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There are some weird restaurants out there that provide a fun dining experience, but concept cafes take thematic effects to another level.

Cafes all over the world like to incorporate themes in various ways. Sometimes, the theme is a sensory experience while other times, the utensils and décor are the things that compose the theme. In Japan alone, there are about a thousand weirdly themed cafes, ranging from robot servers to maids who call you "master." Take a look at the list below and vote up the concept cafes you find eccentric and odd, according to Ranker.

1. Modern Toilet

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Modern Toilet opened its doors in Taiwan in 2004. Since its debut the restaurant has opened up 12 different locations in Asia, including China and Japan. The meals off their extensive menu are all presented in miniature toilet bowls, and resemble steaming hot diarrhea. You can upgrade your drink to have it served out of a urinal. The very stool you sit on is a toilet. Obviously, ice cream is served as a perfectly-spiraled turd.

The U.S. tried its spin on the toilet-themed restaurant in L.A. in 2013, called Magic Restroom. The idea didn’t sit well with an American audience and Magic Restroom was not-so-magically crapped out a year later.

2. The Clinic Cafe

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The Clinic Cafe was a hospital-themed restaurant in Singapore. It was created by Dutch architectural firm Concrete Architects as a tribute to British artist Damien Hirst. The food was served in bed pans, with syringes full of ketchup, and waitresses dressed as nurses served customers sitting in golden wheelchairs.

The restaurant is now closed, probably because people always complain about hospital food.

3. Cannibalistic Sushi

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“Nyotaimori” is the Japanese practice of eating sushi off the naked body of a woman. Well, this restaurant takes that idea to a new level. At Tokyo’s Cannibalistic Sushi, you actually eat the woman. Well, the woman is made out of actual food, so it’s okay. The majority of edible “body parts” are located in the abdomen of the lady and will actually bleed when cut into.

4. Cabbages & Condoms

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As one of the most unique restaurants in Metropolitan Bangkok, the Cabbages & Condoms (C&C) Restaurant has attracted international attention. Conveniently located near one of Bangkok’s main business districts, C&C is very popular among local and foreign clients.

Our restaurant was conceptualized in part to promote better understanding and acceptance of family planning and to generate income to support various development activities of the Population and Community Development Association (PDA), according to Cabbagesandcondomsbkk.

5. Owl Cafes In Tokyo

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By now, a lot of people have heard of the ‘cat cafes’ that began in Tokyo and have now spread around the world. They are places where people without pets can come for some animal interaction.

There are about twenty owls in the cafe, perched on bars throughout the room. Each has a name and with that, presumably, comes a personality. Some are small and sweet, others bigger and evil-looking with vibrant eyes that are constantly watching their surroundings. There are owls that seem sleepy and owls that seem more alert, owls that barely move and others with heads constantly bobbing, Timetravelturtle expressed.

6. Fortezza Medicea

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In 2007, a restaurant opened in Fortezza Medicea, a 500-year-old prison near Pisa, Italy. The wait staff are the inmates, with some serving life-sentences. You’d think that it would be daunting for patrons to be served by real-life murderers, however, the restaurant is extremely popular, with tables booked weeks in advance.

The concept arose as a rehabilitation program. It ended up working so well that a prison in Milan, Bollate prison, opened up its own restaurant, called InGalera.

7. New Lucky Restaurant

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New Lucky Restaurant in Ahmedabad, India is known for its popular menu, spacious seating, and also the exposed gravestones and burial sarcophagi that the tables are set up around.

The green stone coffins are scattered around the restaurant in a seemingly random pattern and customers must navigate their way to their tables among the dead. The New Lucky’s name might seem ironic considering how many dead people are buried there, but if their business is any indicator the name fits perfectly, Atlasobscura added.

(To be continued...)

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