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What was The First Car ever made in the World? - Photo: Catawiki.

The history of the automobile, also known more simply as the car, dates back to the seventeenth century. However, clearly identifying the first car ever built can be more challenging. With the ongoing effort to provide you with an accurate amount of information about "What was the first car ever made in the world?", Knowinsider has brought you an overall answer right here!

Early Examples of Automobiles

The first example of the steam-powered car was invented by Jesuit missionary Ferdinand Verbiest in 1672.

The first steam-powered vehicle large enough to carry passengers was designed by French inventor Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot during the late eighteenth century.

Then, in addition, it is listed by the worldatlas.com that French inventor and politician Francois Isaac de Rivaz built the first vehicle powered by an internal-combustion engine in 1808, and the first gasoline-powered combustion engine was installed on a pushcart by German inventor Siegfried Marcus in 1870.

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Karl Benz. Photo: Thoughtco.

Who Was the first car's inventor in the World?

The first car ever was created 134 years ago. The history of cars is quite intriguing, particularly because a wide variety of inventions were an integral part of creating the technology needed to create the first working car. According to the caradvise.com, many inventors came up with their own car designs in the 18th and 19th century, however, analysts universally refer Karl Benz’s car model of 1885 as the very first automobile.


While sifting through history books of automobiles, it may seem that there were several car-like inventions that preceded the first car in the world and that’s not wrong. In the 18th century, the invention of steam engines proved to be a huge turning point—it led to the manufacturing of steam-engine cars. Steam cars were hard to handle, especially due to their weight. While steam vehicles did not prove to be successful for normal use, they paved the way for the future of cars with fuel engines in the next century.

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The First Car in the World - Photo: Pinterest.

The First Car in the World

In 1885, Karl Benz invented a car that is credited as the first car in the world to be powered by fuel. The complete structure of the car was created in accordance with the dimensions of the internal machinery. Benz’s car became the model for the cars made after it.

The design of the car was based on a horse carriage—the difference was that instead of a horse, he put an engine. The car consisted of three tires and ran without needing any additional force.

The rear wheels of the automobile were bigger and heavier than the front wheel. This helped the car to drive better on hill-like terrains. However, the first model of the car had a collision in its public demonstration.

Undeterred, Benz continued with extensive experimentation and introduced a wide range of modifications. As a result, soon, he was able to get his car to travel more than 62 miles with his family—two sons and a wife.

After this, the car peaked in popularity, so Benz proceeded with commercial production of these cars. He sold them with high pricing and earned large profits because of its heavy demand. By 1886, Benz had begun the procedure to get a patent for his “vehicle powered by a gas engine.” His patent number: 37435 can be referred to as the birth certificate of the automobile.

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