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These human robots also happen to be some of the world's smartest and most attractive women. Their charm is unmatched because they are so lifelike and realistic.

Inventors consider both intelligence and outlook when designing sophisticated robots. The idea of building machines that resemble humans interests them. There are a lot of talented robots in the world that also draw attention from people with their endearing beauty. Let's examine the Top 10 Most Adorable Robots That Charm Like Actual Girls.

Top 6 Most Beautiful Robots, Charming Like Real Girls

1. Erica

Photo ictnews
Photo ictnews

According to inventor Hiroshi Ishiguro, who anticipates a day when robots will resemble people, Erica is "the most beautiful and human-like robot in the world."

There were even rumors that she would take over Erica's position as news robot on a Japanese TV channel as a news anchor.

To detect if someone is in the room, Erica has several depth infrared sensors installed. It is also capable of carrying out dialogues and facial recognition.

Xiaomi CyberOne Smart Robot:

Hiroshi Ishiguro, Director of the Intelligent Robotics Lab at Osaka University, is the man responsible for Erica. It is the result of a collaboration between the universities of Oska and Kyoto, with funding provided by JST Erato, one of Japan's most prolific scientific funds. Although Erica is unable to move her hands at the moment, she can identify the source of the sound and who is asking the question.

Erica is a 23-year-old girl with one of the most advanced language processing systems ever created.

2. Geminoid F

Photo ictnews
Photo ictnews

Geminoid F, also created by Hiroshi Ishiguro, is the world's first humanoid robot to appear in a film. Geminoid F drew a lot of attention in 2015, but it was still an unfinished robot. However, Hiroshi claims that it is equipped with the fundamental tools for establishing human-robot interaction.

Scientists believe that the female robot Geminoid F is the first to resemble a real female robot. He has the ability to laugh, talk, and even sing.

Geminoid F has 65 different facial expressions. 'She' can also express her smile in a variety of ways, such as with mysterious jokes or ridicule... All of the above activities are possible because of the mechanical actuator located beneath her rubber skin. with the help of air pressure.

Geminoid F can also sing, chat, and scream. She can also frown and move her mouth in a variety of ways.

3. Jia Jia

Photo ictnews
Photo ictnews

Jia Jia had a disappointing English interview with an American journalist in 2017 during which she couldn't answer even the most basic questions. However, there is no denying that Jia Jia, a Chinese robot, is one of the most beautiful and human-like robots available today.

Hefei University researchers spent three years developing this robot's ability to interact with and understand human language. According to The Beijing News, Jia Jia's appearance was inspired by the contours of five girls from Hefei University with the goal of creating "sexy" robots.

Many Chinese Internet users refer to Jia Jia as the "robot goddess" because of her Asian beauty, smile, and natural blinking.

4. Junco Chihira

Photo NY Times
Photo NY Times

Toshiba created Junco Chihira, a very realistic android robot. Junco is a full-time employee at a tourist information center in Tokyo. It is the successor of another Android named Aiko Chihira, who worked as a receptionist in a Japanese department store. Previously, Junco Chihira could only respond with a scripted pre-set speech, but since 2017, it has gained speech recognition capabilities and can answer tourists' questions.

Junko Chihira will not only work in tourism and service, but she will also work in health care for the elderly. Hitoshi Tokuda, the chief specialist at Toshiba's research and development center, told us that the humanoid would be combined with any type of language processing system.

Junko is 5 feet 5 inches tall and looks like a 26-year-old Japanese woman.

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5. Robot Mark

Photo ictnews
Photo ictnews

Given that the Mark 1 robot, created by graphic designer Ricky Ma, resembles Scarlett Johansson in appearance, it is easy to understand why it is considered one of the most beautiful robots. The Mark 1 is a rather rudimentary product all around. It has facial movements and can react to a number of pre-programmed questions that are recorded from the microphone, but Ricky says that's not an easy task.

6. Chihira Kanae

Photo vtc
Photo vtc

At a trade show in Berlin, Toshiba unveiled the newest iteration of its Chihira robot.The machine, whose goal is to resemble a human as much as possible, now knows German in addition to other languages. According to reports, the machine's control system has been upgraded since launch to provide smoother movements.

Toshiba showcased what it believes could be a workable product for the travel industry at the ITB travel expo with the Chihira Kanae droid.The device is situated at an information desk and answers queries from guests, mostly concerning the conference.

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