Luckiest Zodiac Signs in Career in 2022. Photo: KnowInsiders. Photo:
Luckiest Zodiac Signs in Career in 2022. Photo: KnowInsiders. Photo:As we welcome 2022, one must not forget the times these past two years have brought to us. The economies are recovering, and it feels like the sun is shining just the right amount! However, the issues of bread and butter are very crucial for most of us. Career and Business are two of the most important aspects of today’s life, and therefore, it is no surprise everybody is always either anxious or curious about them.

Well, good news! The Business and Career Horoscope 2022 is here to calm your nerves. A big jump, a career change, a new venture, or even a new field of work; whatever you are looking at, we have it covered. Your Career forecast 2022 is your look into the year ahead in terms of your career. Your Job Horoscope 2022 will tell you a lot about what’s waiting for you at your workplace. A new colleague, a new project, your relationships with your seniors and subordinates, yearly Career Horoscope 2022 has it all.

A great career move will help you live a happy and prosperous life. This 2022 career horoscope based on your zodiac sign will help you achieve just that! Know in advance about both the good and not-so-good times and make the most out of them. When it’s supposed to be going great, you can fly high. In times that are not so favorable, you can lay low and wait for your time to come. Let astrology help you with just the right information you need to move ahead. So what’s the wait for? Access your Career Horoscope 2022 now!

Which are the 3 Luckiest Zodiac Signs for Career in 2022?

1. Taurus

2. Leo

3. Sagittarius

Top 3 Luckiest Zodiac Signs for Career in 2022

1. Taurus

Photo:  Society6
Photo: Society6

The 2022 Career predictions indicate that the Taurus natives will witness a good leap in their profession during the year 2022. The planetary positions will bring good opportunities for them to strengthen their career. At the beginning of the year, Jupiter will transit from your tenth house which may bring switching of job or profession. This will also bring some major transitions in your career. The transit of Saturn in your ninth house will also support these changes and will bring fortune to you. You may get an increment and promotion during this period. The business owners will also witness some prominent changes which will bring success to them.

In the month of April, Saturn will transit from your tenth house which will bring some good job proposals to the working natives. This period will also be favorable for those who are searching for jobs as there are bright possibilities of working in the organization of your dreams. Although the transit of Jupiter from your eleventh house will bring some ups and downs in your income during this time. Those who are into stock markets or dealing in shares and short-term securities are advised to be careful. You may lose during this period therefore invest in bits and pieces.

Taurus, the transit of Saturn will be back to your ninth house in the month of July. You need to be careful while dealing with your teammates and coworkers as during this period you may face some confrontations from them. If you are able to maintain your relations during this period then you will be able to mark an impression in your organization. This will be a boon in your career. Thereafter, you will get complete support and cooperation from your team and management, which will increase your productivity and improve your working skills.

The last part of the year will be a bit slow for the business owners in terms of earning a handsome amount or making good profits but this time is potent to introduce something new or plan for new strategies.

Taurus 2022 Career Advice

On February 2nd, Neptune is going to end its transit through Aquarius. While in your 10th Solar House of status and career, you have very likely noticed this mysterious planet’s all facets.

Neptune is famous for bringing about confusion and being the ruler of illusion, yet at the same time, it’s also creative, glamorous and inspiring. For January 2022, take your time to reflect on the events it brings about, especially the ones happening to you in the past 14 years.

While Neptune moves into the sign of Pisces, which is your 11th Solar House, learn some important lessons this plane has to teach you. Until 2025, which is when Neptune will end its Pisces transit, you’re going to make many connections.

Some if your friends are going to inspire you to achieve all your goals, but there will also be some who are going to disappoint you. Just be cautious when inviting someone into your life.

Never trust first impressions. Use this transit to become part of a group and to work in teams. At the same time, you could just take Neptune’s force to sense the needs of others.

Pluto in the sign of Capricorn, which is your 9th Solar House, is going to emphasize wisdom, education and knowledge. Don’t say no to going back to school, even if graduating may seem impossible at a first glance.

At some point in Pluto’s transit through the sign of Capricorn, which is going to last until 2025, you’re going to feel as if you need this journey in your life. Since this is also the sector of legal affairs, spirituality, far away journeys, customs and cultures different than your own, it would also be a good idea for you to interact with foreigners, but if possible, not by traveling to their countries because you have difficult planetary alignments throughout the summer and the fall.

Just read books, surf on the internet and go to cultural and ethnic events in your town. Pluto’s transit’s main thrust is going to profoundly change your way of thinking, so don’t be surprised if you’re sometimes questioning everything you believe in. Read self-help books to get to know yourself better.

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2. Leo

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Photo: Society6

The career graph of Leo natives will shine during the year 2022 as per Career Predictions 2022 based on Vedic astrology. Your sixth house lord of services will be well placed in its own sign at the beginning of the year. This will make you extra passionate and dynamic towards your work. You will be overpowering your enemies and opponents during this time period. Also, you will mark an impression on your teammates with your efficiency and hard work. If planning to start something new pertaining to rendering any sort of services to the society like legal advisory, chartered accountancy or agency then the time period is favourable as you will get quick success in the same.

The transit of the sixth house lord will be in your house of associations and partnership during the month of April. This period will prove to be favorable for those who are into professional services as you will get good clients during this time. The time will also be beneficial for those who are in the construction business or working as stockbrokers. Those who are into partnership business are advised to be a bit careful as you may have fights and confrontations with your partner during this period which will impact the productivity of the business.

People in jobs would enjoy more respect and regard in their workplace. In the month of August and September, you may face problems due to your enemies as they might create hindrances for you. Still, no negative impact would be observed on your work and profession because of the placement of Saturn in your sixth house before April. In the middle of the year, you can find yourself stretching some work and duties that you have to do connected to your income and financial resources.

The month of October will prove to be a bit low for those who are into government jobs since the debilitated Sun will affect your house of the profession during this time which will bring some conflicts with the higher authorities and this will negatively impact your image and reputation. However, you will eventually be able to influence the team and your seniors by the end of the year. The transit of Rahu from your ninth house will make you impactful and confident in your dealings. Also, it will improve your convincing power.

Leo 2022 Career Advice

Leo’s 2022 forecast is encouraging you of a better life if you can only believe in yourself. In other words, you have to believe that you are doing the right thing if you see a great destination with what you do. Perhaps, you should not lose hope because you have a great future ahead of you. Therefore, it is time to become strong and boost your confidence through the little things that you usually do in life.

More so, the Leo zodiac sign predicts an awesome future by taking some profitable risks in your life. Nevertheless, you have to be courageous to earn what you want in life. A coward will never enjoy life because of the fear of failure. Notably, having any fear of failing is the worst disease because you will never try something in your life.

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3. Sagittarius

Photo:  Society6
Photo: Society6

As per the Career and Profession Horoscope 2022, the fortune and luck of Sagittarius will rise at the beginning of the year. Your ninth house lord Sun will be transiting from the rising sign which will bring command and authority in your professional life. You will also be lucky to convince your employer and manager with little or no hard work. You will be strong enough to beat your competitors and opponents during this period. You may also get favors from your male boss or higher authorities. The business owners will be able to make their name in their respective markets.

The aspect of Jupiter on your tenth house after April will be beneficial for those who are running the educational institutes or serving as tutors. This period will be welcoming for those who are following the legacy of the family business. Your siblings and family members will be supportive and you will be able to make some innovations at your workplace with their help and support.

The transit of Venus from your sixth house in the month of June will bring some luck for those who are working in the banking sector, automobile industry, creative sector like designing or styling. You will have a good command of your work and will get support from your teammates to complete your tasks. The ambiance at the workplace will be pleasant and you will be able to prove your skills with the help of your coworkers.

In the third quarter of the year, Mercury will transit from your tenth house of profession which will bring fruitful results for those who are into marketing, media, journalism, accounting and teaching profession. Your articulation will be good with the clients which will bring good deals in your favor. You will earn a reputation in your organization for your capabilities and diplomatic skills.

Sagittarius Career Advice

According to the Zodiac sign, this will become your year of luck. So, it is your responsibility to pray for a better job in your future. More so, it is your opportunity to do something that you love, no matter the position you are in. Perhaps, if you cannot meet any opportunity along the way, then it is your responsibility to create one. Equally, you are blessed with wisdom, and it is the right time to make good use of it.

Based on 2022 predictions, you should not act to be someone else, yet you still have your work to accomplish. Remember that everyone is destined to accomplish a certain purpose in life. Therefore, you should avoid being envious and create your own world. The goodness is that you have what it takes to become one.

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