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Some people choose Japanese luggage because of the high quality it provides, while others choose it so that they can add another item that was made in Japan to their collection of Japanese-made goods. These luggage bags have innovative designs. In addition to this, the quality of their products cannot be matched by anyone else.

Take a look at the most famous products that are available from each of these brands in the table that is provided below.

1. Lojel (Cubo)


Founded: 1989

Founder: Chih Chang Chiang

Top 10 Best Japanese Luggage & Suitcases Brands Today
Lojel Suitcases

Chih Chang Chiang established Lojel in Japan. Chiang's inspiration to take the company worldwide came to him during his travels. The company takes its cues from actual travels. It is made to exacting specifications. The designs are also functional and useful in everyday life. The company is responsive to customers' evolving needs.

The Lojel Cubo, which is made of polycarbonate and is incredibly strong yet lightweight at the same time, currently rules the hardshell luggage market. The "flat-top opening," or the fact that it opens as a flap from the top rather than splitting into two halves, is its most distinguishing feature. That means that when it's open, it takes up much less room and makes packing so much simpler and more convenient! Additionally, it has an expansion system for when more space is required. The capacity of the suitcase can be increased by 10% by merely using the center zipper.

In 1989, Lojel was established in Japan. By fusing the needs of travelers with the knowledge of designers, they were able to create a sturdy suitcase with useful innovations. fun and simple. All luggage is covered by a ten-year warranty, and Lojel products are produced in ethical, well-known, and certified non-toxic facilities.

Hard luggage is used in all Lojel luggage sets. These are materials with high strength, impact resistance, and scratch resistance. These bags primarily consist of two materials: polypropylene and polycarbonate. Despite having a straightforward design, Lojel's side luggage lines still appear somewhat stylish. For instance, Voja luggage is solid and has a solid color, despite having a tiny black square in the middle of the bag.

The internal compression straps that hold your clothing in place are another useful feature. This lessens displacement while you're moving. Consumers have come to trust and use Lojel more and more as a result of ongoing improvements made to better serve customers.

Outstanding craftsmanship is a hallmark of Lojel. It is renowned for its designs as well. The suitcases have a uniform, modular layout. Users can easily repair the bags thanks to this. For those who are constantly on the go, this feature is very helpful! The company wants to improve travel for its clients. By implementing sustainable practices, the brand also hopes to reduce waste.

2. Ace


Founded: 1940

Ace is a well-known Japanese company that was founded in 1940 and specializes in producing travel bags, fashion bags, and suitcases.

Ace has developed products that are user-friendly and lightweight thanks to its extensive experience integrating cutting-edge technologies into suitcases. Ace products are produced in accordance with the "ideal shape and ideal design" product concept, which is intended to satisfy customers worldwide.

All of Ace's products are rigorously quality checked before being distributed to customers. The suitcases bring simple, elegant beauty and exhibit uniqueness in even the smallest details. They are your traveling companions, whom you will value more on each trip.

The company produces luggage bags of the highest caliber. The patterns are cutting-edge and useful. The bags are strong and long-lasting. These ergonomic product lines are created with customer comfort in mind. In addition, it has established a presence in other nations like China, Singapore, and Malaysia.

The brand makes use of its knowledge and skills in creating travel bags. It is built with superior materials and has original designs. Additionally, the luggage bags feature renowned Japanese quality. The attractive bags are very well-liked both inside and outside of Japan. It comes in two general varieties: Ace Tokyo and Ace Gene. Ace Tokyo offers smooth transportation. Travel on business with Ace Gene.

Ace created the brand Proteca. However, it has a distinct reputation as a manufacturer of premium bags with unique designs. To guarantee superior quality, a three-step test is performed on the luggage bags. These bags are created using a brand-new material called "Ultra String." It is lightweight and incredibly strong.


Founded: 1942


Top 10 Best Japanese Suitcase Brands for International Travellers
Proteca in 1953

Although it was originally a product of ACE, Proteca luggage has grown to become a well-known global brand of suitcases.

Suitcases are made to move one step behind their owners. Proteca luggage goes above and beyond what people anticipate, exploring new futures by thinking one step ahead.

The internationally renowned design firm nendo worked with Proteca to create the suitecases. Mr. Oki Sato, the CEO and chief designer of nendo, has improved the functionality and style of the proteca design.

The Akabira Factory in Hokkaido has a history of more than 50 years of developing cutting-edge suitcase technologies, a task made possible only by the skills and techniques of Japanese craftsmen. The factory produces the only "Made in Japan" suitcases in the world. This is done under strict quality controls that are specific to Ace with the goal of further enhancing product quality.

A 3-year product warranty is included with every Proteca suitcase to guarantee many years of happy use. The warranty offers free repair for any damage resulting from regular use or damage brought on by an airline's transportation.

4. Yoshida


Founded: 1935

Founder: Kichizo Yoshida

Japanese company Yoshida & Co., Ltd. is based in Tokyo and specializes in designing and producing bags and accessories. The business was established in 1935 by Kichizo Yoshida, and it is best known for its Porter and Luggage Label brand products.

Yoshida is a well-known manufacturer of luggage. They produce top-notch travel accessories. They are well known for their briefcases, backpacks, and waist pouches. However, they also produce travel trolley bags. They incorporate usability into their incredible designs. Yoshida's Porter line features some incredible travel bags.

One of the most well-known manufacturers of luggage in Japan employs high-tech Japanese methods at every stage of production, and each step is meticulously checked and monitored to guarantee that the best products are delivered to customers.

Porter's original nylon Cordura twill fabric, which is lightweight and strong, is used as the main component. Teflon fabric that is highly water-repellent has been applied to the fabric's surface. To prevent water droplets from accumulating, the backside is treated with PVC, making it a functional fabric that is strong, light, and waterproof. Large, practical compartments allow you to store your items without worrying that you won't have enough room. Additionally, the product has additional wheels so you can move it anywhere with ease.

The brand uses exceptional Japanese craftsmanship. The compact bags have great utility. They are made keeping in mind the travel needs of the customers.

5. Endo


Founded: 1824

Top 10 Best Japanese Luggage & Suitcases Brands Today

Frequenter Clam Advance of Endo Luggage

One of the oldest bag brands in Japan is Endo Luggage. Their Frequenter line offers robust, wheeled travel bags. They are a well-liked option for traveling because of the bags' superior construction and silent wheel system. The Hokutan line features some stylish designs with stud accents. For its customers, the business also offers Made to Order solutions.

Endo is a well-known handbag brand in Japan that was established in 1824 and has been providing customers with bags for more than 190 years, which is comparable to the history of the Toyooka bag industry. The business was founded with the intention of incorporating traditional crafts into brand-new products to elevate traditional Japanese craft villages.

The items have a distinctive design that includes movement created by folding and sewing a piece of fabric. A tote made of tochigi leather is slowly and meticulously tanned using supple vegetable tannins. Many customers choose this product when moving because of its excellent structure and noiseless wheel system. You can also choose to design your own travel bag through the Make to Order program.

The business's primary objective is the development of groundbreaking new items. They take great care in conducting thorough quality inspections of their goods. They aim to provide the best possible shopping experience for their customers at their Toyooka, Tokyo, and Osaka showrooms. The company's bags are still made the old fashioned way. Quality control measures and design have improved over time. This creates totes that successfully bridge the gap between the old and the new.

6. Legend Walker

Founded – 2002


Top 10 Best Japanese Suitcase Brands for International Travellers
Legend Walker

When you want high-end travel bags, turn to this brand. It prioritizes the comfort of its clients. It maintains the quality, though, at the same time. Its designs are clever and useful. They produce both hard and soft case travel bags. They also produce additional travel gear. The company offers its customers excellent customer service.

Top 10 Best Japanese Suitcase Brands for International Travellers
Legend Walker

This Japanese company has also established itself in other Asian nations. In addition to other nations, they have stores in Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan. The company is well known for its fantastic luggage bags. To travel with a Legend Walker bag is almost like making a fashion statement.



Founded: 1994

Historically, MSPC Product has produced outstanding travel bags. They produce extremely useful travel pouches and backpacks. A limited selection of trolley suitcases is also available.

In order to create bags that are both fashionable and useful, MSPC was established in 1994. To find the best source of materials to make lightweight, high-quality, and waterproof bags, there is international cooperation using carefully chosen materials. Additionally, a variety of travel bags are available that have a strong, heat-resistant outer shell to protect your luggage and make your trip comfortable and complete.

The bag is lightweight and stable on uneven terrain thanks to anti-noise wheel technology and a wheel lock function. Currently, MSPC is a reputable brand with numerous store systems around the globe, and with the continuous advancement of technology in manufacturing, MSPC will undoubtedly gain popularity on a global scale.

The bag is simple to pull along thanks to the high-quality wheels. When the bag is kept on a slope, an effective wheel-locking mechanism aids in preventing it from moving. The black finish looks fantastic and has a modern feel to it.

8. Siffler (Shifure)


Founded: 2001

Top 10 Best Japanese Luggage & Suitcases Brands Today
Siffler’s Trident: a Classic and Elegant Aluminum Look

The Trident line from Siffler features chic trolley bags. These cleverly created trolley bags have an aluminum-like appearance. They also have other variations, including Green Works, Eurasia, Luna Lux, and Zero Gra. The interiors of the bags have a subtle elegance. To perfectly organize your belongings, there are numerous tiny pockets. Packing small items is simple thanks to the individual zip compartments, which eliminates the worry that they will fall out.

The bag's corners are reinforced to ensure that it can withstand impact while in transit without being damaged. The bags are equipped with a double-wheel assembly. Even when the bag is heavy, it makes movement convenient. It is available in a variety of hues, including pink gold, titanium, silver, and titanium. This product line features intricate designs.

9. HaNT



Top 10 Best Japanese Luggage & Suitcases Brands Today
HaNT Mine: a Cute Suitcase that Pops!

'Have a Nice Time' is the abbreviation for HaNT.

This company produces lovely, classy luggage bags and caters to women. The suitcases have very useful designs. They also have characteristics that guarantee a very comfortable trip.

A group of female employees of a bag manufacturer created the bag and luggage brand HaNT with the idea of "creating what you really want" as their guide. There are ideas for improving the beauty and comfort of travel in every design and function.

The interiors are designed using various prints and patterns. The cheerful interiors of your bag will make you smile each time you open it. In the aforementioned video, an all-female team is shown making these exquisite suitcases. Also included are caster covers. These can be positioned on the wheels like socks. This helps keep the floor clean when you bring the suitcase inside. Also included is a matching shoe bag!

10. Solo-Tourist


Founded: 1985

For more than three decades, Solo-Tourist has produced high-quality travel bags. They have a reputation for making sturdy luggage that can withstand any kind of journey. They make outstanding wheeled travel bags.

The business also sells large backpacks, Boston bags, and waist-bags as travel accessories. The travel bags with casters are a great choice if you want high quality at an affordable price.

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