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Having the right luggage can make traveling much easier while also making you appear luxurious and aristocratic. However, with so many different brands, styles, quality, and brands to choose from, it can be difficult to know what to buy. Because of their outstanding quality and consistent design, most Americans and many customers around the world continue to seek out luggage brands that are actually made in the United States.

However, many of the luggage brands that were once popular in the United States are now popular worldwide and are no longer manufactured in the United States.

KnowInsiders compiled a list of the best luggage brands that actually have a made-in-the-USA stamp to help you find your ideal travel companion.

Today, luggage made in the United States is notoriously difficult to find (especially traditional pieces), but a few brands have survived.

Consumer reviews and travel expert insights are used to create the rankings. These American luggage brands consistently receive positive feedback, providing value to users despite their high price tag.

How Do You Define "Made in the USA"?

The "made in the USA" label is governed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Companies using the label are required to follow strict regulations. "All or virtually all" of a product must be produced domestically for it to be deemed "made in the USA." In other words, all manufacturing of the product and sourcing of raw materials must take place in the USA.

Top 20+ Best and Popular Luggage Brands That Really Made in the USA

1. Cinda b

Headquarters:Fort Wayne, IN

States manufacturing in:IN

Website: cindab.com

From their headquarters in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Cinda b produces excellent luggage, handbags, and other accessories that are all made entirely in the USA.

One of their most popular products is their softside roller, which is ideal to pack in your carry-on or stow away if you're going on a short trip. It is very simple to roll and has a convenient carrying handle for escalating and descending stairs or lifting into the overhead compartment.

Since the material of the suitcase is fairly thick, we believe it to be a durable choice. The "Big-Mouth" feature, which is essentially a big opening on both sides of the suitcase to make it incredibly simple to pack and unpack, is another cool feature of this suitcase.

The Cinda b line of products tend to lean toward the feminine market. Cinda Boomershine joined forces with the former VP of Vera Bradley until that company outsourced its production. Headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Cinda b offers, among other items, the Carry-on Rolly and the B Lux Rolling Duffel.

2. ROAM Luggage

Headquarters:New York, NY

States manufacturing in:GA, NY

Website: roamluggage.com

Top Best Luggage Brands That Really Made in the USA
ROAM - Best Luggage That Made in USA

Although they only assemble their luggage here, ROAM is based in New York and produces customizable hard-sided luggage. If you're interested in purchasing luggage from ROAM, be aware that some of the materials they use are imported even though the luggage is handcrafted by American workers.

Although ROAM came close, we wanted to mention them here because it was extremely difficult to find businesses producing hard-side luggage that is 100% made in the USA with all materials sourced here. Their entire manufacturing process takes place in Vidalia, Georgia.

Because you can personalize your suitcase, ROAM is a personal favorite. Simple selections include size, front shell color, and back shell color. Then take advantage of ROAM's USA manufacturing facility's quick turnaround times.

All ROAM luggage is built in the USA using components that are sourced internationally.

3. Tough Traveler (Wheeled Suitcase)

Headquarters:Schenectady, NY

States manufacturing in:NY

Website: toughtraveler.com

Top Best Luggage Brands That Really Made in the USA
Tough Traveler products combine premium materials with American craftsmanship to make the best bag

Since 1970, Tough Traveler has been manufacturing bags and luggage at their headquarters in Schenectady, New York. Their backpacks in particular make excellent carry-on companions.

What a wonderful reminder to purchase American products! The SAMOYED Wheeled Suitcase in six different colors is one of the traditional luggage items that the New York company offers for sale. Additionally, the business offers a workmanship and material guarantee; however, you should review its online policy.

4. Red Oxx

Headquarters:Billings, MT

States manufacturing in:MT

Website: www.redoxx.com

Red Oxx was born and raised in America. They began in 1986 in Billings, Montana, and produce a variety of hard-wearing, soft-side luggage that is excellent for lengthy journeys. As a result, you won't find their bags in big-box stores because they sell directly to consumers.

The father-son team behind Montana's Red Oxx both served in the military before founding the company. With the aid of a third veteran, they learned that carrying bags like the Safari Beanos PR5.5 duffel had a market. It's big enough to be a checked bag at the airport rather than just a carry-on. It is offered in 13 different color options and has garnered five-star ratings from more than 90 pleased customers.

5. Kamen Road


States manufacturing in:CA

Website: www.kamenroad.com

Top Best Luggage Brands That Really Made in the USA
Kamen Road

To make its gorgeous bags, Kamen Road collaborates with artisans across the United States. They are based in California and produce their Coyote Thunder Messenger Field Bag on a small scale using salvaged, vegetable-tanned leather.

Beautiful weekender bags and other sizable leather bags from Kamen Road make excellent travel accessories for a quick weekend getaway. Everything is made by hand, and they frequently work with other top designers. You can read our exclusive interview with their founder by clicking the link above.

6. Alchemy Goods

Headquarters:Seattle, WA

States manufacturing in:WA

Website: www.alchemygoods.com

Top Best Luggage Brands That Really Made in the USA
Alchemy Goods

In their facility in Seattle, Washington, Alchemy Goods creates a variety of bags and luggage items out of recycled bike inner tubes, upcycled denim, and repurposed banners. They are proud of the fact that they are environmentally responsible and resourceful.


Headquarters:San Francisco, CA

States manufacturing in:CA

Website: www.dsptch.com

Top Best Luggage Brands That Really Made in the USA

DSPTCH is a manufacturer that creates a diverse selection of bags geared toward the needs of contemporary explorers. They offer a variety of carry-on backpacks, small duffel bags, slings, and other items that are ideal for going away from home for a few days.

8. Lifetime Leather Co.

Headquarters:San Tan Valley, AZ

States manufacturing in:AZ

Website: lifetimeleather.com

Amazing leather goods are crafted by hand at the Arizona-based company Lifetime Leather, which is a modest operation. Check out their travel toiletry bag for convenience. They are constantly releasing brand new products, so be on the lookout for when they do so that you can see what other kinds of travel accessories they design.

9. Flowfold

Headquarters:Gorham, ME

States manufacturing in:ME

Website: www.flowfold.com

Maine-based Flowfold produces high-quality luggage from recycled materials.

Although they don't offer conventional wheeled luggage, Flowfold is a good made in the USA option if you need a good duffel bag or backpack for travel.

High praise is given to Flowfold's Nomad duffel from Maine. It has several built-in pockets and is made of water-resistant materials. There are five different colors available. Flowfold is still committed to using long-lasting, environmentally friendly materials, high-caliber craftsmanship, and making all of its products in the USA.

10. Parrott Canvas

Headquarters:Greenville, NC

States manufacturing in:NC

Website: www.parrottcanvas.net

Numerous travel bag designs are available from Parrott Canvas, which is based in Greenville, North Carolina.

For a weekend getaway, Parrott Canvas makes some lovely waxed canvas duffels and toiletry bags. Everything is incredibly strong and will last you for many years.

High-quality materials, zippers, and fasteners are used to create the bags. For a small additional cost, you can add a monogram. Since Parrott Canvas has been in operation for more than 30 years and its roots are in the marine canvas industry, the company is skilled at producing durable goods.

11. Club Glove (Connectable Rolling Luggage)

Website: www.clubglove.com

The pieces of luggage that are made in the USA by Club Glove can be connected to one another, which makes it simpler for you to transport your clothing and equipment while traveling.

For the past four decades, club glove luggage has been a favorite among professional golfers, and it has since expanded its appeal to include all types of professional travelers.

Shoulder bags, rolling bags, backpacks, gear bags, and other types of bags are all examples of pieces of luggage. You have the option of buying each piece separately or selecting a set that is tailored specifically to your requirements when you are on the road.


Californian city of Huntington Beach is where Bags USA produces its bags on a regional basis. To a wide range of customers, the business offers a wide selection of bag options.

Such a bag is the C Triple Carry-On, as an illustration. Numerous color options are available for this duffel-style carry-on bag, and organizations like sports teams and volunteer groups can place bulk orders. This bag fits easily in the overhead bin of an airplane due to its small size.

13. Original Tuffbag

In the year 1980, a Utah woman gave her husband, who worked for the railroad, a sturdy bag that she had sewn for him. This was the beginning of the company that bears her name.

When everyone else started wanting something that was equally durable, the rest of it was forgotten. The original Tuffbags have been passed down through the family, and the granddaughter currently possesses them.

The original Tuffbag, which also goes by the name The Original Tuffbag, comes in a total of three different sizes as well as four different colors to choose from.

It is stitched in three rows, and the stress points have been reinforced with additional material. These bags are made with YKK zippers and an extremely long-lasting nylon canvas, both of which are used in the construction. In addition to that, a machine can be utilized to clean them.


Website: badbags.com

BAD is an acronym for "Best American Duffel," and the duffels made in the United States are perfect for traveling.

The Duffel Bag No. 2 can be worn either as a backpack or a duffel when being carried. The modest business with its headquarters in Seattle provides a wide variety of additional options from which you can pick. BAD is a favorite among the audience.

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15. Duluth Pack

Since its founding in Minnesota in 1882, Duluth Pack has expanded significantly.

The company produces a wide range of bag designs, including our favorite, the small Safari Duffel. There are four sizes and 12 colors available.

It is made of 15-ounce canvas and has leather accents and a reinforced bottom. Duluth Pack offers a lifetime warranty on its hardware and workmanship.

16. Frost River

All products from this company are made by hand in Duluth, Minnesota, but to maximize efficiency, leather and waxed canvas are purchased from Martin Dying in New Jersey for the waxed canvas and SB Tannery in nearby Red Wing for the leather.

We like the I'm Out Duffel Bag because of its sturdy construction and catchy name. It is available from Frost River in three different sizes. Additionally, Frost River has a compelling backstory that justifies support from the good ol' USA.

17. J.W. Hulme

J.W.Hulme, which was founded in 1905, offers this fantastic Classic Duffel on the market. There are three colors available and it is made of USA veg-tan latigo leather.

It can be monogrammed as well. It is nicely finished off with brass and buckles, making it both a stunning work of art and a sturdy item of luggage that anyone would be proud to carry. There are many leather accessories and bags available from the Minnesota company.

18. Korchmar

Beautiful leather items handcrafted in Korchmar's Naples, Florida facility are showcased on a website specifically for them. The Twain 22-inch Leather Weekender, available in four colors, is our favorite.

Although it is expensive, it should serve you for a very long time. Additionally, the luxurious scent of that fine leather will make you feel almost intoxicated.

19. Lifetime Leather

Lifetime Leather is a prosperous business that was created as a result of tragedy after its founder suffered a severe injury. He fortunately learned how to make leather, and his Arizona company has flourished.

This duffle bag is one of the lovely leather goods Lifetime Leather offers. It has a nylon fabric lining and is available in four different colors. American-made full-grain leather is used.

20. Mountain Ridge Gear

Website: www.mountainridgegear.com

Mountain Ridge Gear is strong and reliable. You can be sure it will withstand travel by bus, train, and airplane because it was made for outdoor use and horseback riding!

All-size duffle bags, shoulder travel bags, pannier bags, and yes, even saddle-compatible bags are produced by Mountain Ridge Gear.

In the aforementioned video, Mountain Ridge Gear's owner Eric Lynn explains why and how he produces the company's products in the USA.

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21. Tom Bihn Travel Bags

Website: www.tombihn.com

Travel bags of all shapes and sizes made in the USA are available from Tom Bihn. There are three ways to carry the Aeronaut style (shown here): a duffle, a backpack, or a shoulder bag. The largest size allowed as a carry-on by the majority of domestic US airlines is the Aeronaut 45.

Additionally, Tom Bihn offers packing cubes made in the USA that make it simpler to pack effectively and keep your clothes organized.

Every Tom Bihn bag is made in Washington from materials that are sourced internationally.

22. Green Guru Gear

Green Guru Gear's Commuter 24L Roll Top Backpack is a high-performing backpack with a roll top. It is very lightweight but sturdy due to the fact that it is made from upcycled bicycle inner tubes and upcycled scraps from street sign manufacturing. The state of Colorado is responsible for the creation of these stylish backpacks.

23. North St. Bags

The North St. Bags Flanders Backpack is made in the United States and can be purchased from Huckberry. North St. Bags is located in Portland, Oregon. It has a section for your laptop, pockets for your accessories, and a lower section that is perfect for organizing your cords and cables. In addition to being waterproof, it is constructed out of heavy-duty duck canvas.

The Huckberry Store website includes a page that is entirely devoted to products made in the United States of America and showcases over a hundred different products, including the featured backpack.

24. Rickshaw Bags

This Sutro Backpack/Spencer Dwight "Digital Smoke" backpack is available from Rickshaw Bags in San Francisco, which is located in the state of California.

It is a piece of art, and it will make you the object of envy for every other traveler who carries a backpack. Free shipping is provided for all orders over $99 placed with Rickshaw Bags.

25. Winter Session

Winter Session, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, is a company that specializes in the design and

produces high-quality canvas and leather carry goods that are gender-neutral and unisex. The dark color, the double-zipper closure, and the solid brass hardware of the Waxed Canvas Backpack drew our attention to the bag. In addition to that, it has shoulder straps made of leather that are adjustable.

26. Alchemy Goods

The bags produced by the Washington-based company Alchemy Goods are incredibly durable because they are constructed from recycled bicycle tubes.

The Pike Messenger Bag is a bag of medium size, and it is just large enough to accommodate an overnight stay. It features a zipped pocket on the exterior as well as a divider inside the bag. In addition to that, it has hardware and straps made of sturdy nylon.


You can choose from a wide variety of suitcases, carry-ons, and other luggage options made in the USA, including duffel bags, weekend bags, backpacks, and messenger bags. If you like the company's USA-made luggage on their website, you should also check out the other products they sell that are made in the USA.

Unlike American luggage brands, most handbags are made overseas. However, because it is made in the USA, you can rest assured that the quality and style are up to par.

All the brands of luggage that KnowInsiders chose above are, of course, American-made.

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Having the right luggage can make traveling so much easier, but with the variety of brands, styles and types of bags available, making a choice on what to purchase may feel overwhelming. To make it easier to find your perfect travel companion, U.S. News compiled this list of the best luggage brands. Based on consumer reviews and travel expert insight, these brands consistently receive positive reviews from everyday travelers, and this selection includes options for suitcases, bags and accessories.Having the right luggage can make traveling so much easier, but with the variety of brands, styles and types of bags available, making a choice on what to purchase may feel overwhelming. To make it easier to find your perfect travel companion, U.S. News compiled this list of the best luggage brands. Based on consumer reviews and travel expert insight, these brands consistently receive positive reviews from everyday travelers, and this selection includes options for suitcases, bags and accessories.