Top 4 Smartest Zodiac Signs According To Astrology

1. Aquarius (January 20th – February 18th): Cerebral Philosophers

Most intelligent zodiac signs, Aquarius. They tend to filter almost everything through their intellectual mind. They’re able to distance themselves from a situation, making it easier for them to figure out a solution. They’re known for being balanced, inventive, and having a cool head. Aquarians are known for being broad-minded and accepting of ideas and concepts from sources other than themselves. In fact, Aquarians seek out alternative viewpoints. However, they won’t commit to a belief about something until they everything.

Being ruled by Saturn, Aquarius is the sign who is never gonna fail. They are the smartest zodiac sign because they are not the ones who follow the crowd or group, and their freedom rouses them to have unique ideas unrivalled by anybody else’s. They have innovative personalities, and when put under a magnifying glass, they can wind up amazing in any field. They have addictive personalities, so they can likewise turn out to be an obsessive overachieving genius, which pushes them as far as possible until they achieve their aim. They are so courageous who dream outside the box and sometimes that’s what makes them prominent politicians too.

This zodiac sign is the best in all they do. No matter whether they do voluntary work or they are attending an important business conference, they will be successful. Their sharp mind and a good sense of humor can take them out of every tough situation in life.

They are always creative, different and original. They like communication and enjoy talking to people who they can learn something from. They can be very logical and objective and they are always cool-headed when they need to find a solution. All these characteristics make them one of the smartest of all the zodiac signs.

You love to be the smartest person in the room—and, sometimes, you actually are. You’re the fixed air sign of the zodiac, which means you’re an intense combination of stubborn and intellectual.

Aquarius individuals are wise because they're non-conformists. They don't have to be like everyone else and are comfortable going against the grain. Aquarius are able to change things and see the potential where other people might not. They're open to the possibilities but continue to learn from mistakes made in the past. They may be troublemakers and people who just don't fit it, but not only do they learn from their experiences, they help shape them.

Aquarius is another sign with an intellectual and analytical mind. They are highly cerebral and like to discuss the deeper philosophical and existential questions behind even the simplest things.

When something catches Aquarius’ interest, they will go deep with it, and quickly become an expert. People born under Aquarius know how intelligent they are, and they think pretty highly of their own opinions. They can be a little dismissive of the opinions and perspectives of others.

Aquarians also understand both points of view in a particular situation. This makes them the most tolerant, non-discriminatory and kind zodiac sign that stands out from the dumbest zodiac signs. Aquarians are good listeners—this is another quality of the smartest zodiac sign. They are willing to listen to others because they know there is always something to learn. Aquarius also has a strong memory.

Aquarians have a developed naturalistic intelligence. They know a lot about flora and fauna and are in touch with nature. Aquarians are called the engines of progress thanks to their ruler Uranus, the planet of genius. Their way of thinking is different from the standard. They are creative and original in everything.

Top 4 Smartest Zodiac Signs According To Astrology
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2. Scorpio (October 23rd – November 21st): Master Manipulators

People born under Scorpio are also highly intelligent. They are particularly good at bringing together lots of different information to see the bigger picture.

Scorpio also have a very sharp wit and tend to know exactly the right thing to say at any given moment, whether that be to get a laugh or push someone’s buttons. They aren’t afraid to use their intelligence to manipulate others to get what they want.

Scorpio’s intelligence does mean that they can fall into the trap of overthinking and can have a tendency to read too much into situations and over-analyze.

Scorpios are usually neglected, yet their mysterious nature more often hides their own abilities. They are the smart zodiac signs as they are enthusiastic and passionate about what they adore, and however they can make nonsensical choices, they’re constantly set to discover their path back to the correct way. They are enchanting and appealing, which enables them to motivate and inspire others through their impact. They are insightful and mindful and can keep their head level to take into account for street smarts to become possibly the most important factor.

You can’t trick a Scorpio because they would be onto you immediately, and you don’t want them to use their high intelligence for revenge. So, It’s really hard to fool a Scorpio because of their mental strength, perceptual intelligence, and intensity. Scorpios have visual spatial intelligence, the ability to think in three dimensions which is the trait of one of the most intelligent zodiac signs.

Scorpios have perceptual reasoning or the ability to use information that they’ve received from their senses, especially their sense of sight. They not only acquire a lot of information from their senses, they’re able to understand it and make use of it very quickly. Scorpios pick up on information that other people are inclined to miss.

This zodiac sign has the best intuition of all. There is nothing that their sharp mind can’t figure out and that quality makes them one of the smartest of all the zodiac signs.

Despite life problems, a Scorpio will always find a way to pick themselves up. They are never afraid to take things to the next level. They are straightforward and down-to-earth and they always try to find a deeper sense in life. They enjoy talking about spiritual things and the creation of the world, giving their own arguments about what they think happened.

Scorpios set goals for themselves and do everything in their power to achieve them using their intellectual abilities. These people are smart, shrewd, able to ask the right questions and always be informed and ready for what's to come.

Scorpios are smart, with a well-developed intuition. They are good at reading people, especially those born under the dumbest zodiac signs. Using their strong intuition, Scorpios can anticipate events before they even begin. Clever plans are their fortress, especially if it's a matter of honor or revenge.

Sometimes, they pretend to be simpletons and prefer not to demonstrate their intelligence. Scorpios make good teachers, but they can become anything. They are curious, involved in projects and know how to solve any problem that may come their way.

Top 4 Smartest Zodiac Signs According To Astrology

3. Virgo (Aug 23-Sept 22) – Highly Intelligent

Virgo is probably one of the smartest signs because they mix a variety of different types of intelligence. They are analytical but also highly creative, which makes them good at solving problems. Virgo is also very detailed focussed, so they don’t tend to miss anything.

Virgo is also good at reading people and situations, largely because they are always paying attention and so catch the little things that others miss. They also have a prodigious memory for pretty much everything. Virgo’s biggest challenge is that they tend to overanalyze to the point of obsession. They can also be reticent to share their opinions, as they are very self-protective.

Since Virgo is always learning, they're always discovering new things about themselves and the world. They don't just have a surface kind of knowledge — it goes deep and when they learn something it often transforms their lives in small ways.

There's a reason that Virgos are the people we go to fix things, but it's not just tangible items that they repair; they're wise enough to know how to help us heal emotionally. Virgo's pickyness and attention to detail are advantages, not annoyances! They’ve been gifted with mental sharpness beyond the norm—they’re deeply aware of your surroundings, people’s behaviors and even (if they’re on the more intuitive side) people’s energies.

They have an excellent memory and organizational skills, Virgo, while still being deeply grounded (you’ve got mutable earth energy!). If they can keep themselves from stressing out, their intellect will take them far.

Virgos are one who asks a lot of questions, which is they are known to be genius. Virgos are interested in all kinds of things, even if they’re the things that other people take for granted. If there’s no solution to a problem or the answer is difficult to find, a Virgo will simply set out to create their own answer. They love to solve the unsolvable and fix the broken. They’re constantly thinking and creating. While they generally don’t like to brag, there’s very little that a Virgo can’t figure out, whether it be how to fix a sink or a more philosophical problem such as the meaning of life.

Meticulous and petty, Virgos think out everything very carefully. Virgos are attentive to detail, serious, and meticulous. They are organized and disciplined and rarely fail. Aren't these the qualities of the most intelligent and smartest zodiac sign?

Virgos can learn all their lives. So, they often go on about the mind, not the heart. Virgos have a cold mind and discerning intellect. They are attracted to calculations and solving mysteries. Numbers are their strength, and they use their logical and computational skills to solve complex problems. Some of the smartest scientists and mathematicians were born under this zodiac sign.

They calculate everything: from the probability of success in any business to the probability of finding a suitable partner to start a family. Virgo are good at intellectual research. They keep information in their neatly organized database.

Top 4 Smartest Zodiac Signs According To Astrology
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4. Gemini (May 21-June 20) – Quick Witted

Few people think faster on their feet or do as well in unexpected situations as Gemini. They pick up on new ideas quickly and always have a random bit of information to add to the conversation.

If Gemini doesn’t excel academically, it is because of their short attention span. They often don’t have the patience to see things through, unless it is a topic that truly inspires them.

But their eclectic nature means that Gemini is who you want on your quiz team. It is surprising just how much general knowledge they have accumulated and can recall. From their early age, Geminis impress others with their wit and ingenuity. Yes, they can be experts in various fields, because they are extremely inquisitive. Gemini excel in analysis, have outstanding oratorical skills.

They are gifted with excellent speaking skills, thanks to their ruling planet Mercury “The Messenger of the Gods”. Geminis really speak well and show it best at any form of social gathering, on stage and debates. Conversation ignites a Gemini so when asked to share his/her opinion, you’ll see a smart chatterbox that can shift from topic to topic.

The twins are inquisitive and extremely curious. The Gemini zodiac sign is known to keep themselves up to date by reading books and searching the World Wide Web.When they are not chatting up a storm, they are usually occupied with learning new things.

Since they love to feed their minds, these chatter box are well informed and will not feed you with nonsensical ideas. Known to be one of the most intelligent signs of the zodiac, they have ready answers to your questions ranging from difficult to the most mundane.

They have a quick answer for everything and will surprise you with the wittiest comments. The Gemini's mind never rests—they constantly analyze any information. In academia, Gemini tends to outshine and excel others.

They have several talents, since the sign is dual. However, no matter what area of personal growth Geminis choose, they grasp all the nuances and achieve extraordinary results. They are enterprising and resourceful. Their bright intellect is their gift that compensates for some lack of focus which is the backside of their incredible mental abilities.

They love to share facts and get excited when they discover something new. Gemini can easily communicate with anyone. If you are looking for someone to brainstorm, choose Gemini. They are a creative, original and intelligent sign.

Gemini is one of the smartest zodiac sign—this statement is confirmed by the fact that Gemini can boast of having the greatest number of Nobel Laureates as compared to other most intelligent zodiac signs. Therefore, Gemini is one of the most intelligent zodiac sign.

Top 4 Smartest Zodiac Signs According To Astrology
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Geminis are smart because they know how to get what they want and how to strategize how to do it. Being ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, they know how to use their verbal skills to their advantage.

They are also smart in a sense of knowing how to use their skills. If they develop a new skill, it will not simply be a hobby. Geminis will perfect the craft and see how they can use it in their lives. It’s not always about money with the twins, though. Because of their amazing communication skills, Geminis are going to want to spark conversations with new people they meet.

As for the rest...

That’s not to say that other zodiac signs aren’t intelligent in their own ways.

In fact, Libras have plenty of mental smarts too, according to Neil Crabtree, an astrologist at the Mayo School of Astrology. Cancer and Pisces are the most emotionally intelligent; in other words, they are excel at recognizing and reasoning with their own and others’ feelings.

On the other hand, the earth signs—Taurus and Capricorn—demonstrate practical intelligence. And the fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) tend to be the most intuitive, making them more inclined to take risks and fill leadership positions.

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