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For the convenience of luggage identification, airlines advise passengers to personalize their luggage such as attaching a name tag with name and phone number information on the suitcase.

The airline also provides free name tags for passengers at the check-in counter. Airlines also note that passengers can create an easily identifiable tag outside their suitcases to know their luggage from a distance.

Here are 11 tips to avoid lost luggage at the airports.

1. Checked luggage: No valuable items

Do not put valuable things in checked baggage. Valuable items should be kept in hand luggage to avoid the risk of loss.

Don't overstuff your suitcase: We've already pointed out that sticking to carry-on is the smartest option to avoid lost luggage, but if you're opting for check-in, don't push the boundaries. As tempting as it is to get as much in as possible, if your suitcase or bag is bursting at the seams before the baggage handlers even get their hands on it, there's a good chance it won't make it in one piece.

What should I carry on airplanes?

Any important and essential items on the trip should be carry-on bags. If checked baggage is unfortunately lost, travelers can still keep the basic items. Portable items including wallets, vouchers, important documents, electronics, charging cords, power banks should be carry-on.

2. Name tag

Photo Travel Leisure
Photo Travel Leisure

Mark your suitcase clearly by adding your name, phone number, address, flight number on the surface of the suitcase, both inside and outside.

This helps you pick luggage faster and makes it easier for staff to contact passengers in case of loss.

Make your bag stand out

An eye-catching case will not only make it quicker for you to spot your luggage on arrival, but if it gets lost in transit, it's easy to describe it to airport staff, too. A bright new suitcase is an excellent solution, but cheaper options include a coloured luggage strap. The suitcases with basic colors such as black, white, gray... are used a lot and are more easily mishandled.

3. Take a photo of your suitcase

Take a photo of your luggage so that the airport staff can easily assist in searching in case of loss. If it goes missing, the photo could come in handy if you're asked to describe it. (Some insurance companies also recommend taking a photo of the contents of your luggage before you travel, so that if you need to make a claim, you know exactly what you've lost).

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4. Early check-in

Early check-in will help you have time to check everything and get support from staff more easily when problems with luggage or procedures arise.

If you're the last one to check in for your flight, it figures there's a higher chance yours could be the bag that gets left behind.

Send your luggage ahead

When arriving sans luggage is non-negotiable, specialist luggage transport services such as Luggage Forward, Send My Bag and ShipGo let you send your luggage to your destination ahead of time - especially useful for things that won't work in carry-on like snowboards and wedding dresses.

5. Remove old name tags

Don't forget to remove the old stickers from your luggage, replace them with your personal information so that the staff can easily contact when there is a risk of lost luggage.

Before going to the airport, you should remove all labels and tags on your luggage on previous trips. Old information left over can easily confuse airport baggage scanners. If you want to keep this label as a souvenir, save it in a separate notebook instead of sticking them all over your suitcase.

6. Try on plastic wrap over your suitcase

Photo Telegraph
Photo Telegraph

It's also a great way to keep your luggage from getting lost, and makes your suitcase stand out and recognizzable in transit and on the runway. The plastic wrap helps the suitcase avoid scratches and being stolen. It will take a long time if crooks want to hook things in your suitcase.

At the airport, there is always a service to wrap plastic bags for luggage. However, to save more money, you can apply duct tape at home a few times and then use food wrap. Currently, on the market, there are many types of cling films with many beautiful materials and designs.

7. Don't bring too many pieces of luggage

Some people have a habit of arranging luggage into different types of suitcases. This is completely unnecessary. Because the more pieces of luggage you carry, the more likely you are to lose them. So try to pack your luggage neatly into one or two suitcases. Thus, you will be more convenient in moving and managing your assets and items.

8. Buy baggage insurance

You can purchase baggage insurance at check-in counter. With a prepaid fee, visitors will be compensated for damage, risks caused by fire and explosion, loss of baggage or any transportation incident.

9. Find the right carousel

Photo Newsweek
Photo Newsweek

After landing, passengers with checked baggage will proceed to the conveyor belt area. Usually, there is a screen showing the flight number with the carousel number. You should observe carefully to avoid confusion and save time.

Immediately notify the airline or airport staff when your luggage is lost.

10. Consider adding in a stopover

Luggage is most likely to go missing when you make it onto connecting flight, but your suitcase doesn't. So if you've got a quick turnaround between flights, you might want to opt to break up your trip with a longer stopover to be sure both you AND your luggage make it on board.

11. Use a baggage tracking device

Photo CNN
Photo CNN

Today, navigation devices are sold in the market quite a lot with diverse prices, designs and functions. You can find a product that fits your budget. With its compact size, this device is easy to carry in a checked-in suitcase. Travelers only need to connect to the phone and track the location and information if they accidentally lose their luggage.

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