The Ranking of 12 Zodiac Signs: Who are the Most Handsome

The Handsome and Beautiful Index of 12 Zodiac Signs, According to Astrology

Most Handsome Zodiac Signs. Photo: Knowinsiders.
Most Handsome Zodiac Signs. Photo: Knowinsiders.

Which is the Most Handsome Zodiac Sign?

In a first impression scenario, a person’s physical attractiveness evokes in the perceiver more positive assumptions about his/her persona. But is our attractiveness solely dependent on genetics and luck?

NO! Your zodiac sign has a significant impact on your physical appearance and personality, which combine to influence perceived attractiveness.

This list of top 5 handsome zodiac signs given below explains how.

Libra (23 September–22 October)

The Libra man is one of the most attractive and beautiful men of the zodiacs. The Libra man has a constant need to look beautiful and clean. He spends a long time in front of a mirror, to make sure he looks clean, adjusted and his hairdo is well arranged. The feeling of beauty helps your Libra man to feel balanced. His home always wants to look stylishly arranged and the smell of freshly blossomed flowers. The world is full of injustices, so if the house of the Libra man is not beautiful, where would he look for the balance in all that insignificance and greed?!

The Libra man is known for love relationships, so he is the best version of himself when he has a romantic partner with whom he can share his life. As a romantic idealist, he roams the earth looking for the perfect partner. In fact, Libra man can wait for the right person for years, leaving the family and friends wondering if there is anyone who can charm him. Surely while you are reading this, you have asked yourself the same question . . . The attractive Libra is influenced by the planet Venus. With their sharpness, refinement, and style, he has many fans.

Many Libra men have balanced lines and features, as well as sweet holes on the cheeks. Collaboration is very important for him, so he expects his partner to be constantly tip-top. Since the Libra man likes to go out often, the chances that he will find his true love in a party or any other social event that involves facilitation are extremely likely. It is in his nature and personality to constantly seek balance, and for that reason, it is crucial to choose a partner wisely. He worships equality and fair relationships, so it is necessary to have an open mind with the same values. He also wants to be with a passionate person, but not too much attacked in their behavior. His gentle side cannot deal with an intrusive character.

In love, the Libra man is romantic and has a fun personality. He knows how to charm the people around him, and a great fighter is hiding deep within him. Because he extremely appreciates external beauty, it's easy to get flirting in flirtation, trying to find true love and romance that will fulfill him completely. The way they do it is irresistible with a wide smile, refined manners, and clothes according to the latest fashion. The scales of everyone can lead to madness. But once they find true love, there is no one else for them, and are ready to share good and evil with this beloved person forever.

The Libra's man biggest desire in life is to love and be loved! Love is so important in life that without it, he becomes unhappy and has a brittle personality. When he loves, he is fulfilled, cheerful and impresses his partner with kisses. He wants attractive, intelligent partners, but at the same time, they have to be strong enough to take care of more things that are hard on the Libra man.

Top 5 Most Handsome Zodiac Signs According To Astrology
Zac Efron born on October 18, 1987. Photo: Getty.

Pisces (19 February–20 March)

The calm, collected facade of a Pisces man often hides his passionate and sensitive inner turmoil. It is easy to be mesmerized by the Pisces gaze. They have a light in their eyes which speaks of the purity in their soul. They have a kind and alluring nature which makes it extremely easy for them to make friends. There’s just so much that can be said about the Pisces that several books could be written on the topic. One thing we often overlook is how much their looks contribute to their overall personality. The Pisces first attract attention through their physical appearance. It is very difficult to ignore a Pisces man when you are in his presence.

Pisces men come in all shapes, heights, and colors. Some are classically good-looking, others not so much, but physically most tend toward average. Combine "average" with their calm, elusive, and quiet demeanor and it's almost as if a Pisces man is genetically predisposed to stay camouflaged. But what they do have in common is a flowing way of moving and soft, dreamy, tender and empathetic eyes with long eyelashes and an almost melancholy look that can melt your heart. A Pisces man's eyes and demeanor say more than his words ever will.

Pisces have very noticeable hands and feet. In proportion to the rest of their body, their hands and feet are either small or large in size. Moreover, these will probably be very strong and rough appendages. Or very delicate and dainty in feel and in look. They usually have flawless skin and hair. The skin feels silky soft. Their hair is fine and wavy. Pisces usually take the light hair trait. But you will find many dark-haired Pisceans too. Pisces eyes are the most mesmerizing and intriguing of all their features. They usually have heavy-lidded eyes, but it's not a must. But the eyes of a Pisces have a strange and attractive light in them. A light which makes the onlooker drown in their beauty.

Your starry-eyed Pisces man lives with his head in the clouds, constantly daydreaming his own little world where everything is calm, pleasant, and romantic. Their physical appearance isn't the only thing that attracts people. When we talk about the looks of a Pisces, we are referring to a complete package. It isn't limited to their physical appearance. There are so many aspects of their looks derived from their personality.

Represented by fish, the Pisces man will favor turquoise – the color of the sea. Shades of this color might be found in his wardrobe, jewelry, interior decorating, and home accessories. The Pisces man is well aware of the latest in men’s fashion, so you will see him sporting the current styles in clothing and footwear. Leaning toward the impractical side, this man tends to acquire more than he really needs and will often buy on impulse.

Top 5 Most Beautiful Zodiac Signs According To Astrology Top 5 Most Beautiful Zodiac Signs According To Astrology

Being aware of your best physical features is essential to boost your self-confidence. Which zodiac sign is is the most beautiful?

Top 5 Most Handsome Zodiac Signs According To Astrology
Adam Levine star sign - 18th March 1979. Photo: revelogue.

Leo (23 July–22 August)

Leos try very hard to be perfect and attractive, but they want to be liked for the most part not by representatives of the opposite sex or anyone else, but by themselves.

Looking good is essential to a Leo man. A Leo man wants to project an image of who he is and his clothes projects that image. He loves to shop for himself and dress fashionably. He buys eye-catching quality clothing, follows the latest trend, and is not afraid of bright colors. Even if a Leo man wears a conservative business suit, he's likely to add a flamboyant touch with a colorful shirt, tie, or pocket-handkerchief.

Just like a Leo woman, a Leo male considers his hair his crowning glory and a mirror his best friend, especially where his hair is concerned. Whether it's long or short, fashion-forward, or conservative, he'll wear it in a style that says something about him, and he'll maintain his look with regular visits to his stylist and isn't opposed to hairpieces or hair color. A Leo man spends a great deal of time on grooming.

Gold and yellow dominate the Leo man’s world unless these colors are not currently in vogue. When it comes to home decor, he may be attracted to suns, crowns, golden or yellow accents, and anything that looks regal but not too gaudy either.

Since saving money isn’t a first concern for the Leo man when it comes to those things that dress up his world, you can expect his wardrobe and home décor to be the best he can buy. Somewhat arrogant, the powerful Leo man would have been right at home in the days of old — a member of royalty surrounded by extravagance.

Top 5 Most Handsome Zodiac Signs According To Astrology
Chris Hemsworth is a Leo man (August 11, 1983). Photo: Dan Himbrechts/EPA

They like bright clothes that emphasize their dignity and beauty, jewelry (men also are fond of it), expensive perfumes and stylish accessories. Leos can even resort to plastic surgery and other risky procedures—they always want to look better. Representatives of the opposite sex are attracted to Leos because of their charisma and ability to take care of themselves. However, it is not just their appearance that attracts people to Leos.

Bold, brutal and full of confidence, Leo is the most indomitable of the zodiac signs. These qualities, combined with their inherent charm and sense of humor, make them one the most appealing sign of the zodiac. Among other qualities, Leo is the zodiac sign that has the most beautiful smile.

A typical Leo is a bright and intelligent person. Leo is the most generous zodiac sign—this quality is a real magnet for other people. That's why Leo is one of the leaders in our ranking of the most attractive zodiac signs.

Taurus (20 April–20 May)

Taurus has incredible self-confidence and sense of beauty. They can boast of an accentuated sense of form—Taurus is an aesthete at heart. The physical characteristics of Taurus men are such that they are usually medium tall with a strong body, and are usually health conscious. Some of these men have straight bodies, with a square shape and a very lively face.

The refined Taurus man will highlight his wardrobe with mauve and pale blues, so you can expect to see silk ties and casual shirts in these colors. Always on top of the fashion scene, the Taurus man enjoys shopping for the latest styles in clothing and shoes. When he sports some ‘bling’ it will be tasteful and of a good quality. If he says gold, he doesn’t mean gold plated. Even though he dresses well and is proud of the way he looks, the Taurus man will rarely flaunt what he has. He buys to please himself.

High stamina levels generally keep this man healthy, although there is often the threat of extra weight with his hearty appetite and love of great food. Nevertheless, many Taurus men monitor this well and apply their legendary willpower to keep themselves trim.

A physical feature that stands out in all Taurus males is their rather prominent chin. This is more noticeable in the skinny Taureans, who are a little difficult to find. When the Taurus male gets angry, he sticks out his rather prominent chin, flares his nostrils, pins back his ears and you've had it.

Top 5 Most Handsome Zodiac Signs According To Astrology
Dwayne Johnson, a Taurus man (May 2, 1972 ). Photo: otakukart.

Their neck will often be thick or muscular, the shoulders, chest or back, or all three, broad and strong. All of this comes with the bulky, bull-like frame that they are born with. Taurus men are built to convey strength. The Taurus male conveys it even though their physical appearance.

One thing that the skinny and bulky Taureans have alike are their kind eyes. Their eyes convey calmness and clarity of thought. This instills a belief in the onlooker that their intentions are honest.

The Taurus man is usually the most gentlemanly guy in the room. They know how to carry themselves; they know how to dress to impress. It is not easy to ignore a Taurus.

Gemini (21 May–20 June)

At the first glance, you can easily spot a Gemini-born person. They are tall and have a strong pair of shoulders; also, their face is always expressive and their eyes are shiny when talking. It’s easy to recognize that they are full of energy inside out and it can explain why many feel comfortable and positive around Gemini. Their complexion is the light weight. Some are spotted with a high forehead and a straight nose. Influenced by the Twins symbol, their fashion taste is varied and they frequently try on different outfits. It’s understandable because they have dual personality and are moody.

Not having big eyes, but their eyes are always bright and shiny. About the eye color, it can be blue, hazel, and gray, but the most common one is brown. They have a pale, light skin color though sometimes you can find a tanned Gemini. Move to their lips – they are full and alluring; additionally, they got an expressive mouth. Gemini’s facial expression is lively and cheerful. Whenever they feel upset or anxious, their eyes will speak that volume. So it’s not really difficult to read your Gemini partner because you can observe the change on their face or in their eyes.

The Gemini’s color is yellow, so you can count on this man’s wardrobe being anything but drab. There will be a variety of styles in his wardrobe, but the clothing is all in the latest fashion. Regardless of the occasion, the Gemini man will always have something suitable to wear. Jewelry will be classy and not garish, just like his vehicle. His home and work environments will be kept neatly organized with everything having its place. It’s not out of character for the Gemini man to spend an afternoon shopping for something and then leave the mall without making a purchase because he decided it’s really too much money to spend right now.

Top 5 Most Handsome Zodiac Signs According To Astrology
Chris Evans turned 40 on June 13, 2021. Photo: planetsmarts.

He is born with a high and deep forehead, with a straight and long nose. His chin is well placed and really stands out with a pointed jaw line. Do you know what his mouth is like? It’s somewhat similar to the trumpet, with small, thin lips. The color of his eyes is quite light and also his lashes are long and extraordinary dark. Since his eyes are like a pair of shining light bulbs, you can’t help falling into his look.

Due to his alert and restless nature, the movements of his body is fast in general. He can capture your attention with his youthful, adolescent, and boyish appearance. Furthermore, he is charming in whatever he does and has a wonderful spontaneity. No matter what age he is exactly, he can attract everyone.

Talking about their physical stature, most Gemini are medium tall or short. They are fit overall and have quick movements; besides, their shoulders are strong and narrow. With a dynamic and enthusiastic energy, you will never mistake a Gemini.
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