Top 30+ Best Free Sites and Apps to Watch Tennis Online Anywhere in The World
Top 30+ Best Free Sites and Apps to Watch Tennis Online Anywhere in The World

Tennis is one of the best action sports there is no doubt, it is better to see the games live on the TV and direct, enjoy tournaments watch tennis live US Open and Wimbledon at the moment, or perhaps see the best plays between Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal. Hundreds and thousands of tournaments and matches take place around the world every year, and new popular and talented athletes appear. True fans always want to be aware of the latest events.

The French Open, The Australian Open, and Wimbledon championships are some of the most popular Tennis tournaments which are organized every year in different countries. Popular Tennis players from all over the world participate in these tournaments which makes them popular among the common people.

Whether you’re on the road, out of the house, or just want to watch the match comfortably and without interruption on the big screen of your home TV – our top will help you choose a comfortable service to watch. Therefore, you can not miss the list of free online pages to the free tennis sites and apps that we bring you from Opjee without losing any detail from your Android and iOS devices as on your computer.

Pros and cons of watching free tennis online

Naturally, the great advantage of being able to watch tennis online is not having to pay. On many occasions, you have to hire additional packages to be able to watch sports on your television. It costs a lot of money, in addition to not always being able to select what you want to see. Therefore, the option to watch it online gives a lot of freedom. The user chooses what to see when to see it and it is more comfortable.

The selection of tournaments is usually greater online. So you can watch men's, women's or doubles tennis without too much trouble. Something that is not always possible on television channels, where the selection of matches is limited and a few are selected from each competition. This problem ends when you watch it online.

Quality is a variable aspect although on many pages it is usually acceptable, there may be games in which the only link is of poor quality. Which is a bad viewing experience for the user in question. So it is something that depends on each specific game or the web that is visited.

On many pages, we come across too much publicity. Something that is always annoying and sometimes can make it difficult for us to watch the tennis match in question. On the other hand, finding links may not always be easy. There are times when a page has a link for the game that you want to see, but the link fails or does not work, and then it is not possible to see the said game.


Free Sites to Watch Tennis Online Anywhere

1. Bet 365 Scores

Photo: elitesportsny
Photo: elitesportsny

On this website, you will find all the first-hand news regarding the world of live and direct tennis from tournaments such as the Davis Cup, the French Open, Wimbledon, the US Open, and the Australian Open.

You will be able to access a dashboard in real-time about the results. You also have the possibility of being able to make combined bets on tennis.

All this in a safe environment. You can watch tennis live streaming for free.

Likewise, you have the option to share this information on social networks with other interested parties in the sport. You can download their mobile app on how to do it online.

And if you want, you can see live images of tennis matches. Do you want to start? Enter Bet365 by registering with your user and enjoying this information.



This free Tennis streaming website is probably the best streaming website in our recommendation due to so many reasons. Directv Now website lets the users to stream live ongoing Tennis matches on their devices in HD screen quality resolution. Some live sports TV channels can also be streamed on this tennis streaming website for free. Channels like ABC, NBC, HGTV, and Fox sports are available for streaming on this website. The user-friendly interface of the DirecTV Now website is an absolute beauty with an attractive Graphic user interface. All these excellent features and premium content availability makes DirecTV Now a great choice as a tennis streaming website.


3. ATP Tour

ATP TOUR is one of the most professional websites on the internet to find real-time information about live tennis.

ATP Tour is a free tennis streaming app, giving you statistical information about sets, players, tournaments, and much more.

You can not only watch the tennis games but also access live videos and also listen to them. Read summary news or find information about your single or double players.

This is the perfect tennis streaming app for a true tennis fan! Follow the ATP Tour official website and don't miss any details.


4. EuroSport Player

Photo: YouTube
Photo: YouTube

If you are residing in any European country, then the Eurosport Player website is probably the best tennis streaming website for you people. This free tennis streaming website has a very great user-friendly interface. You can easily click on the “Live Stream” icon and can stream unlimitedly for free. However, if you belong to any other country other than European countries, then you will be unable to access this website on your device due to geographical restrictions. Apart from tennis matches, this website also offers live streaming of other popular sports like Skiing, Cricket, Basketball Soccer, etc.


5. Live Tennis Online

The Live Tennis Online website will take you into the world of tennis for a small and reasonable fee. Anyone who is embarrassed about downloading additional software to your gadget, Live Tennis Online is for you!

The service broadcasts tournaments and tennis matches directly in your browser window, without installing unnecessary applications or extensions. Just connect to the internet and the world of tennis will open up on Live Tennis Online!

No matter what operating system you have, the service will give you a quality picture. On any device – Mac, iPad, Smart TV – the website will broadcast in HD format!

Reliable service with guarantees is provided to you. You won’t miss a single game of the season or year with Live Tennis Online. Enjoy your favorite sport at a low price and from anywhere in the world with any gadget.



USTA is an exclusive free tennis streaming website for the people from the United States of America. Basically, USTA stands for United States Tennis Association. The streaming service provided by this streaming website is not so great. There is no HD quality streaming support with the USTA website. Moreover, there are very less matches available for free streaming on this website. Users can only stream tennis matches on USTA and no other sports channel will be available on it which doesn’t make this website a comprehensive choice among the users.


7. Watch Live Sport

At first glance, Watch Live Sport may seem like another streaming site where you will see sports broadcasts.

But that’s not true: on the website, you can watch several games at once (if you’re a fan of several sports and the tournaments are at the same time) because the streaming on the website is processed in such a way that the viewer has such an opportunity.

The team of site developers focuses on the comfort for users – so, for example, each tennis event is covered individually (of course, if it is not your brother’s school game).

Watch Live Sport website is considered to be one of the best sites with sports broadcasts. It is independent of the TV schedule and can show you any matches at a convenient time for you. Easy to use and search for matches, easy to view – all this makes the site stand out in your eyes.


8. Sport Stream 365

Photo: seventech
Photo: seventech

Another very outstanding tennis streaming website for the users is where they can stream all the live ongoing tennis matches in HD screen quality for free. Sports Stream 365 website offers its users a lot of different popular sports TV channels like ESPN, and Fox sports for streaming purposes. The Graphic user interface is also pretty much attractive and user-friendly as well. And for a better online streaming experience, you can install Adobe Flash Player on your device. So, just open this website and click on the “Live Match” icon to stream the live ongoing tennis match on your device.


9. Direct red

Possibly the best-known website to watch sports online for free. It is known for having many soccer matches, although on the web there are also a huge number of tennis matches available. So it is possible to follow matches of the most important world championships in it. In addition, there are usually many links available on the web, which makes it possible to have access to live broadcasts and to be able to choose the one with the best quality.

Quality is usually variable on the web, although there are always a couple of links that have a great resolution so that it is possible to enjoy the best tennis with good image quality. Therefore, this website is always a good option to consider when you want to watch free sports online. It is not the one that offers us the most tournaments, but we can always follow matches, especially in the Grand Slam, in a very simple way.


10. Tennis Stream

This amazing free tennis streaming website is a dedicated platform for the users where they can stream live tennis matches organized by World Tennis Organization and International Tennis Organization. There is no such need to pay for any membership. Just open this website and create your free account to start streaming tennis matches for free. The user-friendly interface of this website is also one of the core features of this website. On the homepage of the Tennis Stream website, you will see the list of the matches which are available for live online streaming in HD quality.


11. Intergoles

Another well-known website for many, which allows you to watch football matches of all kinds of leagues. Although on the web we also have a section for other sports. There is also access to tennis matches. They are always very up-to-date, so you have an agenda for the day available. So it is possible to access the matches that are available that day in a simple way. They provide links to other different websites.

They have a good number of links available, so that it is easy to access a tennis match that interests you. The quality, as usual in these cases, is variable, as well as the stability of these links. But there are always good links with good image quality. Therefore, if you are looking for tennis matches, it is a website that you must always keep in mind.


12. First Row Sports

This tennis website for the users is another incredible option for them to stream all live tennis matches in HD screen resolution quality. There are a lot of different sports channels available on this website, which users can stream exclusively for free. Moreover, this website will automatically send you the updates on the latest future fixtures of tennis matches which are going to hold. Users can also stream the broadcast of other sports like Badminton, Baseball, Volleyball, etc. on their devices with the First Row Sports website.


13. RojadirectaOnline

A website is similar to the previous ones, which has become known for its football matches, but which has been expanding the number of sports available. Tennis has an important presence on this website, where it has its own section. In it, we can see all the tournaments that are in play at that moment and enter the links to see the matches in the tournament that is of interest. Always up to date and with a huge number of links available. One of the most complete in this sense.

In addition, They tend to have very stable links with a more than acceptable quality. Which helps to avoid having to search too much or having to change links every so often. Thus, being able to enjoy the tennis match at all times. Some of the links are in Spanish. A good page, without having to create an account to be able to see all the sport that interests you in a simple way.



Photo: lifewire
Photo: lifewire

This free site is just a sports broadcast and is listed as the best free streaming site to watch sports or games. All of the popular sports around the globe are live-streamed on this reliable site. Either on your desktop computer or on your mobile, WatchESPN can be enjoyed through the enhanced live streaming experience. So, feel no worry about not finding your games. WatchESPN is all your need.

The only downside of this sports streaming site is its availability which is only in the United States. This means, that only people who live in the United States can access the site to live stream sports. However, there is always a solution to a limitation. You can definitely access this site though you are away from the area by using a VPN. And also if you need free sports streaming apps WatchESPN also provides them for Android and iOS.



The second free sports streaming site to consider is It is very popular as a premier destination to watch the latest La Liga football competition. There is also some other sport you can expect to watch on this site. has recently offered a live streaming experience with an immersive high-definition. On this site, the sports are classified based on their type and league. It is aimed to allow you easily search and watch sports without taking too much time searching the sports. also enables you to watch specific channels and record all the matches for offline playback. Thus, you can still enjoy watching the matches in your free time in offline mode. you can also involve in the community or forum by having a fun discussion due to the availability of a community chat room.



The next Live Sport and Streams Online site you can use freely to watch your missed game is Stream2Watch. It is one of the biggest live sports streaming sites on the globe with huge fans. Boasting a dark-clad interface, Stream2Watch is appropriate for indoor viewing.

Being the most recommended sports streaming site, this one will enable you to literally stream any sport you personally like with aplomb right on this site homepage. To start, click on “Watch Now” and you will simply watch streaming the sport well without interruptions.

What’s more?

This site also offers live online sports streaming of football, hockey, tennis, basketball, and others for free. You can watch your favorite matches live here for free. Stream2Watch has multiple mirror links for each sports events. This site is really perfect with the belt providing the links to watch the shortcomings.



The next best tennis streaming site to watch sports freely online is SONYLIV. It is an Asia-focused site offering a robust streaming mechanism. It is aimed to ensure the visitors that all the sports streamed are there to enjoy without any ads annoying your live streaming experience.

Along with the cluttered interface, SONYLIV allows you to easily navigate to watch a live stream any of your favorite sports. Furthermore, you can also stream a plethora of sports actions on this site at free without any payments at all.



Free Apps to Watch Tennis Online Anywhere

18. CBS Sports

Photo: microsoft
Photo: microsoft

One of the best channels to watch sports live. It is pretty rare when you can find a specific app where you could watch the tennis sports only. The apps like these are simply not that profitable since this type of sport has fewer fans, than, for instance, football. But that’s not a problem at all – all you need to do is to get nice sports streaming app like this!

You won’t miss any game of any popular kind of sport with this app. The CBS Sports app gives you front-row access to games from the NFL, UEFA Champions and Europa Leagues, the Masters, the PGA Championship, and many more.

By the way, you won’t even need to manually browse for the tennis news each time you use the app because after some time CBS Sports starts providing personalized recommendations for you – if you’re watching tennis then, logically, it will start offering more news and live streams from this field.

Link to download:

19. 365Scores

The application, that when you access the Internet immerses you in the world of tennis. If you are connected to the network and you have the application installed, you do not have to worry about the probability of missing the match – the service is easy to use.

365Scores keeps you up to date with the latest news – here you can find the score of any tennis match, preview announcements and predictions, watch tournaments live. All the best and most important events in the world of tennis right on your device. At home, at work, on a trip or in a cafe – enjoy tournaments and predictions.

Importantly, the app automatically adjusts the image quality as the best possible and available. The cute and comfortable design also makes you happy – visual pleasure is guaranteed!

Link to download:

20. BBC Sport

Nowadays, the BBC has lots of branches and one of them is their sports channel. Here you will be able to watch the live streams of all kinds of sports, including tennis.

The advantage of this app is that it has all the information well-organized and easy to access: In the first category you will find the latest news from the sports industry, in another section, you can watch the highlights of the most important championships and tournaments and, of course, find the schedule of the future live broadcasts. Tennis is included as well.

For better convenience, you can set up the notifications about tennis games broadcasts. The disadvantage of the app is that it doesn’t provide personalized recommendations, based on your past choices.

Link to download:

21 . ESPN

ESPN is the home of the Grand Slams, at least in the United States. That means that to follow along, having the app ready to go certainly helps. They always have updated scores for every type of match out there, and it’s very easy to follow along.

The amount of effort it takes to check up on all the different tournaments around the world is very difficult. ESPN provides all of the scores in one position, so it’s great for people to lock-in.

It might not have the same level of detail as more tennis-specific apps, but it is great for getting consistent updates in one place. Most sports fans already have the ESPN app, and this is one more reason to hold onto it.

Link to download:

22. Tennis Live

The second best application for watching live tennis is Tennis Live.

Thanks to a continuously updated source that covers all your favorite tournaments around the world including the Australian Open, French Open (Roland Garros), Wimbledon and the U.S. Open.

Follow the high progress of any game in real time, thanks to the “live score” found in the news section.

Link to download:

23. Tennis Channel

The Tennis Channel has access to players like few other outlets. They are always posting interviews with players, showing live matches at times, and providing a wealth of information connected to tennis.

They’ve done a great job of carving out their niche and ensuring that tennis fans stay entertained as much as possible. Their app is no different, and it’s really one of the best sports apps out there.

Instant updates are almost a necessity in this day and age when it comes to tennis. A lot of apps try to do it, but the Tennis Channel seems to be just a little bit faster. That’s great news for people who don’t want to constantly wonder what the score is when they are away from a television.

Link to download:

24. Tennis tample

The other application on the list for watching live tennis is Tennis Temple.

Tennis Temple provides live tennis scores, results, draws, and statistics from all professional tournaments worldwide. Also, live and match replays.

The application contains chat groups and forums for tennis fans to discuss matches and players.

Link to download:

25. Tennis TV

Photo: twitter
Photo: twitter

There’s been a time for every tennis fan when they simply can’t find a match they want to see. When in doubt, checking Tennis TV might be the way to go.

They have a lot of different options for tournaments all over the world, and it’s easy to watch at home or on the go. Just a few taps will allow viewers to check in on how their favorite players are doing.

No, they can’t have access to every single match out there, but they do a good job of getting what they can. It’s still a work in progress, but Tennis TV is worth keeping around for when used most.

Link to download:

26. Pirlo TV

The fourth and penultimate application we introduce to you so that you do not miss any live tennis match is Pirlo TV.

This application allows you to watch different sports live, one of them is tennis. It allows you to watch any match or tournament you want, just open the app and search for the match you want.

The application goes very smoothly and has a very simple interface for everyone to use, and critics say that you never cut a match.

Link to download:

27. TNNS

A hub for all types of tennis is possible when utilizing the TNNS app. Instead of a singular option for the ATP and WTA, this fits for everything. They also provide information on ITF tournaments, as well as Challengers.

There are live scores and updates, as well as statistics to follow along and see what is missed. They even provide an accurate schedule of play setups so that people know when they need to come back and see their favorite player.

The user interface is very solid, and people are generally happy about what they provide. It might not provide some of the bells and whistles that people are used to with other apps, but it gets the job done.

Link to download:

28. ATP/WTA Live

The last of the best apps to watch live tennis and not miss any of Rafa Nadal’s hits is ATP/WTA Live.

This application provides access to official live score data and match statistics from ATP and WTA events. Plan your tennis experience with up-to-date tournament schedules and draws .

Follow your favorite professional tennis players and tournaments in real time throughout the season, including ATP Challenger events.

Link to download:

29. Resultina

Another excellent app for following along with all types of scores from around the globe is Resultina. There are statistics, live scoring, push notifications, and so much more so that no one ever misses a point.

It provides a little bit more information than the TNNS app, but it does come at a higher price. Most feel like it is well worth the price to get all of the features, but some people don’t want to spend any additional money.

Those who only care about final scores and matches will find this to be a great solution. It gets a lot of work during major tournaments, but it really comes in handy for the smaller ones that might not be covered by traditional outlets.

Link to download:

30. DirecTV Now

Photo: directhd
Photo: directhd

DIRECTV STREAM is the fresh way to stream all the entertainment you love.

Live or On-Demand, at home or on the go, big screen or small – no matter how you like to watch, we bring your TV together.

No matter your passion, we've got you covered with live sports, breaking news, and thousands of On Demand titles. Watch your recorded programs on your schedule with cloud DVR, binge-hit movies & most talked about shows, and quickly find your favorite shows using our intuitive user interface.

Link to download:

31. SuperSport

This app is not the most popular one for watching tennis online, it is 100 percent worth trying. Well, maybe the interface design of this app could really look better but don’t be fooled by the looks here – in SuperSport you will find dozens of live sports streams, and not only tennis but also football, basketball, rugby and many more.

On the main page of the app, you can see the schedules of the most important upcoming live streams and see the highlights from the past games and championships. You can add your personal championships and tournaments into the important events section so you would always stay tuned.

The quality of live streams is not the best one here, but SuperSport is absolutely free and this advantage beats all other drawbacks.

Link to download:

How to Watch Tennis on TV

Looking to watch Tennis on TV? You’ll need ESPN, the Tennis Channel, and NBC to watch every tennis game live. Grand Slam events and regular ATP/WTP tennis is spread out across these broadcasters, with most events on ESPN and the Tennis Channel. NBC offers coverage of a few key tournaments, including the French Open.

A decent digital TV antenna (like this one from Amazon) will get you all your local affiliates like NBC for free, so you can watch tennis on TV without cable.

How to Buy Tennis Tickets Online

Thanks to its intimate court size, tennis is a great sport to watch live. If you’re wondering how to buy tennis tickets online in 2022, check out Vivid Seats. The website has legit tickets (and resale tickets) to tennis tournaments around the world, including Grand Slam tennis tickets and tickets to smaller tennis tournaments as well.

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