Most workaholic zodiac signs
Most workaholic zodiac signs

What is workaholic?

Workaholic is a person who works compulsively abandoning their personal life. They work constantly and avoid their friends, family, sleep, leisure time, etc.

Workaholism is not the same as working hard.

Although the term workaholic usually has a negative connotation, it is sometimes used by people wishing to express their devotion to one's career in positive terms.

The "work" in question is usually associated with a paying job, but it may also refer to independent pursuits such as sports, music and art.

A workaholic in the negative sense is popularly characterized by a neglect of family and other social relations.

Who is the workaholic zodiac sign?

A workaholic is a person who is addicted to work.

These zodiac signs tend to choose to stick with work more than anything in the world. They only prefer to do their work and prioritise it above other things and that choice often leads them to a successful & rich life.

The term generally implies that the person enjoys their work; it can also imply that they simply feel compelled to do it.

Similarly, people considered to be workaholics tend to lose track of time -- voluntarily or involuntarily.

Experts say the incessant work-related activity masks anxiety, low self-esteem, and intimacy problems.

And as with addictions to alcohol, drugs or gambling, workaholics' denial and destructive behavior will persist despite feedback from loved ones or danger signs such as deteriorating relationships.

Top five zodiac signs who are addicted to work

1.Capricorn: Great Employees

Top 5 Zodiac Signs Who Are Addicted to Work and Abandoning Personal Life
Zodiac Sign who is addicted to work

Capricorns will always top the list. Money is very important to them as is having a strong financial foundation for the future.

They are always driven and focussed on their work. They make great employees, but they would never complain about doing over-time. The Capricorn personality is an extremely hard work and loves doing overtime! These guys arealways the first in the office and the last outat the end of the day.

Being rich and successful are what motivates the determined Capricorn to put all the hours in. These guys are made of steel and are never in need of a vacation.

They tend to measure their success in life by how often they get pay increases and promotions.

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2.Virgo: Perfict Robots

Virgos are the perfectionist of all zodiac signs. Virgos are efficient, well-organized and extremely competent.

Virgos are terrifically hard-working, and one of the reasons is because they're rarely satisfied. They pay keen attention to every detail and want to make them perfect. The habit of trying to make everything perfect requires a lot of time thus affecting mental and physical health.

Virgos need to realize that there can be job satisfaction in a job that's been done well, even if it wasn't done entirely perfect.

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3.Aries: Overrun

Although the Aries personality isn’t the most efficient employee, theirsheer dedication and determination make them the star of the show. Aries hates letting people down, which is why they agree to everything despite already having a hefty workload.

Aries are highly efficient in their work. But the main problem with them is that they cannot say no to anything even if it requires over-time or excessive workload on them.

Aries don't want to let anybody down, so even if they have too much on their plate, they'll plow through it the best that they can.

Aries really need to prioritize, and if they have to turn a project down, they should realize that it's okay if they can't please everybody.

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Workaholic zodiac signs - Poor health is another warning sign

Because there's less of a social stigma attached to workaholism than to other addictions, health symptoms can easily go undiagnosed or unrecognized, say researchers.

Workaholism in Japan is considered a serious social problem leading to early death, often on the job, a phenomenon dubbed karōshi.

In the U.S. and Canada, workaholism remains what it's always been: the so-called "respectable addiction" that's dangerous as any other. "Workaholism is an addiction, an obsessive-compulsive disorder, and it's not the same as working hard.

Workaholic's obsession with work is all-occupying, which prevents workaholics from maintaining healthy relationships, outside interests, or even take measures to protect their health.

Workaholics feel the urge of being busy all the time, to the point that they often perform tasks that aren't required or necessary for project completion.

As a result, they tend to be inefficient workers, since they focus on being busy, instead of focusing on being productive.

In addition, workaholics tend to be less effective than other workers because they have difficulty working as part of a team, trouble delegating or entrusting co-workers, or organizational problems due to taking on too much work at once.

As with other psychological addictions, workaholics often cannot see that they have a problem.

Indeed, mental treatment to cure a workaholic can successfully reduce the hours spent on the job, while increasing the person's productivity. Studies show that fully recovered former workaholics can accomplish in 50 hours what they previously couldn't do in 80.

4.Scorpio: Highly Ambitious

Scorpions are highly ambitious. Nothing can divert their attention from that aim. This often disturbs their personal life as they fail to give enough time to their family.

They’re known for their ambition, their focus, and their practicality.

When a Scorpio puts their mind to it, they really can do anything! This sign doesn’t do things by halves and when they start something, you can count on them finishing it, despite the problems they face. This personality is naturally intense and can become engulfed in their missions and daily tasks.

When a Scorpio is focused on something, they don't stop until it's been completed. That means they miss lunch, dinner, and rarely take a break. If they're really hungry, they might eat at their desk.
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5.Taurus: Devoted

Top 5 Zodiac Signs Who Are Addicted to Work and Abandoning Personal Life
Addicted to work

Taureans also are devoted, ambitious and analytical.

They won’t stop at all until they reach their goals and do everything to succeed. They often come up with great but huge ideas that become impossible to be turned into reality. So, they have to understand this.

Taurus're stubborn, and when it comes to work, even more so. They want to get the job done and have it done well. They don't understand that sometimes you need to step away from a project to get a new perspective. Taurus definitely put in the time, even when their bodies are crying for a good night's sleep.


As soon as Gemini has a job they love and care about, they let their work responsibilities occupy their whole lives. Being busy and having lots of tasks keep the hyperactive Gemini personality on their toes. Solving problems and finding solutions are what Gemini lives for; they really do get a kick out of pulling off what other people deem as impossible.


The Fire signs are all very determined characters, and Leo is no different. When Leo is passionate about something, they will go above and beyond to ensure the best outcome. They practically live in the office and often have a hard time disconnecting from their emails and tasks over the weekend. They love feeling important, and working hard makes them feel good about themselves.

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