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Most Popular Japanese Bag Brands for Women
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You can find some great options among Japanese handbag labels.A high-end handbag from a Japanese label may be something you haven't seen before. Whatever your taste, from simple and chic to luxurious and designer, Japanese handbag brands have something to suit your needs.

Japanese fashion handbags often feature durable materials like ripstop nylon and intricate details like hand-stitched leather. Explore these prestigious Japanese labels to find one-of-a-kind additions to your collection.

Over the past ten years, many popular Japanese handbag labels have broken into the international market.

This year, you should keep an eye out for some of the best Japanese handbag labels and add some to your collection.

Top 20 Best and Most Popular Japanese HandBag Brands Today

1. UN Billion

Top 20+ Best and Popular Japanese Handbag Brands for Women
Unbillionwallet-style bag is a best seller

Shibuya is home to the Japanese bag manufacturer Unbillion. Every month, they are featured in numerous well-known fashion magazines. Women who love simplicity and fashionability have been drawn to their sophisticated adult bags.

Unbillion sells handbags made of vegan leather that were created in Tokyo. Their purses are stylish and perfect for sophisticated women. Their bags are selected each month and featured in a number of well-known fashion magazines both domestically and abroad.

One of them is the wallet-style bag, which is popular! Girls want it because of the cute design, but they also like it because it's simple to wear.Unbillion's ability to provide luxurious-looking bags at a competitive price is one of its most distinctive selling points. This is made possible by the brand's use of premium materials and expert craftsmanship. They also appeal to women who prefer simple, fashionable attire. The company strives to produce fashion accessories that are more colorful, varied, and enjoyable.

Hiroyoshi Kusano established the Shibuya-based company in 1996, the same year they began producing various fashionable models of Japanese handbags and purses. The brand now offers a number of significant lines, each with a distinctive look to suit a wide range of tastes. Cache Cache, perche, Kakatoo, cachenez, marmelo, and Otias are some of their lines.

With prices ranging from JPY 1,000 to 10,000, UNBILLION bags provide a variety of purses and bags for customers to choose from.

Unsurprisingly, The UN Billion is a company that makes vegan leather handbags. Its distinctive square is designed to resemble a UN handbag. Oprah's go-to winter bag, the Lacy Fur Tote, made of faux leather and shearling fur, is famously produced by the UN billion.


Popular product: Unbillion, CoraMini, Lacy Fur Tote

2. Anello

One of the most prestigious Japanese handbag manufacturers is Anello. Since its launch in 2005, this brand has captured the interest of consumers all over the world with its well-balanced design.

Anello's golden zipper and bag designs with wide-open zipper compartments, which make it simple to take what you want to put inside the bags, are additional features that are highly regarded.

Anello is a worldwide brand name for high-quality Japanese handbags. In actuality, the word "Anello" comes from the Italian language and means "ring" or "loop," which refers to the brand's renowned minimalist yet superb design.

Additionally, Anello offers a variety of bags for its customers, such as awesome backpacks and shoulder bags that allow you to store a lot of items even in a small space.Particularly among mothers who are raising children and college students, Anello handbags are becoming more and more well-liked in Japan.

These adaptable handbags come in a range of hues and materials. These affordable handbags can also be used as great bags or diaper bags. So don't be reluctant to purchase a handbag from Anello.

The backpack, which has become a fan favorite due to its usefulness and stylish design, is Annello's signature bag. Two of the most desired design features are top carry handles and wide zipper openings because they make it simple to transport bulky items. The bags can't get dirty or wet because of their canvas and polyester construction.

The ease with which people on the go could use these purses made them popular. A few messenger bag choices, some leather bags, and a few PU bags are available.


3. Legato Largo

If you like Anello, you should take a look at Legato Largo, its slightly more understated and elegant sibling. Anello's sister company, Legato Largo, was established in 2004. It places a focus on practicality, long-term use, and a simple, minimalist design.

Additionally, it is advised for those who merely want to appear stylish. Their creations have evolved and undergone testing. The bags also have a refined appearance. Sometimes, if you need more space for your needs for work or school, you can choose from their chic backpacks and shoulder bags. Legato Largo also offers a selection of clutches and tiny purses if you need something compact and sophisticated for your date night.

Additionally, this useful handbag is offered in a range of materials, including leather and fabric, that complement every personality. Thus, Legato Largo has steadily risen to the top of the list of Japanese handbag manufacturers.


Famous Product: Legato, Largo Lieto, Tote Bag

4. Mis Zapatos

Top 20+ Best Japanese Purses & Bags Brands for Women
Mis Zapatos - Most Popular Japanese Bag

Mis Zapatos' popularity has been steadily rising in recent years. They created a cute and casual bag with two legs extending from the hand that is holding it.

The Japanese brand of handbags and purses is well known for its distinctive and varied fabrics. In Spanish, the phrase "Mis Zapatos" directly translates to "my shoes" (mis = my, zapatos = shoes). From bag to bag, their foot and shoe designs are created using various materials and embroidery.

For those who have looked for distinctive bags that are a little different from those in the mainstream, this Japanese purse brand is advised.

The Japanese handbag company is renowned for its unique material combinations and striking designs.

Look no further than this Japanese label if you're looking for a handbag that stands out from the crowd while remaining current with fashion.

The cost of these bags ranges from about 2,000 to 16,000 yen. Peanuts, Radio Eva, and One Piece are just a few of the anime characters that Mis Zapatos has worked with.


Popular product: Peanuts, Radio Eva, and One Piece.

5. Osumashi Pooh-chan

All of the bags from this Japanese bag company are modeled after the adorable black cat Osumashi Pooh-chan.These Osumashi Pooh Chan handbags feature the Pooh Cat from Winnie the Pooh.

The cat, Pooh-chan, was once left alone and sunbathing on the roof of a red house while Ayaka-chan, her owner, was out looking for food. This is the tale of the cat. Pooh-chan then had the bright idea to change into a bag so that she could always be with her adoring owner. Anyone who enjoys cats and wants a distinctive bag for their wardrobe should get this one!

This Japanese bag company, which was founded in Osaka, Japan, in 2003, has since produced a wide variety of distinctive bag designs featuring the face of Osumashi Pooh-chan.

The main flap is closed by two cat-paw-shaped magnetic down flaps that flip up to hide the cat's eyes and give the illusion that it is playing peek-a-boo. This theme is carried out differently in each bag design, which makes them ideal for collectors.

For anywhere from 500 to 6,000 JPY, you can purchase one of these bags for yourself. Check out the many Pooh-chan bags we have available with SUPER DELIVERY:

Famous Products: The most well-known style of pooh bag is the Pooh shoulder bag, which prominently displays a cat’s face with closed eyes on the purse’s front flap.

6. Kitamura

Another excellent Japanese brand of women's bags is Kitamura. The 1982-founded bag manufacturing company's original tagline is "kindness, loveliness, and nurturing." As a result, they create beautiful and adorable designs in a variety of colors and materials.

In addition, they allow the user to select the color of the bag, enabling them to design a special bag that they can use exclusively. According to their mission statement, Kitamura's goal is to satisfy their customers. As a result, they produce high-quality goods and provide superior services, which includes aftercare services like repairs and product care. Kitamura has a growing following of devoted customers as a result of its excellent goods and services.

For a more individualized experience, you can select the color of your bag on the Kitamura online store. The company will repair your bag if it ever needs it.


Famous Products: Kitamura semi-Shoulder Bag Y-0629. The semi-shoulder bag is one example of its high-quality leather handbags. Kitamura’s long wallet has also become a best-seller.

7. Samantha Thavasa

Samantha Thavasa is a high-end Japanese fashion brand that celebrates the glitzy and joyous side of women. The slogan of the business is "an overflowing aura of happiness." The trendy handbags are available in a wide range of neutrals, pastels, and vibrant hues that are ideal for both formal and informal settings.

Kazumasa Terada, who specialized in creating handbags for women in their twenties, founded Samantha Thavasa in 1994. In actuality, the namesakes of the business, Samantha and Tabitha Stephens, were taken from the hit American sitcom "Bewitched." The company has a wide variety of various fashion items because it is a fashion house.

Samantha Thavasa bases her designs on the idea of an overflowing aura of happiness when it comes to design trends. Additionally, their bags stand out for their exquisite beauty and style, as well as for being current with today's fashion trends. As a result, they promise that their customers will have access to a large selection of casual but fashionable bags for their everyday needs.

The fact that Samantha Thavasa's bags resemble Kate Spade's handbags is intriguing. So, if you adore Kate Spade bags, you'll adore Samantha Thavasa's bags without a doubt.


Famous Products: Samantha Thavasa Disney Collection Bambi Tote Bag Large (Light Grey)

8. Yoshida Kaban

A Japanese bag company with a long history and a broad product selection is called Yoshida Kaban. They sell products under the well-known Porter and Luggage Label brands, which appeal to both men and women.

Established in 1965, Tsuchiya Kaban sells leather bags that have been painstakingly hand-stitched by knowledgeable Japanese leatherworkers. The company initially focused solely on making schoolbags.

Since then, this bag has gained widespread recognition throughout Japan for its premium, genuinely made in Japan goods. The craftsmanship of the brand is said to put its heart and soul into every stitch. They promise that their bags are of the highest caliber because they are expertly handcrafted by artisans.

When they entered the first grade, kids were typically given a backpack with rigid, structured sides. The child was supposed to use this backpack through the sixth grade. Customers can now purchase women's bags from the brand, including bucket bags, clutches, shoulder bags, and more.


Popular product: Porter/ Counter Shade Shoulder Bag


Given the popularity of its leather purses and small accessories in Japan, HERZ is one of the most well-known handbag brands there. In reality, HERZ was founded in 1973 and is a small Japanese craftsmen's workshop. The business started handcrafting leather bags and accessories that are both useful and appealing to customers. They are not mass produced.

Additionally, these products are renowned for their meticulous attention to detail and durability. Additionally, they have a timeless and adaptable style and are made of genuine leather. The HERZ nylon body packs and camera bags you see on the streets occasionally come in genuine leather versions.


Popular product: MARY HERZ HANDBAG

10. Sazaby

Japanese company Sazaby has been designing and manufacturing bags since 1972 and is renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship. Sazaby is a great option for you because their bags reflect the emotions, sensitivities, and moods of the moment. In addition, the company follows fashion trends and has developed dozens of new, distinctive products using premium materials that have caught the interest of consumers.

A Sazaby bag on your person might give you a really stylish appearance. People can easily find their preferred color thanks to the availability of various hues. Visit their online store to purchase their lovely bags. These affordable handbags can also work very well as bags. So don't be reluctant to purchase a handbag from Sazaby.


Popular product: (sazabi-) sazaby Leather X Nylon Lightweight Semi Shoulder Bag 1167r Pre-Owned

11. Hobo

Hobo, a family-owned business established in 1991, is committed to creating durable leather goods for men and women, including wallets and purses.

Hobo was actually established in the United States before moving many years ago to Japan. Their bag designs are influenced by American traveling laborers of the 19th century. This lovely story of East and West meeting beautifully displays the superb Japanese craftsmanship. The company makes bags that are designed to be adaptable, strong, and stylishly urban. In addition, among other things, it also sells messenger bags, backpacks, wallets, and totes. Consequently, feel free to select one of the best Hobo handbags!


Popular product: HOBO Gabor Hobo Shoulder Handbag

12. Tsuchiya Kaban

Top-selling women's bag brands have been produced by Tsuchiya Kaban for more than 50 years. When this company was founded in 1965, it had just begun producing traditional Japanese randoseru backpacks for students in elementary schools.

It is a hard-sided backpack that is typically given to a child in the first year of school and used through the sixth grade. It is made of firm leather or a synthetic material that resembles leather. The randoseru was created as a result to satisfy picky parents with its timeless beauty aesthetics and extreme durability to last six years of use.

The Tsuchiya Kaban brand is now selling adult bags. Their other bags are made of the same premium leather and are similarly crafted, making them strong enough to serve a variety of functions.


Popular product: Randoseru Cowhide

13. Zucchero

Top 20+ Best Japanese Purses & Bags Brands for Women
Zucchero - Famous Japanese Handbag

For mature adults, the casual bag company Zucchero was created. The leather used by this Japanese bag company was created by the "Sarai" company. One of the brands that Sarai is the mother company for is Zucchero.

Genuine leather is used in the construction of every handbag made by Zucchero filato. Its ability to mimic the texture and laid-back vibe of a woven basket bag is a distinctive feature.

The fact that this bag is made to feel and look like a woven basket bag makes it unique.

High-end synthetic leather from Laporta di Zucchero is a fantastic choice for sophisticated women of any age. It's a great option for professionals in general and working women in particular.

The fine quality synthetic leather used in Laporta di Zucchero's products makes them ideal for adult women. For professionals and businesswomen, it is a fantastic option. Zucchero bags can cost anywhere between 1,000 and 16,000 yen.

14. Diu

Top 20+ Best Japanese Purses & Bags Brands for Women
Diu - Japanese Handbag

Diu is a well-known Japanese handbag manufacturer with a factory in Bangladesh where they handcraft premium leather products.

Additionally, their goods are frequently featured in high-end women's magazines in Japan. The matte leather's texture and fine detail give it a very delicate appearance.

Diu was established on the idea that its products, like heirloom furniture and antique cookware, would be cherished and used for generations.

The everyday hours we spend and the changing seasons have their own fascinating tales to tell. — and I'm sure everyone has a favorite tale.

Diu was created in the anticipation that its users would cherish and use it for a very long time, much like kitchenware and furniture.

The cost of these bags ranges from about 2,000 to 13,000 JPY.

15. Bou Jeloud

Top 20+ Best Japanese Purses & Bags Brands for Women
Bou Jeloud

Popular Japanese fashion label Bou Jeloud caters to female consumers who appreciate chic clothing and accessories like handbags and purses.

The name of the company is derived from a region in Morocco that is renowned for growing some of the best maize in the world. The reason for this is that the brand's core values include reverence for and communion with nature.

These handbags are perfect for women who don't hesitate to show off their personal style. These products are ideal for the stylish lady. All of the components used in Bou Jeloud's handbags are environmentally friendly.

Women who value uniqueness and individuality will appreciate these bags. They are designed for women who enjoy having fun with their wardrobes. The materials used to create Bou Jeloud's bags are mostly organic, like paper and canvas. Each handbag costs between JPY 4,000 and 7,000.

16. Kanmi

Top 20+ Best Japanese Purses & Bags Brands for Women

Kanmi is a popular and eco-friendly bag company in Japan.

Sustainable Japanese leather bag manufacturer Kanmi. The company was established in Tokyo's Asakusa neighborhood in 2000. Asakusa is a Japanese city renowned for its abundance of premium leather. It began as a small atelier and gradually expanded through the years.

Eliminating pointless leather products is one of the brand's core values. Their classic and stylish bag design is the result of years of skilled labor and environmentally friendly leather manufacturing; they use a special machine that recycles bag parts to reduce leather waste and produce bags with a smooth and refined feel.

"Reduce leather waste" is the brand's motto. In order to reduce leather waste and create bags with a soft and fine texture, they use a special machine that recycles bag components. Their years of expertise and environmentally friendly leather production have produced a timeless and fashionable bag style for women of all ages. Prices for Kanmi bags and purses range from 2000 to 5500 yen.


The parent company of several distinct Japanese bag brands, including Post General, is CREER. The Post General company specializes in producing bags with a very straightforward, practical aesthetic.

They have tote bags, backpacks, and hiking and travel bags. They are ideal for modestly dressed, highly active, and adventure-loving women. All of Post General's designs are centered on playfulness and fun.

The products made by CREER, which feature vintage-inspired elements and adorable shapes that appeal to adults, are intended to brighten people's days.

Prices for bags range from JPY 1,000 to JPY 9,000. Materials like canvas and nylon are frequently very enduring for outdoor use.


COO Company, also known as COOCO, is a Japanese bag and purse brand that offers a wide range of accessories made from different organic and recycled materials. Some materials used for their bags include goat leather, woven paper, and recycled PET water bottles. The company’s various casual designs are suited for women of different ages and fashion styles.

COOCO’s bag prices range from JPY 600 to 7,600.

19. Jhands co. Ltd

Jhands Co. Ltd. is a Japanese company that specializes in producing straightforward and vibrant bag designs. The company produces a variety of small coin purses and card wallets with striking designs that frequently feature floral motifs that are made of 100% cotton.

For 50 years, Jhands Co. Ltd. has meticulously created Japanese accessories one at a time. Their elite processors in Kyoto carry out manual processing in the old-fashioned manner.

You can get one of their bags between JPY 300 to JPY 2,000.

20. Yoshida & Co, Ltd

Despite the fact that the business was already well-known for its Porter and Luggage bags, it formally introduced the Porter brand as its flagship item in 1962. In 2009, Porter Girl, the first brand created specifically for women, was introduced. Ripstop nylon is a common material for shoulder bags, duffle bags, messenger bags, and other types of bags.

In Conclusion

Every woman can find the perfect bag thanks to the wide variety of Japanese bag brands available.

These brands have the perfect purse or briefcase for any clientele you serve, be they students or working women.

The aforementioned Japanese brands are your best bet for a stylish and reasonably priced handbag.

There is a wide variety of Japanese handbag brands from which to choose, so it shouldn't be hard to find one that suits your taste and personality.

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