CANCER Yearly Horoscope 2022 for Career and Business. Photo: knowinsiders.
Leo Yearly Horoscope 2022 for Career and Business. Photo: knowinsiders.

Planetary Influences on Cancer in 2022: Overview

As the year 2022 starts, there would be a conjunction (0 deg) of Saturn and Pluto on the 12th of January. This would bring about lots of luck, joy and happiness for Leo folks. All the planetary influences for the year promise a great year for the Leos. Through the year, Saturn would support your need for changes and renewals. It gives you the wisdom to forge ahead and Uranus would supply you with ample ideas and the energy to implement the same.

In the year 2022, Venus continues to influence the love life and creative spirit of the Leos. However during the start of October, it goes retrograde. And this would greatly enhance the way your express your love and feelings to potential partners. Natives would be able to scale any challenges that comes their way in the love area thanks to the influence of Venus through the year.

Mars would provide the fire and energy to keep moving ahead for Leos this year. Between September and November of 2022 it would be retrograding. This would meddle with the way you handle your emotions and relationships. You would be asked not to control your loved ones and to go slow with your assertiveness. Keeping mum would be a better alternative this year, as with Mars’ energy you might over-react a times, landing yourself in a quandary.

For the first half of the year, Jupiter would be in your 8th house of Pisces. Later on it moves to your 9th house of Aries. These two are finance-based houses, hence there would be lots of financial possibilities for you this year. Much gains come for you this period. However natives are advised not to be extravagant and instead bank on the inflow of resources. A certain amount of risk is also associated with this sudden financial inflow, hence be cautious. Beware of speculations and frauds this year.

In 2022, Saturn would be transiting the 7th house of love and marriage for Leo natives. This is an important placement for the natives. Also Saturn would be in sextile relation (60 deg) with Uranus in your 9th house of Taurus and this would be very harmonious. Through the year, your love pursuits would be quite intense. Saturn in opposition (180 deg) with your solar home might bring about occasional complications in your love life though. Saturn opposition might bring about health issues for natives as well this year. Beware of accidents in travel and profession. Long distant travel on the cards do not materialize and your professional ambitions might meet with impediments. There would be some sort of incompatibility with peers and authorities in work place thanks to Saturn opposition. Beware of your finances as troubles lurk around. You would also find it quite difficult to show your feelings of love and romance to your partner or spouse this period.

Uranus transits through our 10th house of Taurus this year. The 10th house is all about career/profession or business pursuits. Hence there would be an element of the unexpected in your career for now. It brings about a sense of clarity though in your pursuits. Certain steps towards future can be done now. Think before you act as Uranus might play spoilsport with your career prospects. This is a good time to hone your skills and find out what you want out of your profession and how you are going to proceed in future. Uranus guides you towards a career path that helps to serve the world in a better light.

Neptune transiting the 7th house of Aquarius as 2022 starts would move to your 8h house of Pisces during the start of February. As Neptune winds off its journey through your 7th house, you are asked to reflect on your relationships and what it teaches you. You would have learnt to deal with both highs and ups in this period. Neptune transiting through your 8th house affects your finances, look out for its conjunction (0 deg) with the luminary Sun when the effect would be more pronounced. Be wary of any sort of joint finances. You are in for troubles and fraudulent deals this period.

Pluto transits through your 6th house of Capricorn during year 2022 for Leo natives. The 6th house is about diseases and debts. Pluto is a transformative planet that brings about major changes in the areas ruled over by the house it transits. And it does in on a global level than on a personal note. Any sort of change you like to encounter would be brought about now with the guidance of Pluto. You can go in for some volunteering works this period. Beware of the time when Pluto gets into conjunction (0 deg) with the Sun when there would be personal and professional conflicts.

LEO Yearly Horoscope 2022: Prediction for Career, Business and Job
Leo 2022 Horoscope. Photo: knowinsiders.

Leo's Work Style

When a Leo loves work, there's no stopping him or her. Passionate and idealistic, Leos aren't driven by a paycheck (although they do love the luxuries money can buy). But a Leo who's only going through the motions at work is not a happy Lion. This sign can and will throw themselves into a job, and it's not uncommon for a Leo to work around the clock.

A perfectionist, Leo bristles at team members who seem to coast. This natural leader inspires others, but may not always be the easiest co-worker. That's because Leos are so dedicated to their own vision that it may be hard for them to appreciate input and ideas from others. However, Leo is amazing at motivating others and at big-picture thinking, relying on other signs to do more detail-oriented steps.

Leos may change jobs several times in their careers. They love the learning curve of a new job, meeting and excelling at its challenges, and then moving on to an industry where they feel their talents will be of more use. As a visionary, Leo is good at making strategic leaps and is a natural entrepreneur.

Cancer 2022 Career and Business Horoscope: Overview

In 2022, the stars will decide to test the patience of Leos. According to the career horoscope, the wards of the most majestic sign of the zodiac for the sake of their well-being will have to deal with far from royal affairs. Saturn, being in Aquarius all year, will influence the partnerships of Leos, forcing them to sometimes make revolutionary changes. First, relations with unreliable allies will crack at the seams. Leos will have to urgently look for new employees, business partners, or leave work due to irreconcilable conflicts with management. On the other hand, the career horoscope 2022 promises new acquaintances and successful cooperation, which will contribute to the business success of Leos.

This year you are likely to do quite well in your professional life as the planetary positions seem to be in your favour this year. Thus, you may remain at the top of your career. Moreover, you may receive the expected support from your seniors and managers.

You shouldn’t invest a considerable amount in your business as the outcomes may not be very favourable. You may start an online business this year. You may get your long-awaited appraisal after May 2022. This year may inspire you to achieve your long-term goals and may also provide monetary rewards over the years. In addition, you may get a new job which may be your dream job. Therefore, focus on good work, experience achievements in all walks of life, and more particularly in career and business. Your efforts are likely to get rewarded from the middle of the year, from May 2022.

Cancer 2022 Career Horoscope: Best Time For Career Growth

In 2022, you are likely to do quite well in your professional life as the planetary positions seem to be in your favour this year. So, this may remain at the top of your career. Isn’t that brilliant news! It is time to cherish this time and make the most of it. Pay more attention to your work in the year 2022, and plan the maximum and most critical professional opportunities this year, as positive results are high. Hence, take up new initiatives at work and profession. The industry is likely to bring rewarding results.

So, if you all were hesitant about taking up any initiatives, then try to get out of the shell, leave your reservations behind, as the outcome may be beautiful! Try to maintain your performance at work. Do not get into office gossip or politics. Stay away from office dramas, and also possess strong communication with your seniors.

Leo individuals may enjoy a good year in terms of monetary and career growth. The year 2022 might bring dissimilar facts in comparison to last year. Be confident and execute your intellectual skills while dealing with any situation. Stay calm and positive throughout the year. According to Leo career 2022, the planetary movements are in favour of you. It might be a test of how patient and calm you are by nature.

Sometimes you might have to deal with unnecessary affairs. A change in planetary movement might affect those natives who are associated with partnership business. You might face the burnt from your anti allies. For the betterment of your firm, you need to hire new employees and look for new partners to run the business. Working professionals might face issues with seniors and management. Leo business horoscope 2022 suggests new aspects and collaboration, which might help in growing your business.

LEO Yearly Horoscope 2022: Prediction for Career, Business and Job
Leo Yearly Horoscope 2022. Photo: knowinsider.

Leo 2022 Horoscope Career: New Opportunities And Dream Job

There may be new opportunities that are likely to come up to you, and you would grab them with both hands. Your confidence and manpower may increase after the middle of the year. You may start an online business this year. Remarkable, isn’t it.

An online business would be an incredible opportunity for you, as it is a platform where you can showcase your work and creativity. The online platform gives you an added advantage and an added flexibility, as you don’t need to be aligned to a physical location. Do try to make the best of this opportunity and all the best!

Your career may take off with flying colours, as you may land your dream job. Do work hard and take initiatives at work. Pitch in new ideas, do not assume that you are new to the job, and your thoughts may be let down as your ideas may be appreciated and implemented in the organisation. Shine brighter than a diamond as you have a chance to shine like one now.

Your pending project or business deal may get finished and finalised. Time to celebrate, after all! Try to finish your pending work as soon as you can. In the second half of the year, authorities may get a raise, and business people may expand their horizons. A positive attitude and excellent interpersonal skills may take your career to new heights, says year predictions.

Career horoscope 2022 for the Leo man

For men of the sign, the new year 2022 will come with considerable success. A promotion in position and salary, business growth or just a new promising job will give Leos the feeling of a well-caught wave. Closer to March, the weakening of control over affairs and the desire to be lazy can provoke unpleasant consequences. The career horoscope foresees the failure to complete important projects on time or the breakdown of agreements. Some may have to pay a fine or a forfeit. Probably, spring will pass in the constant extinguishing of fires at work. During this period, Leo men will understand that several reliable partners are much more important than a large circle of dubious acquaintances. The career horoscope also advises you to study additionally in order to better understand the nuances of work.

In the summer of 2022, the career horoscope for a Leo man advises to be extremely careful. First of all, this concerns the development of project documentation, cash settlements and the signing of important papers. Potential mistakes can lead to long-term troubles. Also, the stars do not exclude deception, as a result of which Leos risk losing a large sum. This can happen both in work situations and in personal ones: with large purchases or cash investments. Therefore, the financial horoscope recommends that the men of the sign postpone things a little, pay attention to loved ones and go with them to relax. If this is not possible, it is advisable not to tackle important business issues until August.

Autumn will be more successful and will bring many opportunities for career advancement and increased income. The Leo horoscope 2022 promises a good start for those men who start their own business or decide to scale their business. Hired employees can safely change their place of work for a more promising one. In personal finances, everything will also be fine and Leos will be able to afford expensive purchases, including housing or other real estate. The stars recommend thinking about additional sources of income. At the same time, the career horoscope warns: the conflict of men of the fire sign and insufficient attention to business can lead to the fact that the chances of successfully building a career will not be fully used.

What Success Means to a Leo

Leos want to be the best, and they want everyone to know that they're the best. For a Leo, a job well done is a job well complimented. Lions love recognition, and even verbal compliments will motivate them. They love innovating because they get a thrill at being the first to do something. Want to get something done Say that it can't get done, and then watch Leo get to work and prove you wrong.

Career horoscope 2022 for the Leo woman

Throughout 2022, something will interfere with Leo women in business. Although in general this period will be quite successful, beautiful ladies will have to make a lot of efforts. In the winter months, Leos will be distracted by the health problems of relatives and, perhaps, they themselves will get sick. After that, the career horoscope predicts the time of intense work. The wards of the sign will have to finish old things and at the same time take on new projects. By virtue of their character, Leos will try to do everything flawlessly, devoting all their time and energy to the profession. By the middle of spring, chronic fatigue and nervous exhaustion will make themselves felt. In order not to end up in the hospital, the 2022 horoscope advises to give up part of the work and take more care of your health.

Closer to summer, Leo career horoscope 2022 predicts relationship problems. Relatives, tired without attention, will begin to rebel and the fair sex will have to make concessions. The stars say that a joint vacation will best solve the crisis. Women who continue to work in the summer will have a difficult period due to the unhealthy atmosphere in the team. The greatest difficulties await the leaders. They will have to not only be responsible for the results of the common work, but also with great efforts to organize the process itself. Despite this, the horoscope of the work states: the representatives of the sign are capable of such challenges, and the experience gained will allow them to continue to approach the formation of a team more professionally.

In the fall of 2022, things will start to get better. The career horoscope for a Leo woman predicts a favorable period for starting new businesses. Probably, some ladies will allow themselves to devote more time to their favorite hobbies. Others will decide on their own business or move to a new position, freelancers will be able to find new interesting projects. Especially successful will be yesterday’s students who get their first job. The financial horoscope promises women of the sign stable income, which will only increase over time. All this will be possible provided that Leos do not forget how important reliable partners and employees are.

Cancer 2022 Business Horoscope: Young Professionals May Shine

Coming to business, you shouldn’t invest a considerable amount in your business as the outcomes may not be very favourable. It is advised not to make huge investments because you may put your heart and soul into it, and results may not be as per your expectations. Life may have many opportunities that may enable you to progress in a step-by-step manner. Hence, wait for the right time, do not rush into things.

LEO Yearly Horoscope 2022: Prediction for Career, Business and Job
Leo Yearly Horoscope 2022 for Money and Finance. Photo: knowinsider.

If contemplating doing something significant within the business, then try to put the decision on hold. However, although you may prevail over your enemies, some of them may secretly plan ways to defame you. But all their planning and plotting may go in vain. Therefore, you’re advised not to panic at all and take things easily.

As we learned that stars are in your favour, you may meet great opportunities in your professional life. You might find yourself at the peak of the career. You would get unpredicted support from your seniors and colleagues. Therefore, you may have a great and prosperous work life. New opportunities are likely to come your way. It’s up to you how you deal with the situation and grab the right options at the right moment. However, freelancers may face delay in the completion of their work.

This year you may achieve success if you remain enthusiastic and committed to your work. The year 2022 would inspire you to chase your desired goal, which you wanted to fulfil. You might also receive monetary awards. Your performance at your workplace might make you more precious to your company.

Your impeccable ideas and correct execution would be appreciated by your managers and co-workers. Your ability to do hard work would bring some reward for you. Job seekers may get their dream job, as mentioned by Leo career horoscope 2022.

The year 2022 May Open Doors of Success

According to Leo business horoscope 2022, this year would be great for artists, designers, and beauty experts. Be patient and wait for the right opportunity. Outcomes might be delayed. Keep your calm as you might welcome the surprises for you. Your star reveals that you might mess up with your co-workers.

Things would be in your control if you remain devoted and committed to your success path. Overall, things would get going in your professional life. As per Leo career 2022, your long-awaited business projects might get settled, which would give you a big relief professionally.

Natives May Not Get Profit Through Investments

Leo zodiac sign, this year may give you mixed results for the business owners as it would be challenging times for you. If you re planning to make a business investment, the results might not be in your favour. According to Leo business horoscope 2022, be cautious as you might be facing anti-allies. Some of them might plan to libel your fame and success. Your smart moves may cut down the risk, and other mischievous schemes might act useless.

As per astrological advice, just do not worry and let things flow accordingly. You might become more enthusiastic and full of confidence in the second half of the year. You might welcome new opportunities in your business. You may come up with the idea of starting a new business venture. This year you may generate an online venture in the year 2022.

If You Work for a Cancer Boss

While Leos seem strong on the surface, they also make decisions based on emotion, and their emotions are key allies that drive their business decisions. Knowing this can help you navigate working for a Leo boss. They will have bad days, and it's key to learn their cues. For example, you should recognize the best (and worst) times to drop in on them with an idea, question, or issue.

Leo respects hard workers, and may be tough on you—but it's only to make you stronger. Lions take things personally and want you to like them. And if you don't like them, or if you undercut them, they will take it out on you. Leo loves the spotlight and appreciates genuine compliments. Letting your Leo boss know how much you admire him or her goes a long way toward winning major points.

Here are a few tips and tricks for an excellent working relationship with a Leo boss:

Show your vitality. Intense and passionate, a Leo wants to see your passion as well, both at work and in your personal life. Talking about your love of rock climbing on the weekend will impress them far more than telling them how you spent all weekend on the couch.

Own your mistakes. If you screw up, expect your Leo boss to get angry. But instead of cowering in your cube, apologize, and move on. While Leos might express emotion, they don't want to see you doing the same—especially if it was your own problem.

Honor boundaries. A Leo boss may seem brusque, but he or she has a heart of gold. Even so, Leos in professional situations are aware of the line between "colleague" and "friend." Trying to cross that line too quickly may result in prickly behavior.

Pay attention. Leo bosses like when their coworkers notice and follow the behavior they're modeling. Does your boss come in early Does he or she favor certain language and procedures Do the same, and you'll be rewarded.

Pull your weight. A Leo boss won't do your work for you. Want a promotion First you have to ask for it, and then you have to prove that you've earned it.

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