Photo: KnowInsiders
Photo: KnowInsiders

Luck in love is still on your side, but this week it will have a more passionate and romantic side. A deep reflection on who you are can bring to light traumas and reproaches towards a mother figure.

Venus and Jupiter will positively favor your professional image, so take advantage of this energy to make yourself known and make new work contacts. You should improve your savings. With Mercury in Scorpio, you will be interested in the occult, spirituality, and mysticism. Tiredness and fatigue will be recurrent and to alleviate it you will need an extra vitamin B2.

During the week of October 4 - 10: The new moon in Libra on the 6th brings a spark of inspiration. You’re writing furiously, talking up a storm and sending curated Spotify playlists to all of your coworkers. You want to lift up the people who surround you while being more intentional about how you contribute to the community. Just be careful not to get too carried away. Your words are generous but your tongue is sharp.

This week’s mantra: Use momentum strategically.

Love: Singles love their freedom and are adventurous. Wherever the opportunity for a flirt arises, they are there. But the deep feelings are still far away. As a couple, you get involved in your relationship, but some disagreements require more patience.

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Photo: Depositphotos

Jobs and Finances: You are good at networking: your analyzes and the way you get to the bottom of things catch the attention of important people. Especially since the sun and Mercury improve your foresight. Planning and business meetings are under a lucky star.

Health and fitness: your energy level is high thanks to the planet Mars. In everyday life, you are very flexible. The physical training is awesome and you achieve your goals.

This week Leo will find yourself investing a lot of emotions in your personal life. While in your career you will be making a decision that will bear a fruitful result and will also guarantee growth.

Boys and girls will have an interesting social life with conversations or meetings with friends near and far. You will be inclined to make new acquaintances, to exchange useful information on topics or hobbies you are interested in. You may still be tormented by some troubles or complicated relationships, but you will think carefully about how to deal with them.

Women will be the lucky ones this week, as long as they have mastered some life lessons so far. Accept people and events without trying to change them. Your health will require some care or therapy. Be ambitious this week, especially if you already have clear plans for your future.

Men will look for new solutions to old problems or commitments that are currently stagnant. Conflicts and tensions will be greater during these seven days, especially when they have to do with money. Everyone in the family will expect more from you. Will you disappoint them? It depends on each of you....

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