Top 20 Best Free Websites To Watch Sports Online In 2022
Top 20 Best Free Websites To Watch Sports Online In 2022

Cable and satellite television providers offer access to live sports streaming, but sometimes you simply cannot find your favorite match on any live TV channel. If you don’t want to end up being frustrated before the big game, or even worse, miss the first few minutes that end up being the most important part of the match, you should bookmark some free sports streaming sites.

That way, you’ll always be prepared for the slightest chance that your favorite team’s big game isn’t streamed on live TV, or perhaps when you need to watch a part of the game while stuck in traffic.

Here are top 20 best free websites to watch sports online.

The rise of sports streaming: Where is it most popular?

In many countries, appetite for live sports remains high even if the desire to attend live sporting events is suppressed by the dangers of the pandemic. Our data shows online sports viewership in Indonesia and Taiwan, for example, is not far behind China. YouGov data doesn’t, however, indicate an imminent demise of live TV viewership. In every market, watching on live TV remains more popular than online streaming and only in Singapore and Sweden does the proportion of TV viewers dip below a majority.

Traditional live TV viewership is highest in South America, including Peru (84%), Colombia (81%) and Brazil (78%), yet online viewership in those markets is hovering at or slightly above average, indicating a healthy appetite for both platforms.

The rate of live-stream sports consumers in many European markets is relatively low. In the United Kingdom, 24% say they stream sports. Similar figures emerge in Italy (25%), Finland (22%), and Spain (28%). Lower numbers appear in Denmark (20%), Germany (19%), and France (16%).

Uptake of live-streaming sports in North America is similar. Just 17% of American fans live-stream sports, as do 23% of Canadians. A little over a third (36%) of fans in Mexico live-stream sporting events.

Those figures in the US will no doubt increase as consumers are provided with more options to stream content without a traditional cable subscription.

Global fan data, available in 38 regional markets, also reveals how consumers use other media to keep up with sports. About a third of our global sample watch highlights or repeats on TV. A look across age groups shows a steady rate of viewership of TV highlights.

What are the best free websites to watch sport games online?

1. Stream2Watch

Photo: Screenshot
Photo: Screenshot

Stream2Watch is quite complete and offers dedicated channels for many sports. Most of these are mainstream, though, so don't expect to find bocce ball or Quidditch. Instead, you can look forward to NBA, NFL, and other similar popular sports.

Stream2Watch is a free, one-stop-shop for streaming movies, sporting events, and TV shows. There's no need to search the web for links or apps that could be fake. Whether you're looking for streaming services for NHL, MLB, NBA, NFL, college football and basketball, soccer, golf, tennis, boxing, and many other sporting events, Stream2Watch has you covered.

There’s even a program schedule for upcoming events for those who like to plan their time. If you love watching live sports, Stream2Watch will make sure you never miss a game. The layout even works great on phones and tablets so you can take it with you wherever you go.

The question of legality for Stream2Watch is something often debated. It depends on where you’re residing since there are varying legislations and even levels of enforcement. That said, if a website does not own permission to publish content on that site, it is illegal. Unfortunately, this applies to Stream2Watch.

Stream2watch has issued a disclaimer stating that they are not responsible for the legality of the content or any outcome. As such, please always stay vigilant when streaming here. It is also a good practice to look for any unwanted embedded malware lurking around.

As you know, using Stream2Watch constitutes copyright infringement. As such, there can be legal implications should you choose to use it. Also, streaming sites, including Stream2Watch, can be filled with malware which poses a security threat to you.

However, should you still want to use Stream2Watch, please make sure you carry out safe best practices as below:

1. Use strong, reputable, and trusted anti-malware software – this is your first line of defense against any potential threats such as viruses, spyware, adware, and others, that can wreak havoc to your device.

2. Use a good, reputable, and trusted VPN – this is crucial to ensure your anonymity when online and secure your data from prying eyes. Don’t forget that a VPN is beneficial to help bypass geo-restriction issues; you need this to access Stream2Watch.

Verdict: Stream2Watch is one of the best live streaming sites. It provides links to other sports streaming sites. But the site contains a lot of advertisement links. It is the way the site supports free content on the site.

Price: Free

Website: Stream2Watch

2. CrackStreams

Photo: Screenshot
Photo: Screenshot

This website works like an encyclopedia of various sports events. It gathers working streams from all over the world. It places them together in a nicely categorized format for easy access. When you stream live, it also gives you the option to quickly change a server at the bottom in case one server goes down or becomes unbearably slow due to too many connections.

The best thing about this service is that you don’t need to create an account or give them your personal details to use its service. Instead, you can start right away. Moreover, you won’t have to face legality and security issues with this site.

As expected, there are a few ads on the website, and clicking on a link opens some popups. But fortunately, they are nowhere as annoying as we see on some of the other living streaming websites.

To access its service, all you need is an internet connection and any internet-supported device. You can stream live sports anytime, anywhere, and on any device. That means, whether you are on a streaming device such as FireStck or Android TV, PC, tablet, or a smartphone, live sports always are within your reach.


  • Multiple boxing events.
  • Live schedules of sports events.

Verdict: CrackStreams is an impressive site for watching sports online for free. Make sure that you have a fast Internet connection to watch the sporting events without buffering. A con about the streaming website is the limited number of sporting events that are streamed live on the site.

Price: Free

Website: CrackStreams

3. Fox Sports Go

Photo: Screenshot
Photo: Screenshot

FOX Sports Go is a free streaming app that comes with your subscription to certain streaming providers, including AT&T TV, fuboTV, Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV. That means it’s not actually a standalone streaming platform, but an add-on that you get through another subscription to a streaming service or with your cable provider. Best of all, it costs nothing.

With access to your favorite regional sports, FOX Sports Go allows you to stream wherever you are, any time. Just log in using your existing TV provider or streaming platform credentials, and you can start watching live sports at no cost.

FOX Sports Go can be enjoyed on your laptop or desktop. And you can also download the app to compatible smart TVs, mobiles, and tablets, including most iOS and Android devices so that you can watch it on-the-go.

Here’s the full list of devices that Fox Sports Go is compatible with:

  • Amazon Fire OS and FireTV
  • Android mobile and TV
  • Apple Mac
  • Apple TV
  • Browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Safari
  • Google Chromecast
  • iPad, iPhone, and iPod
  • Roku
  • Windows PCs and tablets
  • Xbox One

FOX Sports Go offers a variety of live TV, replays, and highlights so you can watch all of your favorite sporting action. However, the games you have access to depends on your location – it’s tailored to your FOX Regional Sports Network, so you might not have every channel available.

Verdict: Fox Sports is a good sports streaming website. But the streaming videos are not optimized. You will need to have an ultra-fast Internet connection to watch live sports on this streaming site.

Another con of the website is that while the app is free, you will have to pay for subscription costs to stream sports events such as Hulu, Direct TV, Dish, Spectrum, Verizon Net TV, and others.

Price: Free

Website: Fox Sports


Photo: Screenshot
Photo: Screenshot

ESPN (originally an initialism for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network) is an American international basic cable sports channel owned by ESPN Inc., owned jointly by The Walt Disney Company (80%) and Hearst Communications (20%). The company was founded in 1979 by Bill Rasmussen along with his son Scott Rasmussen and Ed Eagan.

ESPN broadcasts primarily from studio facilities located in Bristol, Connecticut. The network also operates offices and auxiliary studios in Miami, New York City, Las Vegas, Seattle, Charlotte, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles. James Pitaro currently serves as chairman of ESPN, a position he has held since March 5, 2018, following the resignation of John Skipper on December 18, 2017. While ESPN is one of the most successful sports networks, there has been criticism of ESPN. This includes accusations of biased coverage, conflict of interest, and controversies with individual broadcasters and analysts.

In addition to the flagship channel and its seven related channels in the United States, ESPN broadcasts in more than 200 countries. It operates regional channels in Australia, Brazil, Latin America, and the United Kingdom. In Canada, it owns a 20% interest in The Sports Network (TSN) and its five sister networks.

ESPN allows you to watch highlights of major sporting events all over the world. It does not provide free live streaming of events. You can read articles, watch video commentaries, find out rankings, and more on this free sports streaming site.


  • Watch highlights
  • Sporting commentary
  • Live schedules

Verdict: ESPN is a sporting encyclopedia where you can learn about anything related to sports. The website provides loads of video and text information regarding different sports. However, the site does not provide live streaming of sporting events.

Price: Free

Website: ESPN

5. Vidgo

Photo: Vidgo
Photo: Vidgo

Vidgo TV is one of the most recent entrants into the busy online streaming market. Launched in December 2019, the service provides viewers with a choice of more than 65 live channels, which include options for entertainment, kids, lifestyle, news, and sports.

Vidgo streaming is a particularly appealing option for fans of college sports, with one of the widest choices of channels in the streaming market. However, it does not provide access to local sports networks that carry live games from major US sports. The service also offers a strong option for Spanish-speaking viewers.

Unlike most of its streaming competitors, Vidgo TV does not enable subscribers to record content. However, they can watch content on-demand via the service’s TV Everywhere feature.

Vidgo TV currently has deals available that enable new subscribers to save $5/mo. on all of its packages. That means that Vidgo TV Core is currently available for $40/mo., and Vidgo TV Plus is currently $45/mo. For Spanish speaking new subscribers, the Latino package is currently $15/mo., and the Latino Plus plan is available for $25/mo.

Vidgo TV offers a solid range of channels for viewers to choose from, with more than 60 in its standard Core package and an additional 17 with its Plus plan.

The Core plan includes several entertainment channels, such as A&E, Animal Planet, Comedy Central, Curiosity Stream, Discovery, Game Show Network, History, Investigation Discovery, Lifetime, MTV, National Geographic, VH1, and Viceland. It also offers plenty of lifestyle viewing with channels like Aspire, DIY Network, and Travel Channel. It is light on news options, though, only offering Cheddar and FOX News to its subscribers.


  • Vidgo streams more than 100 channels.
  • It streams live sports, entertainment news, local, etc.
  • More than 14000 shows will be accessible with this platform.
  • You will be able to watch new releases, timeless hits, blockbuster movies, etc.
  • It is accessible on Android, iOS, Firetv, Apple TV, etc.

Verdict: With Vidgo, you can watch live sports on Smart TV, computer, phone, tablet, etc. You can share the content and stay connected. It supports English and Spanish languages.

Price: Vidgo has three plans, English Plus ($55 per month), English Premium ($79.95 per month), and Spanish MAS ($30 per month). It can be tried for free for 7 days.

Benefits of Live Streaming Sports

Increased revenue for your organization

Allowing access from across the globe will build out a fan base that fosters the love of the game or the organization for multiple generations. Harnessing that loyalty for a team is crucial because it creates an engaged/loyal audience for the sport or the school. Most school sports are not shown at all, let alone live. Alumni, parents, fans, prospective students, and possible recruits can become engaged audiences. This also creates the ability to include sponsorships or short ads within your broadcasts that will bring in money for your team and organization. Pay per view is another way to bring in extra revenue.

Streaming to any device

Having the ability to reach fans on any screen is valuable because it doesn’t restrict fans’ viewing habits. Implementing sports broadcasting software that is compatible with virtually every format or device is something that will reduce frustration and encourage people to come back and watch live-streamed events again and again.

Reach audiences of any size

Most games or tournaments have a lot of unknowns as far as viewership goes. It’s often hard to estimate how many people will tune into each broadcast, or even for how long. Cloud streaming provides the flexibility to scale audiences as needed and deploy your streams from the cloud which will create reliable streams that can handle unpredictable viewership. This is also a useful way to go if your organization has limited streaming experience. Streaming in the cloud is often a way to save time and money.

Engage with fan base

Second screen-enhanced features enriches games, and gives people resources that they wouldn’t normally have, right at their fingertips. Providing real-time stats or trivia during the broadcast makes games interactive, and allows the audience to feel more connected to the team. Also, providing supplemental links for player bios or even to purchase tickets to the next game, will entice people to take the next steps to support their team, and also bring in more revenue.

Get Social Media Exposure

Spreading news through social channels is one of the most popular ways to gain exposure. Giving viewers the ability to share streams or highlights from a game is free advertising and something that could boost popularity.


Photo: Screenshot
Photo: Screenshot

Best for content related to combat sports.

FITE is a platform that streams premium sports and entertainment. It is an American digital video streaming platform and is providing the service since 2012.

It streams content related to combat sports such as mixed martial arts (MMR). It has free-to-air content and pay-per-view packages. Over 4 million users are registered with the service worldwide.


  • FITE can provide unlimited and on-demand access to certain PPVs from more than 140 organizations for 30 days followed by live airing.
  • It provides unlimited access to premium TrillerVerz boxing as well as music PPV events.
  • FITE has started covering soccer events.

Verdict: FITE is owned by TrillerNet. It supports the English language. It streams more than 1000 live events per year and has a strong community of 7M fans. It supports Xbox, Roku, Chromecast, AppleTV devices. Its mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices. All the major browsers are also supported such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge.

Price: FITE can be tried for free and the trial period will be based on the subscription plan.

Available subscription plans are:

  • FITE+ costs $4.99 per month for a monthly subscription and $49.99 per year for an annual subscription.
  • TrillerVerzPass Subscription is available for $2.99 per month for a monthly subscription and $29.99 per year for an annual subscription.
  • NWA All Access subscription costs $4.99 per month for a monthly subscription and $49.99 per year for an annual subscription.
  • TrillerPass Subscription costs $29.99 per month for a monthly subscription and $299.99 per year for an annual subscription.

Website: FITE

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7. SportSurge

Photo: Screenshot
Photo: Screenshot

Meet Sportsurge! It is one of the best sports streaming sites that brings live coverage of various sports globally. Initially, Sportsurge was limited to American sports like baseball, basketball, and American football. However, it has added other popular sports, like motorsports, MMA, and soccer (or football internationally).

It’s worth mentioning that Sportsurge is a website and not an app, so it will work on any device with a browser. It doesn’t require any kind of signup or subscription to access.

SportSurge is another free streaming site. You can watch popular sports events. The site has a detailed schedule that lets you see current, previous, and future events. You can view the latest sporting events in HD.


  • Watch multiple sports events.
  • Live sports schedule.
  • HD quality videos.

Verdict: SportSurge is a good live sports streaming site. A great thing about the streaming site is the minimum intrusive ads. This results in a positive experience when watching sports live.

Price: Free

Website: SportSurge

8. Facebook Watch

Photo: Screenshot
Photo: Screenshot

Facebook Watch is a streaming service integrated with Facebook, like Messenger or Marketplace. It exists separately from your News Feed, however, you can access it through the main Facebook site.

Facebook Watch is free to use and is available on both the mobile app and the Facebook website. You won’t find a lot of network material on Facebook Watch. Instead, you can expect a lot of user-generated content mixed with the professional content produced specifically for Facebook, including original drama and comedy series, talk shows, and lots of fiction works.

One downside of the service being free is the abundance of ads. If the creator of the video you’re watching has monetized it, you’ll have to sit through a few commercial breaks during the video.

Facebook Watch is organized like YouTube. There aren’t any channels, but instead there are different content creators who have their own pages with videos on Facebook Watch. Facebook Watch also has a number of its own Originals and series — each of them will also have a dedicated page with the description of the show, users ratings, and episodes.

Facebook Watch is a significant site for watching sports highlights for free. You can search for videos of different sports. It also lets you react to the sports videos uploaded online. You can share and comment on videos posted on the site.


  • Search videos.
  • Live shows.
  • Watch highlights.
  • Social share and commenting.

Verdict: Facebook Watch is a free social media sports video site. It is a video-sharing site similar to YouTube, but with limited features.

9. VIPRow Sports

Photo: Screenshot
Photo: Screenshot

VIPRow is a popular sports streaming website that can be accessed on any device with any web browser for free. You can watch all the Live Sports including NFL on FireStick for free with this website.

The Sports you can watch on VIPRow Sports websites provide Football, Basketball, Baseball, Boxing, Tennis, Racing, and many others. Moreover, the site is quite user-friendly with a simple interface.

You don’t have to sign up or register yourself to use the service. As the service is free so you have to bear with the ads.

VIPRow Sports is a free streaming website so we don’t know if they hold legal licensing for these channels. That is why, for your own online security, it is strictly advised that you use a VPN on your FireStick device.

VIPRow is a live sports streaming site. You can watch dozens of sports online for free. The site features all the popular sports, including Football, Cricket, Honey, Table Tennis, Boxing, Golf, and more. You don’t have to sign up for an account to watch sports. You just have to search for an event stream and start watching sports online.


  • 30+ sports shows.
  • No sign up required.

Verdict: VIPRow is a free sports streaming site that lets you watch almost any sports match online. But a drawback with the site is that there are a lot of ads that trigger when you click on a link. Most people find it troublesome to keep closing ad links that pop up when you click on a sport streaming link.

Price: Free

Website: VIPRow

10. Live Soccer TV

Photo: Screenshot
Photo: Screenshot

Best for viewing sports events and news online for free.

Live Soccer provides free streaming of websites. You can watch different sports online for free. The live streaming site allows you to watch soccer, rugby, and cricket events. You can also read upcoming sports events on this website.


  • Watch sports events live.
  • Up-to-date match schedule.
  • Sports news and tweets.
  • Major soccer sporting events.
  • View popular sports–Soccer, Cricket, Rugby.

Verdict: Live Soccer is one of the best live sports streaming websites. The site allows you to watch multiple sporting events for free online. You don’t have to even set up a free account to watch sports videos on this free streaming site.

Price: Free

Website: LiveSoccer

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11. Reddit Sports

Photo: Screenshot
Photo: Screenshot

Best for sports news and highlights from popular sports around the world.

Reddit Sports is a sports news channel on social media channels. Users post live stream highlights from popular sports, including MLB, NHL, MLS, NBA, and other sporting events and leagues.


  • Social sharing.
  • Sports news.
  • Live stream highlights.

Verdict: Reddit users share highlights of live streaming of trending sports. However, the channel does not specifically stream live sports.

Price: Free

Website: Reddit Sports

12. Tubi

Tubi is an ad-supported free steaming service that many people are curious about, especially after Fox bought Tubi for $440 million.

Tubi offers over 20,000 older TV shows and movies to watch for free. Their library holds content from studios including Paramount, MGM and Lionsgate and networks including A&E, Lifetime and Starz. The company says it has 25 million active monthly viewers who spend over 160 million hours per month watching content on Tubi.

Tubi is the largest free movie and TV streaming service in the US, supported by ads. The platform works spectacularly well across all devices and provides quality content in high resolution.

Apart from streaming movies, TV shows and anime in high quality, the site offers 10 free live streaming channels for different sport categories.

Tubi shows an ad block with 3 0r 4 ads every 15 minutes.

Tubi got a positive review over at CordCutting, which gave high marks for its interface and clever categories. The site noted that while Tubi's library is limited, compared to the big titans like Netflix, that's to be understood because it's free and meant to be supplementary material. Lifewire also recommended the service, noting how short its ad breaks are.

Tubi offers a slew of options for getting the service onto your TV, including apps on Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Chromecast. We've got links to all of those app stores below. Tubi is also available on the PS4 and Xbox One. And if you're a Comcast Xfinity or Tivo user, you'll find Tubi apps on those platforms, as well.

  • Amazon Fire
  • Android (Google Play Store)
  • iOS, iPadOS, tvOS (Apple)
  • Roku
  • Windows (Microsoft)


Smart TVs and Blu-ray players from Samsung and Sony also work with Tubi.

Tubi is also available via web browsers at So, if you're looking to watch it from your laptop or Chromebook, head on over there and you'll find all the content you want.

On the mobile side, you'll find Tubi is available in both Apple's App Store and the Google Play marketplace, so you can access it on just about any iPhone or Android device available now.

13. Batsmanstream

Best for streaming of major sports in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Batsmanstream doesn’t stream sports events. It provides partner links to live sporting events. The website also lists sporting event schedules with time. You can click on any event and watch the live sports for free on partner sites.


  • Active links.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Website widget.

Verdict: Batsmanstream provides lots of sports links to fans for watching major sporting events. But many users are turned off by advertisement redirects on the main page that tricks users into clicking on partner products.

Price: Free

Website: Batsmanstream

14. Cricfree

Best for watching sports online free on your PC.

Cricfree provides news about sporting events. You can watch cricket, football, hockey, and other sports on the platform. The sports are neatly organized in different categories.


  • 10 sports (Rugby, American Football, Soccer, Tennis, Cricket, Baseball, Boxing, Basketball, Hockey, and Moto Grand Prix).
  • Daily matches schedule.

Verdict: Cricfree may be free, but a lot of intrusive ads support it. You will have to close the ads multiple times to watch free sports.

Price: Free

Website: Crickfree

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15. Bosscast

Photo: Screenshot
Photo: Screenshot

Bosscast is a free sports streaming platform that many football and basketball fans will love. The free streaming site offers an excellent range of available sports games, so you shouldn’t have a hard time keeping up with your favorite team’s important games on the platform. However, you should expect a lot of pop-ups, so we suggest you install an ad-blocker if you haven’t already.

If Covid has got you craving to chat with your sports budding while watching the big game, Bosscast also offers a live chat option where you can comment your thoughts about the game’s highlights.


  • Online chat and an extensive Twitter community help you socialize while watching the big game
  • An excellent selection of sports and games


Bosscast is a great sports streaming service, offering multiple sources for every game, so you have better chances of catching the game on time. The platform offers an incredible social aspect, allowing you to communicate with other like-minded individuals while watching live events.

16. SonyLIV

SonyLIV is a streaming service that allows you to watch sports, movies, and TV shows from all across the world with a free or paid subscription. On the site, you can watch sports games, including live cricket, football, WWE, and UFC.

Apart from the live stream, you can also find exciting highlights and fun moments from past sports games.


Live sports games and events

English and Indian TV shows

Movies on demand


SonyLIV offers a fantastic collection of popular sporting events, TV shows, and movies. You can choose between a free or a $19 a year subscription, but the free access doesn’t unlock too much content.

17. Laola1

Laola1 is another excellent choice from some of the best free sports streaming sites. The platform allows you to watch live games directly in your browser, so watching the next game won’t take up too much time. It offers live stream links for many sports, with handball, hockey, and basketball as the most popular options. Even if you’re looking for a specific match of EuroVolley or the Davis Cup, you can find it on Laola1.


Reliable links from over 15 reputable sports streaming sites

A variety of different sports to choose from


Even though Laola1’s streaming services are discontinued, you can still catch all the big games on its partner platforms. They will supply incredible live streams of the most popular sports event anytime.

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18. StreamEast


  • Monthly Visitors: 1,200,000
  • Ad Annoyance: 5
  • VPN Friendly: Yes. Works perfectly with a VPN.
  • Official Website:
  • Alternative URLs:,

StreamEast is another good addition to our list of sports streaming websites.

This is an up-and-coming streaming website that provides live streams for any sporting event you can think of.

The main categories within StreamEast include Baseball, Football, Basketball, MMA, Boxing, Soccer, Hockey, and more.

Pros of StreamEast include its simple interface, categories, no registration, and buffer-free streaming.

Some cons of using StreamEast include the ad placements and unverified status.



  • Monthly Visitors: 358,000
  • Ad Annoyance: 5
  • VPN Friendly: Yes. Works perfectly with Surfshark or NordVPN.
  • Official Website:
  • Alternative URLs:,

Although USTVGO isn’t best known for its sports content, this streaming website still carries plenty of popular sports options.

The USTVGO website has been a staple among cord-cutters for several years and its categories include News, Sports, Entertainment, Kids, and more.

Important Note: For those using VPNs, the USTVGO website ONLY works with Surfshark or NordVPN.

Benefits of USTVGO include its popularity, stream selection, simple user interface, navigation, and more.

The downsides of using USTVGO include its unverified status, VPN compatibility issues, and ad placements.

20. Pluto TV

Photo: Screenshot
Photo: Screenshot


  • Monthly Visitors: 865,000
  • Ad Annoyance: 5
  • VPN Friendly: Yes. Works perfectly with a VPN.
  • Official Website:

Although not best known for its sports content, Pluto TV is one of the most popular free streaming apps that still carries an impressive amount of sports coverage.

Some of the sports networks offered by Pluto TV include Bellator MMA, CBS Sports, Golf Channel, MLB TV, Impact Wrestling, and more.

Benefits of using Pluto TV include its smooth playback of streams, VOD content in addition to live channels, and quality user interface.

The drawbacks to using Pluto TV include its limited live sports selection and advertisements during playback.

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