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When compared to the US or UK markets, the number of streaming services available to South African TV fans are few and far between. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t quality online TV streaming options to choose from.

Streaming content in South Africa has gained popularity by introducing new video services and the decrease in the cost of data thanks to local networks. For many years, streaming was limited to those with an uncapped internet connection or WiFi. Still, since then, lower tariff pricing has made access to such services more available.

However, today’s streaming services fetch high prices for premium entertainment.

While many have made the migration to digital from the traditional consumption of video content through free-to-air channels and paid satellite services like DStv, the latter of which has been battered for years for the high cost.

Check out top 10+ best streaming sites and services in South Africa

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1. DStv

DStv’s free streaming service is minimal, offering only eight of the linear channels available on its paid-for packages through your browser or in DStv’s mobile app.

One positive of this offering is that you can watch one of South Africa’s most popular news channels — eNCA.

The only on-demand content available at the time of writing was five episodes from sports programmes.

2. eVOD

E-tv recently launched eVOD with MTN as technology partner, featuring E-tv’s free-to-air content including soaps and telenovelas as well as local and Hollywood movies.

eVOD offers over 2,500 hours of content at launch, although some of this will be off-limits to free users.

eMedia Investments CEO Khalik Sherrif said that eVOD will feature hundreds of movies at launch and aimed to add at least 10 original movies every year.

It was free-to-air. Now its free-to-stream - the eVOD or ‘e Video on Demand’ app offers many local favourites available to stream, based on the first free-to-air TV channel after the SABC.

While there is a paid subscription option, the app provides thousands of hours of free content.

3. TV2Go

This website is a free streaming service that offers more than 100 channels. The platform provides users with a great experience that offers a wide range of entertainment, including kids' programs. Now, you can watch TV shows online free streaming with plenty of entertainment for the whole family to enjoy. Other than kids' entertainment, you can watch movies, documentaries, fashion, gaming, and TV series on any device at any time.

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4. Peacock

If you have a VPN, the free tier of NBC’s Peacock streaming service is one of the best available.

It boasts a large library that includes hit sitcoms like The Office, Modern Family, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Parks and Recreation, and TV dramas such as Bates Motel, Dr Death, Yellowstone, Suits, and Downton Abbey.

Popular movies in the catalogue include franchises like the Bourne series, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, The Godfather, and American Pie.

Live TV channels include Sky News, NBC News Now, NBC Sports, True Crime, and WWE.

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5. Vex.to

This website offers online streaming for TV shows as well as movies. Signup is not mandatory, which explains the massive number of South Africans who use this site for their entertainment purposes. The content offered on the website is free of ad pop-ups and has excellent clarity. The search tool on the site is designed to make finding content more accessible. It also provides additional information on a given movie or TV series such as the country of origin, production year of the films, as well as the names of the cast.

6. Afdah

This movie site is among the best in free streaming TV shows as well as movies. Even without signing up, you can have access to a massive library of movies as well as TV shows. Almost all the entertainment content here is in HD quality for a fantastic viewing experience. With Afdah, You can enjoy free full-length movies with no ad pop-ups.

6. Hindilinks4u.to

For those who are diehard fans of Hindu movies, you will be glad to come across this free streaming site. Here, you can be sure to find full-length Hindu movies. The website requires no sign-up, and it is ad-free. The movie search tool makes it easy to search for your favourite titles by name.

7. Europix

Europix is one of the top sites where you can watch TV series online without making any payments. The online platform offers a wide range of movies and shows to watch comedies, action, drama, horror, fiction, and many more. The movies and series also come with subtitles, translations, and other features suited just for you!

8. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is an ad-free and popular online platform where you can watch many movies and shows of high quality. The site also has a vast collection of HD movies.

9. Red Bull TV

Adrenaline junkies eat your heart out! The energy drink branded streaming service, the Red Bull TV app, allows free streaming of live events, films, and shows and offers offline streaming availability.

10. Tubi

This online movie streaming forum allows you to watch episodes and movies without having to sign up. If you chose to sign in, however, Tubi lets you select a list of your all-time favorite videos and resume playbacks across different devices.

11. TelkomONE

The free tier of TelkomONE offers 18 linear channels, including free-to-air SABC channels, several international news channels, and religious channels.

There are also many pre-recorded shows and sports matches from the SABC and Deutsche Welle (DW) documentaries available on demand.

12. rlaxx TV

It combines the best of video-on-demand and classic television enjoyment while being completely free of charge. The content is placed in tailor-made channels which cover topics such as sports, music, movies, lifestyle, adventure and kids and even though the streaming service is not all about the “blockbusters” it does have some cool content.

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13. Kodi

For nearly two decades, Kodi was built as free opened-source software, originally by Microsoft for the Xbox gaming console. Today the Kodi app plays home to a range of free content that can be streamed to smartphones or smart TV.

14. Twitch

In recent years, the streaming of gamers’ commentary while in-play has gained popularity, especially among younger audiences, thanks to Twitch. The Twitch app will allow users to watch games, follow new channels, and chat with other players.

15. Plex

Plex, a popular media server application, also offers a library of free movies.

Most of its titles available in South Africa appear to be obscure classics and new low-budget movies.

16. Alluc

Alluc is one of the first and most popular meta search engine movies where you can get movies online. All you need to do is search the title, and it will search through the thousands of sites. 95% of all the times you search will bring over 150 videos for you to choose from. The site provides a quality user interface and fast loading website. All the recent releases are also available, and the platform offers as many links as possible to choose from.

Paid streaming services in South Africa

Photo news24
Photo news24

Vodacom Video Play

Vodacom’s Video Play streaming service is available to South Africans. Subscribers can choose to pay R25 for a day, R40 for a week, or R99 for a month’s worth of viewing. Vodacom says this service allows subscribers to watch the latest movies, series, kids' shows and music videos anywhere in South Africa.

The service also allows users to buy blockbuster movies at a once-off price without the need for a subscription. They can watch a selection of films for free too.


Yes, it is a paid service with one of the most expensive streaming packages in the Showmax Pro version, which offers sport. Still, Showmax does provide a free version of its service.

After downloading and installing the app on your smartphone, once you tap ‘more’ in the menu icon and switch to free mode, you’ll be redirected to a list of free content.

Showmax Prices in South Africa

Showmax offers the most welcoming package to customers. New subscribers get 2 months free trial, unheard of in this streaming business. After that, the prices are quite reasonable.

If you are a DStv Premium subscriber, your Showmax package is free.

If you are a DStv compact or compact plus subscriber, you pay R45 per month.

If you want Showmax as a standalone, it will cost you R99.


Just like DStv, StarSat offers South Africans a range of packages – from entertainment to sports. Its max package costs R299 and has more than 140 channels.

FAQs about streaming services in Africa

Which is the top Streaming & Online TV website in South Africa?

Youtube is the most popular Streaming & Online TV website in South Africa.

Which is the 2nd most visited Streaming & Online TV website in South Africa?

Netflix is the 2nd most visited Streaming & Online TV website in South Africa.

What are the top 5 most popular Streaming & Online TV websites in South Africa?

1. youtube.com

2. netflix.com

3. dstv.com

4. tubidy.mobi

5. goojara.to.

What do I need to stream movies online?

First and foremost, you’ll need an internet connection with a minimum download speed of 3Mbps for standard definition streaming. If you would like to stream in 4K, then most streaming services suggest a minimum upload speed of 25 Mbps.

Secondly, you’ll need a streaming device or streaming hardware. Most Smart TVs allow you to download TV streaming applications, but other streaming services can only be accessed via a media box or a gaming console.

Lastly, you’ll need a Visa or Mastercard to sign up for the monthly subscriptions

How much data does TV streaming require?

This will depend on the quality of your stream. For example, high definition streams will use about 1.5 GB per hour. On the other hand, if you stream in standard definition, then you can expect to use about 0.7GB per hour.

How can I find affordable streaming services in South Africa?

With a decent selection of online TV providers to choose from, finding a streaming service with affordable subscription fees is easy.

Use our free online quote comparison tool to compare internet streaming services. We can also help you to find cheap internet plans so that your complete TV streaming experience puts little strain on your pocket.

Free but illegal streaming sites

Many of these services disregard copyright and licensing agreements, so using them to stream free movies could land you in legal trouble. They may also host malware and malicious content.

We recommend practicing responsible behavior and avoiding these websites based on their potential safety issues and legal implications. However you choose to stream content online, it’s wise to protect your privacy and security using a safe VPN service.











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