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Top 15 Strangest Military Vehicles in World History
Top 15 Strangest Military Vehicles in World History

Throughout the history of mankind, nations have always had competition and military competition to protect their territories and sovereignty. Military vehicles are all of the vehicles that the military uses on a daily or routine basis for combat and non-combat activities.

It is well known that the various types of vehicles used by the military can significantly alter the dynamics of battle. As a result, the military spends a significant portion of its budget on acquiring the best and most appropriate vehicles available.

However, military vehicles are not always as common and ordinary as tanks, planes and warships. During the wars, many countries have created strange vehicles, which have impressed the participants and recorded in history. And in this article, will explore the strangest military vehicles in the history of the world.


1. T-55 Progrev-T Gasdynamic Trawler

Top 15 Strangest Military Vehicles in World History
T-55 Progrev-T Gasdynamic Trawler

Replacing the standard cannon, this T-55 Progrev-T tank has a rather strange and scary-looking addition, It's not some kind of sci-fi weapon but instead it's a jet engine.

The aerodynamic tank T-55 Progrev-T is built using a hull from one of the most produced tanks of all time - T-54, Progrev-T uses a battle tank type prolific main armament and replaced its turret with a jet engine mount, the jet engine being taken from a MiG-15 Fighter. progrev - T was created with the main purpose of clearing roads and detecting landmines. The principle of operation of the T-55 Progrev-T tank is to use the heat and wind from the jet engine to sweep away the top layer of dirt and pebbles, revealing the mines planted below.

It was mostly a failure in its original role, the T-55 Progrev-T aerodynamic tank was not the last Soviet tank to be equipped with a turbojet engine, as the Soviets gave more successful tanks such as the "Big Wind" were born, which used the powerful airflow the engines generated to fight fires rather than clear minefields.

2. ZIL-2906

Top 15 Strangest Military Vehicles in World History

ZIL-2906 was built by a group of Soviet scientists in the 1970s and has recently been renovated. Unlike other tanks, this type of tank has no wheels, instead it uses a drill-like system to navigate over land, sand, snow, wetlands and even over land. water surface.

This vehicle can travel at a speed of 30 mph on swampy terrain, but the main drawback is traveling on asphalt or concrete roads when it can only travel at 4 mph, and the drill is in undercarriage will damage the road surface. In addition, the noise of the ZIL-2906 will also make it easy for enemies to detect and attack.

3. Krupp Kugelpanzer

Top 15 Strangest Military Vehicles in World History
Krupp Kugelpanzer

The Krupp Kugelpanzer is a single-man battle tank, so it is also known as a rolling tank. Vehicles developed by Germany during World War II mainly for reconnaissance and reconnaissance purposes, paving the way for the army.

This bizarre tank has armor up to 5mm thick, and is powered by a single-cylinder two-stroke engine.

→ Video of a Russian strike in Ukraine provides a horrifying look at the TOS-1A thermobaric artillery system in action:

4. Rhino Heavy Armoured Car

Top 15 Strangest Military Vehicles in World History
Rhino Heavy Armoured Car

The Rhino was an armoured car designed in Australia during WWII. Due to enemy action and design flaws, the project never progressed beyond the prototype stage. A welded turret with 30 mm all-around protection, similar in design to the Crusader tank, completed the vehicle. The armament consisted of a QF 2 pounder Mk IX gun and a.303-inch Vickers machine gun coaxially mounted.

5. Vespa 150 TAP

Top 15 Strangest Military Vehicles in World History
Vespa 150 TAP

The Vespa 150 TAP was a standard Vespa scooter with a 150cc motor and a recoilless rifle in the shape of a 75mm Mk 20 mounted on the back. It was intended for use in the Algerian War of the 1950s. They could be loaded into shipping containers and dropped behind enemy lines due to their small size.

Because enemy guerillas could appear at any time, even in remote areas, the TAP's quick mobility made it an ideal anti-guerrilla weapon. The weapon was extremely powerful, with a range of 6400 meters and the ability to penetrate armor up to 100 mm thick.

6. Davidson Automobile Battery Armored Car

Top 15 Strangest Military Vehicles in World History
Davidson Automobile Battery Armored Car

The Davidson Automobile Battery armored car was built in Highland Park, Illinois, by Royal Page Davidson and cadets from the Northwestern Military and Naval Academy.

This vehicle was designed by Davidson in 1901. Two of these partially armored military vehicles were built by him and his students at Northwestern Military and Naval Academy. They were armed with.30 caliber Colt machine guns. A tubular steam boiler powered the vehicles. They had difficulty climbing hills due to changes in the boiler's water level. Davidson built these 1,000-pound lightly armored military vehicles on the Academy's campus in Highland Park, Illinois.

7. Ekranoplan

Top 15 Strangest Military Vehicles in World History

It's not a ship, nor is it a plane. It's a ground-effects vehicle that flies over the ground on an air cushion. During the Cold War, aerial photographs revealed what could only be called the Caspian Sea Monster, indicating that the Russians were building them.

Ekranoplanes require only very short, stubby wings to function, allowing for the construction of extremely large vehicles, the largest of which was the 240-foot-long Lun-class Ekranoplan built in 1987. The plan was for it to speed across the Pacific while remaining low enough to avoid radar detection. It would stealthily attack the US, armed with Russian soldiers and six missile launchers.

Ekranoplanes are no longer the most cost-effective way to transport hundreds of thousands of tons of cargo, but they're still awesome.

8. Bob Semple

Top 15 Strangest Military Vehicles in World History
Bob Semple

The Bob Semple Tank (also known as Big Bob) is a lolo heavy tank designed by New Zealand Minister of Works Bob Semple during World War II. Derived from the need to manufacture military equipment from available materials, this tank is made from corrugated iron on the basis of a tractor. Built during a time of uncertainty when Zealand feared to defend itself from the Japanese invasion without outside help, it was a civilian effort to design and create a means to protect New Zealand. The Bob Semple tank was designed without an official plan, which resulted in it having numerous design flaws and practical difficulties, so it was never put into production or used in combat.

The first prototype was built on the Caterpillar D8 crawler tractor, which is already available. The Department of Public Works has 81 D8s of which 19 are already available. The lack of armament meant that the D8 was equipped with six Bren machine guns, one on each side, two facing forward, one in the turret and one in the rear. The Bob Semple is a 12 ft (about 3.5 m) fox, uses a 95 kW (127 hp) six-cylinder diesel engine, has a top speed of 24 km/h (15 mph), a range of up to 160 km (99 mi). Since there was no protective armor plate, bright margan plating was used in the hope of deflecting projectiles. The cockpit can accommodate up to 8 people including a gunner who must lie on the mattress above the engine to fire his Bren gun.

9. Standard Beaverette

Top 15 Strangest Military Vehicles in World History
Standard Beaverette

Standard Motor Company built it at Lord Beaverbrook's request, hence the name Standard Beaverette. Beaverbrook uses this armored vehicle to protect its aircraft factories.

The Irish Defense Force purchased 30 of these light armored vehicles in 1943, in the midst of World War II, to bolster the Irish army's understaffed armory as they seemed ideal for small streets. of Ireland. However, they proved to be very difficult to control for soldiers because of very limited visibility.

10. 2B1 Oka

Top 15 Strangest Military Vehicles in World History
2B1 Oka

The self-propelled Soviet mortar 2B1 Oka will always be remembered as one of the most powerful artillery weapons. The Second World War ended with the world divided and a struggle to determine who would be the next superpower.

The beast's engine produced 750 horsepower, but this was insufficient for the 55-ton beast, which had a range of only 125 miles. The Soviet army eventually abandoned it due to its large weight, limited rate of fire, and slow speed.

11. Volkswagen Schwimmwagen

Top 15 Strangest Military Vehicles in World History
Volkswagen Schwimmwagen

Volkswagen Schwimmwagen, which looks more like a swimming wagon, is an innovative masterpiece that should not be dismissed as strange. However, the fact that this is a vehicle that can be engine-driven on land while also being paddled on water makes it an appropriate inclusion on this list.

With over 14,000 units built between 1942 and 1944, the Schwimmwagen was a huge success with the German army.

12. Simms Motor War Car

Top 15 Strangest Military Vehicles in World History
Simms Motor War Car

Simms Motor War Car is designed using the Daimler truck chassis manufactured by his company. The vehicle has Vickers armor 6mm thick and is equipped with a 3.3-liter four-cylinder engine, 16 horsepower Cannstatt Daimler, for a top speed of about 9 mph (about 14.5 km/h). The Simms Motor War Car armored vehicle consists of two Maxim guns mounted on two 360-degree rotating turrets. When fully equipped, the armored vehicle measures 28 feet (8.5 m) in overall length, with 8 ft (2.4 m) beams, a wooden bar at each end, two turrets, and two guns. It is capable of walking on very rough surfaces. Requires operation with a crew of four.

By the time the last Simms Motor War Car was built and unveiled at the Crystal Palace Motor Show in London on February 1902, the colonial war had come to an end. Immediately it was no longer necessary. In fact, the British Army didn't even attend the show to see the car it had ordered.

13. Kettenkrad HK101

Top 15 Strangest Military Vehicles in World History
Kettenkrad HK101

Sd.Kfz.2 is a single-wheeled road bike, better known as the Kettenkrad HK101. It was used by the Nazi army during World War II. It began operating as a light tractor for amphibious forces, which had the advantage of being the only gun tractor small enough to fit inside the cargo bay of a Junkers Ju 52 aircraft. Kettenkrad vehicle The HK101 is a German lightest mass-produced military vehicle, designed and built by NSU Werke AG at Neckarsulm, patented in June 1939. It was first used in the 1941 Soviet invasion roll.

The Kettenkrad HK101 uses an Opel 1.5 liter in-line 4-cylinder engine with a capacity of 36 horsepower (26kW) along with the ability to run at a speed of 70km / h on flat terrain and can climb slopes more than 25 degrees. . In addition the Kettenkrad comes with a special trailer that can be attached to the vehicle to improve its cargo capacity, the trailer can carry 350kg (770 ib).

14. Kliment Voroshilov 2 (KV-2)

Top 15 Strangest Military Vehicles in World History
Kliment Voroshilov 2 (KV-2)

Two versions of the KV were produced, the KV-1 and the KV-2 (equipped with a 152mm howitzer). Although the KV-2 was only produced in a limited number of 350 units, less than 4,500 units of the KV-1. But the KV-2 possesses advantages including: the main weapon is the 152mm M-10 cannon, the secondary weapon is 3 DT light machine guns, the range is about 140km, the maximum speed is 25.6 km/h, Its extremely thick armor could not be penetrated by most anti-tank guns at the time - unless it was too close, its firepower was strong, and the smooth movement of the chain on the ground. However, it has its flaws: difficult to steer, the transmission is not smooth, the ergonomics are weak and there is almost no bucket/turret cage. It works as well as combat is not flexible even when operating at maximum capacity of the engine.

Later, the Soviet army researched and designed a cheap medium tank T-34 that still possessed deadly power, so the KV was used quite limited and was only used for military training. In the last years of the war, the KV2 series was used as the basis for the design of the IS heavy tank.

15. Schwerer Gustav und Dora

Top 15 Strangest Military Vehicles in World History
Schwerer Gustav und Dora

In 1939-1941, the Nazis constructed two 80cm railway siege guns, which were then deployed in late 1942. They were intended to breach extremely strong fortifications, particularly those along the Maginot Line. And how was this achieved? With 7,100 kilogram projectiles fired out of a 30-meter-long barrel.

Heavy Gustav, the first of the two, was deployed twice but only used once, during the Siege of Sevastopol, after being transported on a 1.5-kilometer long train. Dora, its sister, was deployed but did not see action at Stalingrad. Gustav still holds the record for the most powerful rifle ever used in combat.


Above is the top of the strangest military vehicles in the history of the world. Anyone can not help but marvel at these unique and unusual inventions.

We cannot deny that these vehicles not only give the military immediate advantages, but also play an important role in the industrial and technical development of mankind. They showed the world the creativity, extraordinary spirit and passion of their inventors and founders.

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