Top 7 Strange Predictions Come True By Nikola Tesla Since 1926
Strange Predictions Come True By Nikola Tesla

In the interview (1926), the genius Tesla made some unbelievable predictions for his time about the future. And now, those shocking predictions have actually come true, surprising mankind.

1. Wireless connection

At the time, images could only be transmitted over short distances by wire, but Tesla believes that in the future wireless data transmission will narrow the distance.

2. Remote control technology

In 1898, at an exhibition, Tesla performed an unbelievable experiment in front of everyone. It's for a boat without oars that glides on its own on the water. In fact, Tesla introduced the world's first "robot" prototype 22 years ago when Czech writer Karel Čapek defined this technology and it has been continuously researched and developed. to this day.

3. Mobile phone or smart device

Nikola Tesla once predicted that the world would have small wireless devices that combine many different technologies. He describes a device that would allow us to see and hear each other as if we were talking face-to-face and that would be small enough to carry in a pocket.

4. Strengthening environmental protection

One of Tesla's most important predictions is an increase in environmental activism. He envisioned that this would happen in 2035 but it happened much earlier.

5. Women are empowered

Tesla predicts that women will play a leading role in the future. He suggested that women would be equally educated as men and would begin to hold leadership positions in society.

6. Wireless News

Tesla predicts that the printed newspaper will be replaced, the news will be transmitted over the wireless network. He describes that everything will be accessible to people right at home every day. And today this is no longer a strange thing.

7. Self-driving cars

In 1898, Nikola Tesla proposed to build an automobile carriage that could perform various activities on its own. Now, after 100 years, it has become a reality as a company with a similar name (Tesla) has proven that this is the technology of the future.

Who is Nikola Tesla: Biography

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) was a Serbian-American scientist and inventor who made a great contribution by creating dozens of breakthroughs in the production, transmission and application of electrical energy. In addition, he holds more than 300 patents in various fields.

Although very famous and respected, Nikola Tesla was never able to turn his rich inventions into a huge fortune like Thomas Edison - his former boss and rival. Despite this, with his inventions always looking to the future, Nikola Tesla was dubbed the "inventor of the 20th century".

Nikola Tesla was born on July 10, 1856 in Smiljan, Croatia into a family of 5 children.

Milutin Tesla, Tesla's father, a Serbian Orthodox priest and writer, encouraged his son to become a priest. But Tesla only expressed an interest in science.

Djuka Mandic, Tesla's mother is a homemaker but passionate about inventing small home appliances in her spare time. Tesla once admitted that he inherited the blood of his invention from his mother.

In 1880, Tesla graduated from the University of Prague. In 1882 he discovered alternating current and built his first AC motor in 1883.

In 1884, inventor Tesla moved to the United States. He worked for the famous inventor Thomas Edison. Unlike Tesla, Edison preferred direct current to alternating current. After 2 years, Tesla left Edison's lab.

In 1887, Tesla opened a laboratory in New York City. The following year, he sold his alternating current concept to George Westinghouse, head of the Westinghouse Electric Company.

By 1891, he had invented the Tesla coil, which was widely used in radios, television sets, and other electronic devices. In the same year, Tesla became a US citizen.

In 1899, scientist Nikola Tesla conducted many experiments from a laboratory in Colorado. He demonstrated that electricity could be sent without wires.

In 1905, Tesla lost funding to build a wireless communication tower. That idea and many others never came to fruition in his life.

The truth that Nikola Tesla refused the Nobel Prize

One of the most common rumors about the scientist Tesla is that he refused to accept the Nobel Prize (with a bonus of $ 20,000) in 1915 because he did not want to share it with Thomas Edison.

This rumor originated from an article in the New York Times published on November 7, 1915. Accordingly, this newspaper published a brief notice with the content that two scientists Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison were co-winners of the 1915 Nobel Prize in Physics. However, this information was later proven. wrong because the winners of that year's Nobel Prize in Physics were William H. Bragg and his son W. L. Bragg.

At first, when it was rumored that he had been awarded the Nobel Prize, Tesla was quite excited when he told the press: "I can conclude that this honor was given to me because of the discoveries of the idea of ​​electrical transmission. wireless". As can be seen, Tesla also attaches great importance to the Nobel Prize, and considers it an honor.

Then, upon learning the results, Tesla expressed disappointment.

In addition, during this period Tesla is also in dire need of money because he is in big financial trouble. Therefore, it is unlikely that he would refuse the Nobel Prize and the accompanying $20,000. In fact, just a year later - in 1916, he declared bankruptcy.

Thus, it can be concluded that scientist Nikola Tesla has never received a Nobel Prize despite his extraordinary talent. It's certainly not that Tesla turned down the Nobel Prize.

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