Most Love Compatibility of Pisces with Each Zodiac Sign
Most Love Compatibility of Pisces with Each Zodiac Sign

1. Pisces – Aries: 70%

Looking at the compatibility of Pisces with the 12 zodiac signs, we can see that Aries' open, generous, and daring personality attracted Pisces at first sight. You are inherently a rather shy person, often not daring to embark on big things, so the other person's bravery is something that makes you extremely impressed and admired.

However, sometimes the other person's excessive carefreeness also makes people with a "glass" soul like you suffer. If there is something that worries you, you should tell Aries directly, he or she will be willing to listen and work through it with you.

2. Pisces – Taurus: 90%

Maybe the relationship between Pisces and Taurus is not as romantic as Pisces wants, but you will always feel safe with each other. He is always mature, thinks carefully about everything and is ready to be by your side in difficult times.

When with you, Taurus will often feel very relieved and happy. Thanks to you, the other person begins to pay attention to the little things and care more about people and things around them.

3. Pisces – Gemini: 50%

Looking at the compatibility of Pisces with the 12 zodiac signs, the relationship between Pisces and Gemini often falls into a state of ambiguity, because it seems that both of you do not understand your feelings clearly, moreover one person Too dreamy about the future, one person doesn't want to think about it.

Two people being together does not bring a sense of security to each other. Differences in personality make it difficult for two people to look in the same direction. The couple often breaks up because they cannot find common ground in everything.

4. Pisces – Cancer: 90%

It can be said that you two are made for each other. Both are people who value love and family very much. Once they come together, they will see each other as their life's reason, willing to sacrifice or change themselves, just to make the other half happy. happy.

The family life of the two will certainly be so warm and sweet that it will make many people around them admire. The two gradually become better to match each other.

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5. Pisces – Leo: 40%

Looking at the compatibility of Pisces with the 12 zodiac signs, you can see that Pisces often admires Leo at first sight. You like the strength and determination of your partner. You feel that when you are with him or her, you will always be cared for and protected.

However, the reality is not as simple as you think. The other person is too domineering, even though he loves you, he still often makes too strict demands, making you gradually feel suffocated. You feel like he or she doesn't really care what you think.

6. Pisces – Virgo: 60%

Although both Pisces and Virgo are delicate and sensitive people, if you like to dream, the other person is too realistic. That's why it's difficult for both sides to find common ground in everything.

In order for the relationship to continue, both people need to learn to put themselves in the other person's position to understand each other better. If you keep blaming the other person for not being able to get what you want, the two of you will soon have to separate.

7. Pisces – Libra: 40%

The relationship between Pisces and Libra will face many difficulties, even though both are quite peaceful and thoughtful people. However, both lack decisiveness, so they have to think over and over again to do anything, and in the end, they sometimes give up before even doing it.

If you and that person are just friends, it's okay, but if you're lovers, it will be difficult for the two of you to find the motivation to move forward. Many times, two people will be swayed by the opinions of outsiders, making the relationship extremely unstable.

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8. Pisces – Scorpio: 90%

The love between Pisces and Scorpio is often so intense that it makes everyone admire. It can be said that you two seem to be made for each other.

Scorpio is inherently a skeptical person, but when he is with you, he can completely relax himself, turn himself into a gentler person, and pamper you in many things.

As for Pisces, you are inherently a person who is devoted to love. Once you love someone, you are willing to sacrifice for that person. You make Scorpio feel extremely secure.

9. Pisces – Sagittarius: 50%

Sagittarius was born loving freedom, no matter who he has feelings for, he doesn't want to be tied down. That's why in a relationship with their partner, Pisces often feels like they're being left behind. You feel hurt and worried but can't find anyone to share your feelings with.

On the contrary, Sagittarius often feels that you are too sentimental and too dependent on yourself. The other person wants to have freedom but often has to pay attention to your feelings, eventually feeling tired.

10. Pisces – Capricorn: 90%

The relationship between Pisces and Capricorn is an extremely stable relationship, even though someone as conservative and dry as Capricorn cannot make you have romantic feelings and dreamy memories like you. ever wished.

However, with your partner, you can feel loved and appreciated. Even though that person doesn't say sweet words, through the other person's actions, you can feel everything. Moreover, that person is a strong supporter, giving you useful suggestions in life.

11. Pisces – Aquarius: 70%

The relationship between the two of you is relatively harmonious, basically because you both can understand each other and have a lot of tolerance for each other. Although Aquarius often has strange thoughts and makes confusing decisions, Pisces will never say words that make the other person lose interest. You are even willing to try new things with that person.

Aquarius is inherently a romantic person, and can give Pisces interesting surprises, making their love more sweet and unforgettable.

12. Pisces – Pisces: 80%

The love between two Pisces will be extremely romantic and dreamy. Two people with many coincident opinions and similar working styles, so arguments and conflicts will rarely happen.

Furthermore, thanks to their delicate and gentle personalities, the two will always give each other the greatest attention, always understand what the other person thinks, and at the same time be willing to sacrifice for each other, encouraging each other to move forward. . No matter how difficult it is, the two of you will overcome it together.

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