Real estate agents zodiac signs. Photo: KnowInsiders
Real estate agents zodiac signs. Photo: KnowInsiders

There are twelve zodiac signs, and each has a specific trait when it comes to choosing their own career. Working as a real estate agent to be successful undoubtedly does need some special features. Here is the list of KnowInsders about the top 3 most successful real estate agent zodiac signs based on their personality.

Who is Real Estate Agent?

REAL estate agents are matchmakers, bringing buyers, sellers and homes together. A real estate agent is an individual who works for a real estate brokerage firm and represents one of the involved party's interests during the sales process. The term real estate, or "real property," refers to the ownership of land and interests in land.

Most real estate agents are independent salespeople who provide their services on behalf of a licensed real estate broker. The broker pays the agent a portion of the commission earned from the agent's sale of property. Earnings are almost always based strictly on commission. Good real estate agents understand the local market inside out. They help house- seeking clients find neighborhoods and homes offering the best balance between their lifestyles, concerns and budgets.

What does a real estate agent do?

Real estate agents organize transactions between buyers and sellers, as well as those between owners and renters. Agents are responsible for carrying offers and counteroffers between each party, along with any queries they may have. An agent will work with another agent when an offer is accepted, guiding clients through the process of filling out paperwork. They also make sure their clients are fully aware of any requirements to complete the sale including home inspections, moving, and important dates such as the closing.

Agents who represent sellers are called listing agents. These agents help set listing prices, suggest home updates that will increase the home's value (and the chance of a successful sale), help with home staging, and market the home via the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and other channels. They also negotiate sales prices closing costs and other fees and help prepare, submit, and file documents.

Agents who represent buyers are known as buyer's agents. These agents find properties that match the buyer's requirements (aka the "wish list") and price range and help arrange home appraisals and inspections. Like listing agents, buyer's agents negotiate terms and help prepare, submit, and file the necessary documents.

The Difference Between a Real Estate Broker and Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent is someone who has a professional license to help people buy, sell, or rent all sorts of housing and real estate.

To get that license, states require individuals to have prelicensing training. The required number of training hours can vary significantly by jurisdiction. In Virginia, for example, real estate agents must take 60 hours of prelicensing training, while in California they need 135 hours of license coursework.

Once that training is done, aspiring agents take a written licensing exam. This exam is typically divided into two portions: one on federal real estate laws and general real estate principles, the second on state-specific laws.

Once they pass their exam, they’ve earned a license, the title of a “real estate agent,” and they might join a brokerage where they can begin working with home buyers, sellers, and renters.

Top 3 Zodiac Signs Born To Be Successful Real Estate Agents

1. Aries

Photo: Style Castle
Photo: Style Castle

At their core, Aries do what they want and do things their way. They are unafraid of conflict, highly competitive, honest and direct. An Aries is not weighed down by the freedom of choice, and is perhaps the sign that is least conflicted about what they want. They throw themselves at the world eagerly and without fear. It is one of their most commendable qualities, but also what causes them a great deal of pain and grief.

Aries are driven by a desire to prove themselves and their strength. They naturally take charge and are competitive and ambitious. Aries are spontaneous and courageous. They have a sense of adventure and love to explore. They’re determined and bold, and are good at initiating new projects. They have high energy and can initiate quick actions. They can also be impatient, but are naturally active and don’t like to waste time.

While Aries like competition, they don’t like to play games. They are highly self-aware, have strong opinions and are always ready to defend them.

It is not by accident that aries is the first astrological sign of the zodiac. He opens roads and doors, he is bold and never says "no" to a transaction. The aries agent is always nervous and agitated, his mind never rests, even when he sleeps, thinks about your apartment.

This native is insistent, direct and honest. We rarely see an Aries sitting in the office, he needs presentations and sales.

The tireless and adventurous aries adore the challenges. Once he has fallen in love with an apartment, he must sell it at the best price. But fidelity is not his strong point, he meets new love every day.

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2. Sagittarius

Photo: Style Castle
Photo: Style Castle

Sagittarians are energetic, adventurous and they thrive in fast-paced environments. They like change and are not afraid of taking risks at work. They enjoy their freedom and love traveling and meeting new people and exploring the world.

Confident and arrogant, the Sagittarius agent is the zodiac hunter: always hunts the lowest prices, and try to overtake him.

He has an opinion about everything! His favorite activity: to open his mouth before he thinks, with direct, painful and ironic replies. His spontaneous and proactive nature can scare some clients, but he is loved for his sincerity and transparency.

Sagittarians are optimistic, restless, progressive, and adventurous. Freedom is everything. Don’t bother trying to stop them doing whatever the heck they want. Woe betide a boss/partner/parent/friend who tries to tell their Saggie comrade what to do… expect to hear the door slam as they bolt for the hills.

They are ruled by Jupiter – which makes them super lucky and revelling in abundance and good fortune (sigh, alright for some, eh). Sagittarians are great companions for wild weekends – especially in Vegas, where some of their infamous luck may rub off on you.

Their symbol is the archer, which suits their outdoorsy, restless nature. They adore ‘hunting’ (love interests and bargains vs actual animals, as they are crazy about all creatures great and small), they enjoy the thrill of the chase.

Sagittarius's worst traits:

At their worst, Sagittarians get bored easily and move on, earning them the reputation for being the biggest commitment-phobes in the zodiac. If you want someone to stir the pot and then walk away, call an unevolved Sagittarius. And because they love to pontificate but don’t always do the work, sometimes their grand insights can be a little…unresearched and shallow.

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3. Leo

Photo: Style Castle
Photo: Style Castle

The Leo agent feels great in the spotlight and is the one who invented self-confidence. He opens the doors screaming at them and expects to be applauded when he enters.In love with his own person, he does not allow himself to fail.

It has a role as mediator between heaven and earth, so you will not even notice how fast your apartment will be sold. And he will wait for praise.

He is so obsessed with honors that if he receives a cup or medal he is able to carry it hanging on his throat, in order to see the whole world how great he is. The role of leader is invented for him.

He would like the emperor's job, but he does any job, however he does not do the hard one. He perfectly delegates the tasks, but the praises are only for him.

oll out the red carpet, because Leo has arrived. Leo is represented by the lion, and these spirited fire signs are the kings and queens of the celestial jungle. They’re delighted to embrace their royal status: Vivacious, theatrical, and passionate, Leos love to bask in the spotlight and celebrate themselves. These lions are natural leaders and they enjoy cultivating friendships and romances that are artistically and creatively inspired. Playful Leos have no problem leaning into drama-fueled romances that are perfectly suited for the tabloids. (In fact, they may even prefer them.) After all, every Leo perceives him or herself as a celebrity. These astrological divas never get tired of lavish dinners, exclusive parties, or decadent designer wear.

Leo is ruled by the sun, the dazzling celestial body that governs life and vitality. The sun never goes retrograde, and likewise, Leos are renowned for their stability, loyalty, and consistency. They are dedicated friends and lovers who put their hearts into every relationship. (Fittingly, the Leo sign governs the heart.) Lions love to watch their mates succeed — until they feel threatened. They can become impaired by their ego, pride, and jealousy when they start to fear their star power will be eclipsed. It’s important for celestial lions to remember that their light is never obscured by others, and the bright shine of others' success does nothing to their own. Ultimately, Leos' own hubris is the greatest threat to their happiness.

Leo's Determination

Leos are also persevering and determined, making them pretty much unstoppable when you consider how much their self-confidence they have. When Leos set out to achieve something, they aren't going to stop until it's done (and done right). Their determination is usually fueled by an unflaggable optimism, which carries them through even when the road to achieving their goals gets rocky.

The result are people who chase after huge goals. Leos don't want to just climb any mountain, they want to tackle Everest! Consequently, Leos are known for setting their sights on huge goals...and achieving them.

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