. Cancerians are creative by nature and can show the way to pleasure in the workplace. They make excellent art therapists or family counselors. However, a notice of caution for the co-workers: Don’t cross the boundary line of the diligent Crab. They can have nasty as well as sharp claws! Thus, Cancer people do well as nutritionists, doctors, chefs, pharmacists, educators, and realtors – anywhere that makes them feel worthy of the position.

CANCER Horoscope: Prediction for Career, Job and Business - All Life
Cancer Zodiac Sign. Photo: Knowinsiders.

CANCER Job Horoscope - All Life

Cancer will usually make their career in fields involving caregiving and nurturing such as human resources, nursing, housekeeping, teaching, child care, journaling, and gardening. You are traditional and patriotic which makes you eligible for politics as well. You can be excellent artists, writers, composers, actors, and psychics due to strong instincts and thoughts. You can be good administrators, orators, and preachers. You excel well in professions related to water, airlines, navy, shipping, and travel. You can make a career as a corporate executive, editor, writer, gallery owner, art director, interior designer, women’s rights lawyer, urban planner, family therapist, computer systems analyst or programmer, home-based business, or organizational strategist. Know the wonders waiting for you in your career in advance and get ready to push your limits to achieve them.

In every Cancer, there is such an internal fear that it does not take sufficient responsibility. It is in this sign opposite the sign of Capricorn. This strange concept motivates him to build a strong career path and ensure a good material existence for himself and his family.

Cancer’s caring and comforting nature makes them uniquely suited for professions where they are needed to use their protective and healing instincts. This could take form in many professions and roles, but will likely not be found in jobs that are high risk, stressful, or move at an accelerated pace. Some exceptions could be found in health care, where their attentiveness and vigilance in a crisis may be an asset, or when cooking in high energy kitchens.

Otherwise, Cancers will enjoy peace, solitude, and intimate environments in which to do their work. They love belonging to a group but may prefer the one-to-one dynamic, where they can create a protected container and apply their undivided attention. It is very likely that by using their nesting instincts, these natives will find a way to work from home, or will have work that is connected to home visits.

Should they work in an office or modern building, they will add cozy elements to their workspace to make it feel “homier.” Their section of the staff room, or office refrigerator, will be brimming with snacks, teas, and their favorite flatware so that they feel nourished and prepared for their day.


Cancer is very good at working with kids, animals, clothing, and all types of fluids. They can be excellent kinder garden teachers or a nanny. Cancer also has a profound understanding of the emotional world, and they are very empathetic. These qualities make them great psychologists and psychiatrists. Cancer career paths would also be great if they settle for gynecology. They are capable of handling a lot of emotions and comforting people.


Ideal Cancer career can also be in earth sciences, like ecology and geology. Some women choose to be housewives or mothers. They will treat this role with seriousness because, for them, it is a career. Cancer women will prefer to either work from home or in a place that feels cozy and comforting. They need to have an excellent work collective to feel good.

Profestional organizer

Again, this career goes hand in hand with home care. Many people are not organized and need help with keeping their homes in order. This is where the Cancer individual can come in and help. Especially if they have some Virgo in their horoscopes as well which will help them with the detailed aspect of this type of career.

CANCER Horoscope: Prediction for Career, Job and Business - All Life
Cancer Zodiac Sign. Photo: wallpapertag.


Cancers love to collect items that hold sentimental value to them, and this is why one excellent career option for Cancer individuals is to become an antiquarian. You can even create a retail shop for antiques that would provide emotional comfort for customers, as well as for you.


Cancer men are excellent salesmen. They will ask a lot of their workers. Whatever their field is, they will know how to sell. As a boss, Cancer career horoscope shows that they are very strict, but they never forget to reward truly loyal and hard-working people.


You would think that this career is more fitting for a Virgo than a Cancer, but truly it is excellent for both signs. Cancers have a passion for food and cooking because it is a huge piece of how to nurture their families. And even though Cancer individuals can have a tendency to give in to sweet cravings and overindulge, they also want to make sure that they are giving their families the best foods that will provide them with the nutrition that they need to not just survive, but thrive. With that said, the Cancer individual can advise clients on the types of foods to stick to when they are looking to change their lifestyle for the better. They want to make sure that they will be properly nourished, and they can even make great recommendations for satisfying sweet cravings in healthy ways as well. This would be one of the best career choices for the Cancer individual.


You can go from a nutritionist to a baker or even a cook. However, that does not mean that the Cancerian baker would only bake unhealthy foods. They can bake anything that has health benefits whether they bake vegan or gluten-free cakes, bread, or pastries. Baking is a passion for the average Cancerian, and this is why they would make excellent bakers!

It can take a while for Cancer to start doing their work. While Cancer is working, they will also think about their life. Sometimes Cancer can slip in too much daydreaming. But once they start focusing on what has to be done, Cancer will be restless, obedient, and meticulous. Cancer knows how to take excellent care of others. They will ease the workload for everyone. Therefore, Cancer career would earn them the respect they deserve.

CANCER Business Horoscope - All Life

Cancer natives are very knowledgeable and intelligent. There is nothing that they cannot do. Simply they need to sort out and low down their emotional issues. They have a powerful personality hidden in them. They always take a stand in what they believe is right. They can proves excellent in business. Their observing power will rule the business. Their intuition and imagination abilities land them in favorable conditions.

Their ability to predict is considered as the special power given to them. Their prediction helps in taking decisions regarding future trends. They think forward. They think and work creatively. They will achieve success becoming investors, bakers, property dealers, iron business or jeweler business.

They like to invest more than savings. They attract money and know how to manage. They can achieve only if they remain positive. Cancer natives need that their emotions does not dominate their practicality and their hard-work. If do so, they will surely be good business people. They need financial security from the business in which they are involved. They will do every possible task to ensure stability. They need to incline their energy into useful activities.

CANCER Horoscope: Prediction for Career, Job and Business - All Life
Cancer Zodiac Sign. Photo: wallpapertag.

Very selective, Cancerians carefully choose their partners, investors and employees. They only invite those into their business world who they are tune into their business vision. No bullshit, just straight talks. Moon ruled, Cancerians have excellent memories and handles responsibilities with ease as they are imaginative problem solvers.

Some of the famous Cancerian entrepreneurs are Richard Branson (Virgin Group), Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Walt Disney

The most compatibility zodiac signs with Cancer are Taurus, Virgo and Scorpio:

When Taurus and Cancer work together; its generally a good combination. They are two positions apart within the Zodiac, and such Signs tend to have karmic ties and a good understanding of each other. These partners have a lot in common and both crave security: Taurus In a more material sense and Cancer in an emotional sense. They can nurture each other and are sensible workmates.

When Cancer and Virgo work together, it creates a strong and down-to-earth partnership that will only grow stronger with time. Both Signs are goal-oriented and disciplined. Cancer and Virgo are sincere and devoted to their goals and to each other as a team. Both have a strong sense of purpose They admire each other: Virgo respects Cancer's quiet strength and dedication while Cancer appreciates Virgo's ability to adapt to a given situation.

When Cancer and Scorpio work together, the resulting partnership brings together two Signs of great depth. Signs such as these often combine well, each associate's strengths balancing the weaknesses of the other. These Signs have a strong affinity for one another, and when their ideas and ambitions meld the temperature in the room tends to rise! Cancer and Scorpio have a great deal in common that will keep their alliance strong

What Success Means to a CANCER

To a Cancer, nothing feels better than the internal satisfaction of doing a good job. Cancer truly doesn't care about career accolades, and feels that work should support a well-lived life. To this end, Cancers guard their free time obsessively. A job that they love and a life that they love go hand in hand. Of course, they'll burn the midnight oil if essential, but not for years on end. They need to see a clear reward for their hard work.

If You Work for a Cancer Boss

Intelligent and emotional, a Cancer boss can seem like an enigma. What do they want? How do you get them to like you? Instead of seeking those answers, focus on your work. Your Cancer boss isn't in the office to make friends or connections. They're here to get the job done by the people who'll do it best. Here's how to excel in your career by making the most of working with a Cancer boss:

Be honest. Cancer hates lies, and will hold a grudge for years against the employee who tells even a white lie. Want to shield your Cancer boss from bad news? Don't. Keep any info as fact-based as possible.

Be creative. Cancer is always up for doing things in new and different ways. The old ways and routines are fine, but a Cancer boss appreciates a fresh approach. Boldly offering to helm a new project or try a different strategy will impress the Crab.

Go deep. Cancer always wants to know why, particularly when it comes to human behavior and opinion. Think something is worth doing? Explain why—a passionate explanation will be rewarded.

Get to know their moods. Emotional Cancer may sometimes be, well, crabby at the office. Don't take it personally. Knowing when to stay out of their way is key. Cancers don't want subordinates asking them, "What's wrong?" So if their office door is closed or they seem curt, steer clear!

Keep boundaries. When your Cancer boss asks how you are, don't get into your dog's illness or that fight with your friend—especially if you haven't worked together very long. To Cancer, boundaries are essential for optimal work relationships.

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