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With the help of useful and efficient restaurant apps, we can be more prepared in challenging times. These apps can bring us all the information that we need instantly, and give us options for booking, payment and delivery. Each app has a slightly different feel so it is worth trying out a few to find the most suitable for you.

Top 11 Best Apps To Find Restaurants in UK

1. Opentable

Opentable is the goto app if you’re looking for a variety of different restaurant bookings. With over 50,000 restaurants in its database, you can be sure something there will suit your fancy. The app now also lets you know if any of your favourite options has a delivery service, meaning if you’re not in the mood to travel for your food, you can always have it delivered to your house instead.

2. Luxury Restaurant Guide

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Looking for something a bit more special? Luxury Restaurant Guide is your key to finding the top cuisine in the UK. Discover the best places to eat, viewing Michelin star restaurants, AA Rosettes and more.

For a premium fee, you can even apply for club membership, accessing special offers, privilege access, dinner bonuses and savings for your meal. If you’re into fine dining, Luxury Restaurant Guide is the best place to be.

Good For:Making fine dining accessible.

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3. HappyCow

Attention vegans and vegetarians! HappyCow is a plant-based restaurant finding machine!

This app specialises in locating and helping you book reservations at vegan restaurants near you. The app easily tells you whether or not a restaurant is entirely vegan, has vegetarian options or also sells meat on the side, so you can be certain of what you’re getting into.

Best features:

• Location-specific user features

• Wide range of veggie options

• Vegan-exclusive healthy content

4. TimeOut

By advising you on great spots for nights out, the app serve numerous cities across the globe and posts reviews and score on restaurants from its customers.

The app is built to keep you updated on finest and most interesting places to dine and enjoy yourself and lets you book tables at your favorite restaurants.

Outstanding features:

• Review-based restaurant finder

• Best for nights out

• In-app Table Booking system

5. Dojo

It is a well-managed and carefully designed restaurant app built to help those who are looking for easiest ways to find their favorite place that offers the most delectable food.

It displays restaurants and eateries suited for families, couples, friends and other millennials; nothing here is random. Impressively trending and lively, Dojo uniquely offers the hot, cool and everything you have never heard of or experienced before.

Special features:

• Interesting menus and reliable food variety

• Surprise dishes and authentic cuisines

• Most reliable restaurant reviews

6. The Nez

Undecided on what to eat for lunch? The Nez have got you covered. This app delivers you your local deals, helping you pick your lunch for a bargain price. It has nifty features allowing you to select the nearest promotions to you, displaying the walking times to each restaurant, and lets you plan accordingly, not wasting a moment of your lunch break. You can also collect reward points, allowing you to receive free coffees and many other offers.

Good For: Exploring local deals with ease.

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7. Just Eat

This global food delivery company aims to create a largest community around the world for food. It has made its mark for regular takeaways and quick food delivery. Its winning charm is its really fast delivery and customer service.

Best features:

• Fast food delivery

• Good for takeaways

• Diverse option for pickup and delivery

8. Deliveroo

Top 11 Best Apps To Find Restaurants In the UK

This app delivers food even from the fanciest restaurants around you to enhance your experience. It takes care of entire food transportation service and ensures consistency by hiring agile, dynamic riders familiar with the city.

Considerable features:

• Fastest food delivery

• Signature transportation riders

• Offers good-quality food

9. Zomato

A restaurant review, guide and food delivery app that has a database of 1.5 million restaurants in 24 countries around the world. They are currently offering contactless delivery and contactless dining to show they are able to adapt to the new normal. As well as a wide restaurant database, the Zomato app offers menus, photos, map & directions, ratings and reviews. In addition to food delivery at any time, you can also get your groceries delivered. You can easily track your orders to see when they will arrive.

10. CityMunch

Photo City Munch
Photo City Munch

Lunch is one of the best ways to break up your day – and with this app you can find the best deals near you. Eat out for less? Get in. This completely free-to-use app, enables you to search in list or map formation for the best deals around. The app is confident in providing wonderful places to eat as they’re all tried and tested, and their discounts apply to the whole menu. No sad meal deals here.

Good for: Trying unfamiliar or new places for your meals.

11. DishRatings

Long live the days of food envy, DishRatings is the app that saves you from ever having a bad meal again. DishRatings has been designed to create a community of food lovers who review the individual items on the menu they’ve eaten; this then generates an overall score for each dish. The app is well laid out: it’s user friendly, it’s easy to search for a restaurant and compare each dish’s score as well as ranking the restaurants in a particular area, for instance Soho, based on their overall score.

Good For: Indecisive people overwhelmed by menu choices.

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