Most Romantic Zodiac Signs. Photo: Knowinsiders.
Most Romantic Zodiac Signs. Photo: Knowinsiders.

Which Zodiac Sign IS The Most Romantic?

Libra (23 Sept-23 Oct)

110% romantic. These Venus-ruled souls crave genuine romance and affection, just as much as they give it out to whoever’s on their radar. Librans are the type to buy you an entire collection of perfume just because you briefly mentioned to them once that you like the way it smells. Or surprise you with an enormous bunch of roses on a random Tuesday afternoon.

Libra is the sign of love and romance and is our number 1 most romantic zodiac sign. Life isn’t sweet if everyday doesn’t contain an ‘I love you’ or ‘no you hang up, no you hang up’ exchange. Libra can fall head over designer heels pretty quickly if the headiness of romance is intoxicating enough. They might even get addicted to it and go through more partners than shoes, which is saying something!

Libras have a lowkey obsession with their partners. They like to believe that there is only one soulmate for them out there and they love to romanticise everything about them. They have idealistic views about romance and although they might not be too loud about it, they make sure their partner knows that they are loved. They will care for them till last their breath and show their affection through selfless acts of pure love.

Libra, as one of the most romantic zodiac signs as per astrology, is someone who likes to spoil and be spoiled in love. , As an air sign, Libra can bring harmony and peace in their lover’s life. When you fall for them, you are to get a personal chef, trainer, popstar, motivator and what not. Also, any Libra out there is obsessed with finding the equilibrium in different aspects of their life, so once they have found a partner who is loyal, caring and goal-oriented, they see them as the missing piece to their equilibrium puzzle and do literally anything and everything to keep them

You don’t hesitate to go all the way to profess your love to your ‘the one’. Instead, you love to lay down some rose petals for your partner because you want to make them feel extra-special when they are with you. Even if your partner isn’t on the same page, you’ll still be pretty romantic with them.

There is nothing Libra loves more than being in love!

They are hopeless romantics, and they love the chase of finding new loves. And they never want that feeling to end, so Libras will always find an excuse to make big romantic gestures when they are in a relationship. No, sending two dozen roses to your office place is not an over-the-top gesture, and having your favorite musician pop up at your anniversary dinner is money well spent in the eyes of Libra. Librans are demanding romantic lovers. This sign is the representation of balance. Their romance is expressed in their care for their partner. They like to take care of their partners and bring a balance in the relationship.

Top 5 Most Romantic Zodiac Signs According To Astrology
Libra zodiac signs. Photo: Knowinsiders.

The Libra boyfriend will shower you with attention and make you feel special, but he'll also try to make sure that the relationship is balanced nicely with his life because harmony is so important to him. As reported by Love To Know, people born under this sign aren't just searching for someone to spend time with, but they're looking for someone with whom they can create balance. This balance can take the form of the Libra guy trying to balance themselves with a partner who complements them, the site explains. Great news: Once that balance is achieved, the bliss of romance can take the stage!

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Pisces (19 Feb-20 March)

Pisces is a water sign, thus making Pisceans extremely sensitive and caring. It won’t be wrong to say that if they happen to like someone, they will remember every single detail about the person. Pisceans are known for their empathetic nature when it comes to their loved ones. If you have a Piscean lover, they would never leave you alone when you’re feeling low. When it comes to their partners, they love surprising them with candlelight dinners or handwritten poems and letters.

Pisces believes in true love and soul mate connections. When they fall for someone they fall hard and they commit 100 percent, doing whatever it takes to keep their partner happy. Romantic gestures are just the tip of the iceberg. Pisces is often the friend that you complain has changed after starting up a new relationship. They will make big sacrifices and mold themselves into what they imagine the perfect partner is for their chosen soul mate.

Being a water sign makes them very sensitive and caring. Pisces are of a dreamy nature when it comes to romance. Even before they hop on to the paddle of love, they have already dreamt every little detail of it. From what clothes to wear on a date to what kind of selfies to take, their romantic ideals are interesting to hear and be a part of. So if searching for that one overly romantic partner, the Pisces is one you would fall for, slowly but surely.

You have very high hopes for a relationship where your love can feel like a dream. You love romantic things and similarly, you wish to be the most dreamy, romantic partner to your special someone. Additionally, you love to dwell in your own imaginary world where love and romance are the only things available. An overly-romantic partner would be a cherry on top!

Pisceans are the hopeless romantics. They believe in the fairy-tale romance where “happily ever after” exists. They will always express their deep feelings for their partners. A Pisces guy is regarded as the most romantic on the astrology wheel, so if you're looking to star in your own romcom, you've hit the jackpot. Compatible Astrology explains that Pisces is the most emotional of the signs, while being sensitive and intuitive. That combination makes them a great partner. So, when they lavish you with displays of affection, it's because they see you as someone they can build a future with. Pisces is in it for the long haul!

Top 5 Most Romantic Zodiac Signs According To Astrology
Pisces zodiac signs. Photo: Purewow.

If you date Pisces, you'll be showered with so much love and affection that you'll feel like a goddess! The romance can be all-consuming, as Astrostyle states, adding, that "glamorous Pisces rules the imagination, and [has] a way of making everything feel tinged with magic and fantasy." So, you can expect lots of romantic dates that seem straight out of a fairytale. Although Pisces sometimes gets a bad rap for being fickle, once they get into a committed relationship, they're all about the romance and passion. Get ready to be swept off your feet.

Cancer (22 June-22 July)

Cancer, again a water sign, is a die-hard romantic. Cancerians are fiercely loyal and dedicated partners who don’t give up on love easily. In a relationship, they would always keep their partner’s likes and dislikes in mind. Just like Pisceans, they are emphatic too. They would never hesitate to make a special effort for their partners. Cancerians are good listeners too and will make it a point that your demands are met.

They are not against the idea of love but their romantic streak depends on their first experience with love. Prone to giving their all, Cancer head along into commitments in their attempt to weave a full-fledged romantic relationship. They are to lure you with grand love gestures. They don’t hesitate in making special efforts for their love and rarely expect anything in return. However, this selfness of one of the most romantic zodiac signs only stays intact until they are not cheated in love. Thereafter, it gets very difficult for them to trust anyone.

Cancer is traditional in their ideas of love, but they still dream of being swept away by it. People born under Cancer can be very traditional in their idea of matchmaking. They probably think that the sensible matches suggested by mothers in Victorian novels are a good idea. Cancer is incredibly romantic. They are the nurturer and caretaker of their loved ones. They are good in picking the right type of energy. So, they know how to be romantic with their partners and be in sync. Cancerians are often considered to be the embodiment of love.

But the reality is that they want to be the hero or heroine of the Jane Austen novel that breaks tradition for the sake of true love. When they fall for someone, they are actively looking to make that “us against the world” journey with them.

Although water signs are often mocked for their tendency to be over-emotional, Cancers show love with every part of their heart. Most water signs are hopeless romantics that actively provide their loved ones with actions that will make them swoon. It’s not a surprise if these signs’ love languages are quality time or words of affirmation.

You are one of the most caring and sensitive zodiac signs and so, you tend to focus on the emotional aspect of it all. A very grand romantic gesture may not be necessary for you, but if your partner wants to be treated romantically, then you’ll be pretty up for it.
Top 5 Most Romantic Zodiac Signs According To Astrology
Cancer Zodiac Sign. Photo: wallpapertag.

If you miss the days of receiving handwritten love letters, then dating a Cancer guy is the best move for your dating future. Since men born under this star sign are traditional, sensitive, and sentimental, they'll be romantic towards you with creative actions, such as writing you beautiful letters that you'll be able to treasure forever. Best of all, you can bet that they've shed a tear or two when writing them, which means so much because who doesn't want such a romantic soul at their side?

While he'll make you feel amazing by writing you letters and expressing his feelings which brings you closer, the Cancer boyfriend will go much deeper if he chooses to romance you: he'll make sure you know that he wants you to share in his life and that you're a team. So, he'll surprise you by giving you a key to his apartment as a Christmas gift, or he'll empty out a cupboard so that you can move your belongings into his home. It's clear that he's focused on the future of your relationship. His romantic gestures are therefore tied to commitment.

Leo (23 July-22 Aug)

Leos have warm generous hearts, and they love to share their passion. While Leo’s often have the reputation for being egotistical and only thinking about themselves, the reality is that they have big warm hearts and lots of love that they are eager to share.

When they fall for someone, they want to show them the full force of their passion, and big romantic gestures are on the cards. These will tend to be public, as Leo does like to be admired for their romanticism, but the gesture always comes from a genuine place in their heart.

The confident Leo is definitely the embodiment of the lion of fire signs, especially in their love lives. These theatrical lovers are prone to go above and beyond with overblown gestures to impress their lovers with romantic dinners, gifts and materialistic items. A Leo isn't going to wait around for their significant other to praise them, so appreciate this fire sign while they're in your life.

Leo occupies the fourth spot on the most romantic zodiac signs list. If you are a Leo, you are to be very bold in love. You have a deep understanding of your lover’s feelings and desires, and are likely to modify your actions based on that understanding. Extremely forward and self-assured, when a Leo falls in love, they tend to illuminate their partner’s life with the positivity of body and soul. Also, Leos are very expressive so it pretty difficult for them to hide their feelings for someone. All in all, since Leos are the ones who follow their heart, they can fall in love fairly quickly and are really great at it.

You love fiercely. You are such a person who prefers to show the world how much you love your partner. And with love, comes great romantic gestures. It’s almost impossible to not swoon over how romantic your passion is.
Top 5 Most Romantic Zodiac Signs According To Astrology
Leo Zodiac Signs. Photo: indianewsrepublic.

Leos are passionate when it comes to love. After all, they are a fire sign. Be it spoiling their partners with expensive gifts or making their day with sweet nothings after a long and tiring day; you will always have a great time with your Leo partner. Leos are authentic romantic persons. They admire the idea of being in love. They are highly passionate about their partners. They want attention from their partner, so that they can create deeper bonding with them.

When romancing you, the Leo boyfriend will surprise you with meaningful gifts on a regular basis. You can expect to receive your favorite flowers, a home-cooked meal, and lots of other romantic gestures that make you feel pampered. He's extremely generous and will spoil you to within an inch of your life. Another way in which he likes to romance you is with fun activities. He loves being the life of the party and having a good time, and he'll choose activities you also enjoy so that you can grow closer and more connected.

Scorpio (23 Oct– 22 Nov)

When you see a Scorpio, you may feel they are some kind of mysterious people who like their own company. But talk to a Scorpio for a minute or two, and all such perceptions of yours shall go whoosh!! Scorpio is a byword for sex. They are known for their blend of sensuality, romanticism and very charming sense of humour. In a nutshell, if you love a Scorpio, all you are doing is either having a fruitful conversation or simply ‘breaking bed’. With Scorpio, you are to never get bored and will discover what love is in its true form.

While being fully invested in their relationship, the Scorpio is emotionally driven to please their partner both emotionally and sexually. Their love is often said to be "love worth writing about" as the water sign often dreams like a hopeless romantic. However, beware the Scorpio's jealous nature. Scorpions are passionate about romance. They can be madly in love with their partners. They are intense, sensual and mysterious. And these qualities also reflect in their relationship.

The bold and passionate Scorpio guy doesn't just want an ordinary love. He wants a grand love that makes him weak in the knees and makes his heart flutter. When he finds his perfect partner, he'll be so enamored, he'll make her swoon. As reported by Numerology Sign, he's not afraid to chase you if he likes you. He'll find creative ways to ask you out, he'll romance you with flirts, and he'll take you on an adventure you'll never forget. It's a wild ride being with the intense Scorpio.

Although you might not always get the Scorpio man to show you that he loves you - he's a secret romantic who saves those displays for when you're alone together rather than in public — you can be sure that once he commits to you, you'll have him for life. He'll want to share his life, hobbies, dreams, and future with you, which is sure to make you feel happy and secure in the relationship. So, although he's quite mysterious and secretive at times, it's no secret that once he's chosen you, he's going to be completely loyal.

Top 5 Most Romantic Zodiac Signs According To Astrology
Scorpio Zodiac Sign: The Healer, Therapist, Investigator
People might know you as the mysterious person who prefers their own company, but in reality, you know that you want to be with someone who can make you feel incredible. In fact, you yearn for a romantic partner who can understand your passionate and extremely sensitive behaviour. When you’re with the right person, you can be just as romantic as a Piscean or Leo.
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