1.'Ghost' Soviet Mig-23 Fighter Jet Crash in Belgium

Top 5 Rarest Incidents in World Military History
The tail of a MiG-23 after crashing into a house in Belgium on the morning of July 4, 1989. Photo: AP.

This is the strangest incident in aviation history.

The Soviet MiG-23 fighter jet flew in unmanned mode all the way from Poland to Belgium. When it ran out of fuel, it crashed into a house, killing one person.

The US and its allies experienced a moment of anxiety when a Soviet MiG-23 fighter entered the airspace of Western Europe in 1989 without a pilot.

The incident began on July 4, 1989, the pilot of the MiG-23, Colonel Skurigin, noticed engine damage during take-off. As the plane gradually lowered altitude, he believed that the engine had completely failed so he parachuted out. But the surprise is that the plane did not crash. Instead, it continued to fly west on autopilot. When detecting the MiG aircraft, the US sent fighter jets to follow, while the French also put their fighter on alert, in case it violated the airspace. But in the end the MiG crashed in Belgium.

The Belgian government criticized the Soviet Union for its slow response to the situation and for not informing them whether the plane was carrying nuclear or biological weapons.

2.Giant Warship Causes Floods

Before being sunk by American forces in the Great Battle of Leyte Gulf, the Japanese battleship Musashi was likened to a fearsome "monster".

One of the two largest and most powerful battleships ever built at the time (the other being Yamato), Musashi displaces more than 65,000 tons when fully armed, possessing a cannon. 46cm has a mounting range of nearly 37km. In addition, they are also equipped with many small cannons and have up to 150 anti-aircraft batteries.

However, Musashi's enormous size and weight caused it to cause a large 1m-high wave during its launch in November 1940, causing water to overflow into surrounding residential areas and capsize many fishing boats. Due to the secret nature of the launch, the Japanese military prevented the flooded residents from leaving their homes. Fortunately for them, no further mishaps impeded the rest of the ship's construction. Finally, the ship was completed in August 1942.

3.British Soldiers Get Drunk during the War with Spain

In an effort to regain the upper hand and respond to what Britain saw as Spain's rude treatment of British diplomats, the British dispatched more than 80 ships, carrying 10,000 to 15,000 troops to attacked the Spanish city of Cadiz in 1625.

When landing at Cadiz, British soldiers seized the barrels of wine in this city to increase their rations. Then they got so drunk that they threatened to rebel against their officers. The force's commander, Edward Cecil, ordered all the troops to return to the ship but left behind 2,000 drunken men, who were later executed by the Spanish. Of those who returned to the ship, only half were able to return home, partly due to inclement weather combined with poor living conditions and lack of food.

4.Brazilian Sailor Sinks his Own Ship

Top 5 Rarest Incidents in World Military History
Rarest Incidents in World Military History

Mistakes are always possible on the battlefield, even as friend-enemy technology is developed. As World War II drew to a close, the crews of the cruiser Bahia stationed in northeastern Brazil guarded Allied convoys practicing live-fire anti-aircraft exercises. The hypothetical target is a kite towed behind the ship.

During the exercise, the gunners accidentally hit a row of mines in the stern of the ship (the result of not having a protection system in place to prevent the gun from firing too close to the ship. As a result, the mine exploded and caused the ship to explode. The ship sank in just a few minutes, forcing the crew to use lifeboats and spend a week at sea.Of the more than 350 sailors on board, only a few dozen survived.

5.BBC Accidentally Revealed the British Plan to Attack Argentina

Historians remember the Battle of Goose Green during the Falklands War for two basic things: First, it was the bloodiest land battle between England and Argentina, and second, the BBC's early disclosure, Mirror commented.

At that time, while British soldiers were preparing to carry out a plan to attack the Argentine forces by surprise at night, the BBC accidentally announced their plan to the world. This angered some British commanding officers, including Lieutenant Colonel H. Jones, who vowed to sue the BBC and the Ministry of Defense for treason. However, after that, they still carried out the offensive campaign in the hope that the Argentines would believe what was published in the media was just a trick.

Lieutenant Colonel H. Jones' assessment has been proven correct. The commander of the Argentine forces, Lieutenant Colonel Italo Piaggi, believed that the British would not be so confused as to reveal their plans over public radio, so he did nothing to strengthen the defenses. In the end, the British succeeded in this battle, although the number of soldiers was much smaller than that of the opponent. Britain is said to have taken 1,400 Argentinian prisoners of war during this battle.

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