Top 5 Most Handsome Zodiac Signs According To Astrology

The Handsome and Beautiful Index of 12 Zodiac Signs, According to Astrology

The Ranking of 12 Zodiac Signs: Who are the Most Handsome
Ranking of 12 Male Zodiac Signs - The Most Handsome

With a handsome appearance is always the first attraction for girls. According to astrology, zodiac sign influences 40% of the physical characteristics of a man. Therefore, women often choose constellations with high handsome index as their role models.

So which male constellation is the most handsome among the 12 zodiac signs?

1.Sagittarius - Cool and Cool

There is no denying that the Sagittarius man is very handsome. Not only that, they also have a strong, masculine strength that few other constellations have. Sagittarius men often have a well-proportioned appearance, large physique and always stand out from the crowd.

The most attractive point in the Sagittarius man is his harmonious face, very "Manly" lines. Sagittarius boys often have deep eyes, a beautiful mouth, and an extremely high nose bridge.

Gunners often do not pay attention to their beauty, they simply think that their appearance is not too bad. However, there are a lot of girls' hearts that have been defeated by that face.

2.Leo - Student, Romance

Basically, both Leo men and women have a beautiful, outstanding and brilliant appearance. But with Leo men alone, they bring something aura that makes others always attracted.

Leo men are not coldly beautiful, they are beautiful in a liberal, relaxed and straightforward way. Bright face, relatively white skin and extremely bright smile. Every time Leo smiles, you will see everything around you get blurred. Leo guys don't care too much about beauty because they think whatever they want.

Personality eyes are the highlight of the Lion's face. This makes them even more personable and handsome.

3.Gemini - Menly

When it comes to Gemini, people always think of intelligence and quick-wittedness. And the faces of Gemini boys are also beautiful in a vivacious and quick manner.

Gemini male impresses the opposite person with a bright and radiant face. Although they do not have white skin like Libra, they are very healthy in return. The most prominent feature on Gemini's face is bright, lively eyes, always cheerful.

Gemini is aware of their beauty but does not flaunt it. They only see this as an advantage of themselves but should not show it too much. As they grow older, Gemini's masculinity becomes more and more obvious, they have a sense of humor and a very strong fan base.

4.Libra - Korean Style

The Ranking of 12 Zodiac Signs: Who are the Most Handsome
Most handsome zodiac sign - Korean Style

Libra's perfection is not only in personality but also in appearance. Boys under this constellation have very white skin, they are beautiful in the style of a scholar.

The faces of Libra men are easy to sympathize with older people, especially parents. Facial expression is harmonious, calm, easy to trust. Pay attention, Libra guys are often nearsighted.

Libra's smile exudes tenderness and gentleness. Although they are handsome, they don't want their other half to fall in love with them because of their looks. Heart and sincerity are the most important things.

The boys of the Libra sign have delicate faces with high nose bridge, white skin that is like a god that many women look for. Not only looks, they are also extremely gentle, polite and always know how to take care of those around them.

5.Aquarius - Strong Beauty, Deep Eyes

Aquarius is completely "blind" about beauty even though he has a special beauty that makes others impressed. The face of Aquarius is very personal, angular lines, exuding the strength of a man.

AquariusIt is often said that if you don't have outer beauty, you must be beautiful on the inside, and men under the sign of Aquarius are a prime example of this.

Male Aquarius usually has a very high nose bridge, deep, deep eyes and a harmonious mouth. You won't discover anything from those eyes. Aquarius guys have healthy tan skin, muscular but well-proportioned bodies.

What makes other constellations jealous is that Aquarius has very long legs, usually, male Aquarius has a height of over 1m75.

Although easily overshadowed when standing next to the top 5 male gods above, Aquarius always attracts the attention of people around because of his politeness, sophistication and the way he leads the story to help bring a joyful atmosphere to people. opposite.

6.Cancer - Young, Modern Beauty

Cancer is the last sign to appear in the ranking of the most handsome zodiac signs. The beauty of the Cancer man is often described with two words "romantic". They have a liberal beauty, rich and everyone thinks they are very peachy.

Their white skin, monolid eyes, deep corners and elongated tail make their eyes especially impressive. The five senses on Cancer's face are not so excellent, but overall, they are very handsome and harmonious.

Cancer brings the beauty of modern, young and comfortable guys. They smile a lot and their eyes always shine with joy. Cancer spreads positivity with a smile and always makes people happy with that smile.

7.Scorpio - Impressive Attraction

The male god of the Scorpio zodiac sign is always an impressive attraction of the girls. Because the boys' appearance is quite beautiful, rightly handsome. Only with the eyes and smile of the male Scorpio male god has made many girls fall in love. Not only beautiful, but the male god also has a pretty high aesthetic taste.

The perfect combination of appearance and costume makes the appearance of the Scorpio male god more perfect. Help the Scorpio male god always become a handsome idol in the hearts of girls.

8.Capricorn - Bright and Good-Looking Appearance

Capricorn men easily win the hearts of women with their bright and good-looking appearance, not only that, but many girls fall in love with this guy's polite and courteous behavior.

In terms of male beauty, although Capricorn is not really that excellent, it is also the type that makes others stop for a few seconds to look, along with this guy's sincere heart to really score and receive. sympathy from girls and people around.

9.Aries - Elegant, Strong

In terms of beauty, compared to Sagittarius, Libra, although Aries men are not as prominent, Aries' advantage lies in his personality and outlook on life.

The girls will be impressed and fluttered when standing in front of an elegant, strong, capable, thoughtful and devoted guy like Aries.

10.Pisces - Impressive and Stylish

Pisces male has a good appearance. Although they are not too handsome, they are always a ray of sunshine and a highlight in front of the crowd. Because this guy's fashion sense is quite impressive and stylish.

Plus the humorous and witty way of talking makes the opposite person have a sympathetic look at the Pisces guy.

11.Virgo - Gentleness, Thoughtfulness

The guy of the Virgo zodiac sign, although he does not have a handsome appearance, meets the standards of a handsome man. But her lovely face and charming smile make many girls fall in love.

Not only that, the personality of this guy is quite outstanding, always making a deep impression in the hearts of girls. The gentleness, thoughtfulness is a plus point to help the boy fall for her without the need for beauty.

12.Taurus - Sincerity, Gentleness

At the bottom of the handsomeness chart, what do you think the Taurus guy looks like? And of course, this guy knows where his disadvantage is and knows how to promote his strengths to compensate.

If you are not impressed with this guy's appearance, but you will have a hard time leaving when you have a long contact with this guy because of his sincerity, gentleness, generosity and always worried about taking care of the person he loves.


Actually, the ranking of the 12 zodiac signs' handsome index is for reference only. As you have noticed, there are many male zodiac signs that are naturally handsome. However, there are also many zodiac signs that are often not handsome.

However, the reality of life shows that there is no male zodiac sign that is unattractive if you regularly exercise your body to be healthy, with a standard body. On the other hand, if you have a beautiful soul, a generous heart and are very rich, you will attract all eyes from girls.