Top 15+ Best Apps to Watch Football for Free on iPhone & Android

Best Apps to Watch Live Football for Free

How to Watch Live Football or Sports for Free?

You can download and use the apps below, which allow you to watch the real-time game streaming for free.

Another way is live streaming sites where the broadcast is on the mobile web browser. There you don’t need to install any app. Both of them have their benefits. But a football streaming app is easy to use, gets quickly notified compared to websites.

Football fans, if you have the good live streaming applications installed on your iPhone or Android then this task can become much easier. You wonder what are the best apps to watch live football and sports free on your Android and iPhone.

To solve this problem, there was a necessity for a platform that would help users to watch live sports free on the go anytime.

Thankfully, with your mobile phone, you can keep up with the match anytime and anywhere. There are many dedicated applications and other apps that provide high-quality streaming of your favorite football match.

With these apps, you will not have to try and catch a stream which may be of inferior quality. With these apps, you can watch every move that the players make, and every pass, and goal that they score!

Download the best apps to watch live football free on iPhone and Android

Football Live Streaming is a sports application that provides a free platform wherein you can watch various live football matches instantly. This includes tournaments such as MLS, Serie A, La Liga, Premier League, Bundesliga, Champions League, and many other leagues. You can enjoy the real-time action right at the comfort of your smartphone or tablet devices.

All the apps for football and sports are well tested under any aspects and verified by play protect. You can download from the Google Play Store or Apple store for ios devices without any issue.


*Keep in mind that this viewing service contains intrusive ads thus, expect that your streaming will be interrupted from time to time.

*Nowadays many streaming apps are not only aimed at streaming but also for introducing you to additional information about matches, scores, live chats, a possibility to make predictions, and a lot more.

Top 20+ Best Apps to Watch Live Football for Free on iPhone & Android and Tablets

There are many apps that promise to offer you this facility but how do you know the best and free?


Mobdro makes it one of our top live football streaming apps. People use it for their video streaming needs and it allows users to perform an easy search for their favorite video across the internet including football videos. In this app, you’ll be able to perform some interesting operations like bookmarking your favorite football event.

This means once you bookmark your favorite football match you can come back to watch easily after hours or days. Download Mobdro for Android (.APK), PC, Firestick, Smart TV, Chromecast Latest Version.

Mobdro is simply the well-tailored and absolute mobile app for sports lovers. Those who want to get rid of those old-style cable connections and all the associated troubles are requested to download the Mobdro app on their devices. It assists viewers to access a wide range of sports channels, entertainment collections, and movies as well as shows. Although it does not support HD content quality, you can access great content for viewing all the time.

The best news about Mobdro is that it is available for free with all the impressive features.

Price: This app is available for free to download and watch live


Top 20+ Best Apps to Watch Football for Free on iPhone & Android
Besoccer Football App

This is one of the most popular apps for watching European football, and there is a good reason for that. It supports streaming of some of the most popular and major leagues, such as MLS, Premier League and others. In fact, you also have the option of any other league that you wish to see by placing a request with them through the application. Apart from that, this app also provides you a lot of useful features you will ever miss a match again when you turn on the notification for this app which alerts you when a game is about to start.

It also shows you the weekly schedule for games so that you can plan your week accordingly. Apart from that it also provides commentary, statistics for the team as well as the individual players along with other exciting features! The user interface is simple and clean-cut, making it easy for you to view your match without any hassles.

It is easy to use, boasts of several interesting features and will become your go-to app during game day.


Top 20+ Best Apps to Watch Football for Free on iPhone & Android
Reddit App to Watch Football for Free

Although it is not exactly a soccer app, this does have a community of soccer fans which does the job for you. With Reddit, you can be updated with it the latest developments of nay match as well as any players on this app most players or leagues have their own subreddits where there are active discussions about the on-going match, latest news and much more. This app is best if you want to be able to connect with other football fans around the world. With a clean-cut design, this application has no fuss. You can subscribe to this app if you want to be able to enjoy some additional features and remove the ads on it.

However, the free version of this application is also nothing to scoff at.

4.Premiere League Official Application

This is the official application of the premier leagues. When you launch this app, you will be asked about your favorite team, but you can only choose the world premiere team to do the following when standing. If you are a fan of a football match under 18 then this is the app you want to install on your phone. If you want to find the results of each match, you can do the same, and also make changes that can check the player’s wealth, ticket information, and weather reports. The best part of this application is that you can also watch the highlights.

By the way, if you particularly like the video of one match, then you can download it to your devices for your later repeated watching. But you may encounter some incompatible problems, so here we recommend you Jihosoft Video Converter which can help you convert videos to all popular SD and HD videos such as 3GP, AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4, M4V, MPEG, MKV, RMVB, TS, VOB, H.264, HD WMV, DivX, XviD, etc.

It is free to use an official app that can assist sports lovers to view some of the most popular matches with ease. It is simply a new and advanced technique to manage a wide range of sports activities on a single platform with regular information updates. Premier League Live offers complete content management and it further extends support for love blogging needs with ease Premier League fixtures. One can easily access all tables, results, and fixtures from live competitions, and these highlights are updated with each passing moment. The interactive features of Premier League Live also assist users to manage their favorites clubs for easy access to media.

The unique and interactively managed database of PL lives assists, viewers, with fast access to in-depth profiles of all sports players as well as the key performers.

5.La Liga TV

The La Liga TV application permits clients to access live streaming of all ladies’ football matches. As the name addresses, this application gives moment updates on sports news, scores, and La Liga updates, and is available for both iOS and Android users. Just like YouTube, this app allows users to watch saved live match videos so they can be watched later. This is a lightweight app that is available for free. This platform gives simple access to premium matches of the season.

Price – Download and Watch Live for Free

6.CBS Sports

The CBS Sports app is actually an advanced streaming app that you can find both on the Android and iOS platforms. Users can enjoy live matches while gaining access to the latest and most important information about their teams and other sports.

The app allows you to follow as many as eight games at any single time – on a single screen. The appearance of the app can be adjusted to your taste thanks to the custom navigation.

Price: It is available for free on iOS and Android.

7.ESPN ScoreCenter

This app not only allows you to watch football, but you can also watch several tournaments including NBA, Golf, Tennis, Cricket, Rugby, e.t.c. With ESPN ScoreCenter you can follow your favorite team and tournament as it features a personalized scoreboard and details of live games. Get details such as in-game stats, box scores last play, standings, and more. Amongst other sports streaming apps for iOS and Android, ESPN ScoreCenter ranks high.


Top 20+ Best Apps to Watch Football for Free on iPhone & Android
SuperSport App

SuperSport lets you enjoy live video streaming on football matches. It also includes Tennis, Cricket, and Rugby. Even a newbie will be able to navigate the platform properly due to its user-friendly interface that allows you to catch instant live streams from any club match. You will be happy to know that SuperSport also provides access to live commentary, group chats, and match chats online.

Price – It is totally free to use.

9.First Row

There is no doubt to say that FirstRow is one of the most widely used and highly successful streaming applications. It has a big loyal user base that use to enjoy many unique sports collections on the First Row platform. This application is commonly used for sports games, events and for finding concerts on mobile devices. Users can also apply filters on search results based on area-specific needs.

The best thing to know is that it also allows followers to purchase show tickets right from your application and they can be transferred ahead via mail directly.

First Raw also allows users to share content created from live events to Facebook as well as Twitter.


If you live in North America and are a European football fan, you will need to download this application. The ESPN application provides all the traditional features you would expect from such an application. With this app you will get the latest news, professional insights about the game and players, and other opinions.

The unique feature is the ESPN+, which offers streaming services for matches of almost all sports, but most importantly, for European football. If you would like to watch MLS on your phone, then this application is your most budget-friendly option. Although their coverage could be better, they are the most affordable application on the market. To keep up to date with the latest news, you may be able to find some better app, but this is pretty decent as well. This app is more for the American fans of European football; if you are a European fan in search for an app to watch matches on, then this would not be the first on the recommendation list unless you want an app to keep up with American football.

Top 10+ Best Sites to Watch Football Online for Free Top 10+ Best Sites to Watch Football Online for Free

Check out The Top 10 plus Best WebSites to Watch Football Games Online for Free and Live Stream!

11.Goal Live Scores

This application lies between the applications like live score and the one football which approaches to deliver the results gossips and the news of the Soccer. At first, you need to select your favorite teams, and with the help of this information, the applications will notify or send you the news and the track records of the groups you have been chosen.

You will not find detailed information like you will find in the application like live score, but the information which is provided in this application is quite statistically done like the goal and the stats of the teams or any news regarding that teams.

This application claims that it is the only application that provides the fastest notifications of the goal, but it makes no difference because other applications are also punctual.

12.Bleacher Report

These official applications is not a website of the live match tracker or the goal tracker, this application contains and tracks the new of the teams which you have chosen in the forms. No only soccer, this application to cover up the other sports like the Olympics, college soccer, M.M.A., and much more games.

Like other applications, this will also make you choose the favorite teams of yours and after that the form which makes or create a feed for you. This feed will consist of the fitness, transfer, reactions of the post games from the players or the coaches.

This application is not designed for the replacement for the match tracking apps. You can tell this application as a news app of the sports.

13.Live Soccer TV

This website has a user-friendly interface and thousands of Sports are streamed in it.

It provides high-quality graphics and visuals that provide an excellent experience for viewers. It also has a website and mobile application that supports many languages. The highlight of this website is the list of upcoming events that most users will find it helpful.

No need to sign up for live stream games. The only downside is the pop-up ads.


Another decent application for your Android phone to be able to keep up with European football. This application has support for all big leagues and most other leagues as well. With this application, you get all of the traditional information that a football app should provide to you such as the match line-up, weekly schedules, and substitutions if any, the number of goals, or the number cards and the teams’ statistical information. The UI features Material Design and is clean cut and easy to use.

Using this application, you also get push notifications whenever there is an update on your match, and it provides high-quality information to you regarding the match and the players. The only downside is that the app sometimes seems to have some errors, as evidenced by the fact that some users complain that they have not received their push notifications.

However, it is a great app in general, and it is highly recommended when you want to watch European football.

15.Sony LIV

This website provides many choices of streaming sports for you. You need to sign up before watching. It's worth your time doing so because just as websites mentioned ealier, it has very nice quality content. Get your popcorn ready and enjoy yourtime on it.

16.T.L.S.LS Soccer

This is another application for comprehensive statistical tracker, which is supported by one of the leading agencies of OPTA football data collection. You can call this application bare metal, but the data in this application has met the requirements. You can find everything in this application, such as past results and face-to-face data, news from the squad or a map of the team ground.

You can also follow matches or individual teams, and get the option to get notifications for each match. You can also view wealth information for any other player.


If you are an American soccer fan but interested in the world of international football, then you may want to check out this app. Although not limited to European football fans, the app also supports multiple leagues around the world, so it can also be used to monitor what is happening in the European football world. With it, you can get live updates of scores, match highlights and weekly schedules.

This app is more suitable for American viewers who like to watch American football; however, because it supports various leagues around the world, it is also very good at providing you with the latest news about European football. A major disadvantage is that sometimes in certain leagues, the application may slow down.

But overall, this is a pretty good application.

How to Watch Live Premier League, Champions League and Europa League How to Watch Live Premier League, Champions League and Europa League

How To Watch Live, Stream Online Football is on TV Tonight: Premier League, Champions League, Championship and Europa League.


StarTimes is what you need! With it, you will get a chance to watch exclusive football matches from different leagues, such as Bundesliga, Serie A, Ghana Premier League, FIFA, ICC, Ligue 1.

Add to this the possibility to watch online videos on more than 400 channels and you’ve got a multi-optional app that doesn’t limit you in anything. Since the range of available programs is huge, you can pick up something interesting every day. If you do so, you will get daily recommendations based on your preferences. Besides live streaming, there’s the latest news from the football world.

If you are planning to watch a significant football match and you’re afraid to forget about it, you can set a reminder and the app will send you a notification before the match starts. By the way, there are automatic notifications of all the important matches. So, wherever you are, you can always rely on this mini-TV in your smartphone!


This application is mainly aimed at North American fans and is great for organizing a large amount of data for you. It is not entirely a European football application, but a sports application that provides updates on various sports events, such as racing, Baseball, basketball, European and American football, etc. With this application, you can get real-time updates on the game and stay up to date with the latest news.

This app is highly recommended and although it is more suitable for US fans, it will not disappoint you. It helps to organize information in a concise way so that you can learn as much as you like about the leagues you like.


It is difficult to parse through this application most of the time and you will need to be on your guard at all times when using this application. However, Twitter is a decent app when you want live updates on your match and also want to be able to connect with other European football fans. By following league fan accounts and more you will get live updates on scores, and also be able to keep up with the latest news.

All you need to know about your league and match will be updated on a single page, thus making it easier for you to keep track of what is happening.

21.Forza Football

With the support of many leagues, this is another great app for you to catch up to European football. With this application, you will be able to keep up with 400 leagues. It will update you with the latest news, scores, match lineups, weekly schedules and more about your favorite leagues. The information provided by this application is excellent. Although it may not have the simplest design or may not be the most user-friendly application, it can definitely help you stay up-to-date and gather information only from reliable sources. The app is completely free and there are no even in-app purchases.

This application is elegant, but you should not expect the clarity of the applications as per the other apps.

However, to make it free for users, this application does come with some ads.

22.Swift Stream Live TV

With 700+ live tv channels, this is the best APK, or you can say the alternative to the paid apps. Host all the major live TV channels from all across the country. It provides you with High-Quality streaming through your Android device, watches live streaming of India, and international channels free of cost.

Watch 100 channels free of cost without any subscription. Just install the free APK and get started. Select your country, and it will fetch all the gutters.

Price: Free and support all players.


Want a more concentrated focus on news and updates regarding your favourite league or tournament? Why not check out the official soccer apps? Most leagues and tournaments have their own apps that users can download from the Google Play store to keep updated on the latest developments in the world of European football.

Most of the applications which are official and dedicated to a single league or player are free, and although they do have a few ads here and there, they are the best if you want to be updated only on some portion of the game rather than all of them. Of course, if you support a variety of leagues, then you may not want to bog yourself down with several different applications.

However, these apps are great for those who want to get major updates rather than receive notifications for very little development. If you only like a few parts of the sports, then this application will be great for you to focus on certain aspects of the match rather than all of it.


This is an RSS application. Through this application, you will be able to keep up with a number of blogs, YouTube channels, websites as well as other media. Hence, you will be able to keep up with everything surrounding football with the help of your favorite blogs and websites. This application is easy to use and has a clean layout.

It updates its feeds in accordance with your preferences, and it tracks everything that you have and have not read. The application also updates itself across other devices such as your PC. When you are starting out it may require some work for you to be able to enjoy this app, such as searching for different blogs and YouTube channels.

However, once you have updated your preferences on this app, it will alter its feed according to your likes and dislikes and show you the latest news!


Rojadirecta is one of the most essential live streaming tools for mobile as well as PC users. One can watch lots of videos over it and it also works for sporting content that is broadcasted on Television otherwise. This tool helps users to establish links with affiliate sites so that viewers can have direct access to tough competitions in matches. As per the streamed game quality, one can make easy selections about web speed and the accompanying language can also be selected manually as per need.

There are lots of channels that you would love to watch; choose any of these with easy scrolling and let your reach get widen on a tiny mobile device.

26.Stream Formula 1 Live

This well-designed Google Extension can help you to get your favorite sports content with ease from any corner of the world. It can be accessed in many languages whereas content quality is impressive enough for all events. Those who are madly in love with football will find this Google Extension the best option for live streaming. It stays up to date and all details are updated within each passing second.

It is one of the best options for bloggers too as they can avail themselves of the most trusted information with ease and at a faster speed over here.


This website has its own app for Android and iOS, if you're using your phone or pad watching sports, it is highly recommended for you to download the app for the best experience. The website itself has very good quality content.

Price: Tt has free or paid version.

28.Yahoo Sport: Football & More

You will see on the main page all the latest news from the sports world from different categories. You can also find the information about the game that you didn’t see and find out the scores, the history of the game, and so on.

In the football section, you will discover tons of information – the announcements of future tournaments, information about football teams, best players, latest news, analytics of the past games, and many more. It might seem like a lot at the beginning, but the interface is designed quite conveniently, so you won’t feel overwhelmed or something.

In Yahoo sports, you will find the broadcasts of any football league on the planet and the information about each team and each player. You can also watch live sports channels if you want. We also need to mention here if you prefer your streaming apps compact and focused, this one is not the best option for you.


GoalAlert is in many ways similar to the previous app. It lets you get notifications about scores. You can follow all the matches of all the European leagues.

There are no audio comments but the app is light and fast. You can change the sound of notifications if you want to. The app goes well both with Android and iOS. The design is wonderful. If you want something simple that lets you learn about your most expected matches, this is a great option to try out!

30.Football Stream Today

Football Stream Today offers a pretty different range of features to watch live streaming of football matches on your android device with varying scores of the game available on this screen at the same time.

Some time two matches going on at the same time as FIFA or la Liga so, there is a problem if you want to watch both at the same time so for that.

Just to overcome this problem, the developers of this app have created the features of watching two different at the same time while streaming another football match.

With a variety of functions, you can also get information about the scores of the game without flowing.

As the application is very lightweight, looking at data usage, therefore, it is the critical attracting point on this free sports tv app.

For the users to use this application to watch live football streaming and scores wherever and whenever they want to.

These are the added features of the claim that we have discussed. Some of the features are given by every app available on the Google Play Store for football streaming.

The form is entirely safe to use as Play Protect verifies it by Google itself.

Price: You can download it from Google Play Store for free

31.Stats Zone

Are you an over-analyzing person for soccer games or any games? Do you play a maximum match of the management type sports? Then this application is perfect for you. This application tells and gives them every pass and the shots and will notify you about the on-field play with every situation and the dribbles and graphics which you can be hope for.

However, if you want to watch games for free, you won’t be able to watch them. You need to pay $ 4 to play in the Premier League, or you can pay a total of $ 11 to watch each match and follow the statistics.