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Things have only gotten weirder since then, and in places where cultural novelties are an essential staple of urban life, weirdly themed coffee shops and cafes have made a caffeinated jolt into the mainstream. From the bizarre to the brilliant, we take you on a tour of some of the more unique concepts out there.

Here are 9 stranged-themed cafes to pique your curiosity in the world (part 3):

1. The Clinic Cafe In The Clarke Quay District, Singapore

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Bedpans filled with dumplings and syringes full of ketchup - these are the staples you’ll find at The Clinic in Singapore. The restaurant was created as an ode to Dutch artist Damien Hirst. You can kick back in a golden wheelchair while “nurses” serve you IV drips full of booze. A trip to the hospital has never been more fun.

2. Big Knit Cafe In Bangkok, Thailand

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The Big Knit Cafe in Thailand combines crafts and the feeling of “home-cooked meals.” You can knit yourself a scarf while you dine at this charming spot. Besides an extensive menu, they also have quite the collection of yarn to choose from. They boast threads like cashmere, merino wool, and angora in every colour of the rainbow.

3. Mahika Mano Hammock Café

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Another Japanese curiosity, Mahika Mano is an island infused cafe that combines a hammock showroom with a very laid-back coffee shop atmosphere, á cited by Flavourwire.

4. American Girl Cafe In New York, USA

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Afternoon Tea at American Girl Cafe. Photo: Pinterest

This is the perfect restaurant to take your elementary-school-aged child if they an affinity for dolls. The American Girl Cafe is located in the American Girl Place in New York. The waitstaff will actually provide high-chairs for your doll and serve them a little cup of tea.

5. Zauo Fishing Cafe And Restaurant In Tokyo, Japan

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Zauo in Japan offers the freshest catch around. That’s because you actually fish for your entrée right on the premises. A large pool surrounds the dining area in the restaurant, and guests are offered nets and lure to catch their dinner. The waitstaff could also catch your fish for you, if you so wish, but that takes away all the fun. The concept has become so popular that the restaurant has since opened up 14 locations in Japan, according to Ranker.

6. Akiba Fukurou Owl Cafe In Tokyo, Japan

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Who knew that an owl cafe would be such a hit (or hoot)? Visitors can pet and hold the birds at the Akiba Fukurou Owl Cafe, but please, no flash photography (it distresses the birds). The cafe is reservation only, permitting small groups of people to come and relax with the owls.

7. Café/Day: A car park coffee shop

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This fascinating Japanese concept cafe is a brilliant twist on the classic open-air design, interfacing its interior aesthetic with street traffic. Café/Day allows you to enjoy your coffee while worrying about confused motorists taking a wrong turn.

8. Fortezza Medicea In Volterra, Italy

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If you eat at the Fortezza Medicea restaurant, you may want to check your bowl of spaghetti for a shank. That’s because this restaurant is located in a prison within a 500-year-old fortress in Italy. The prison inmates are actually the chefs and waitstaff. Also, you practically have to kill to get a table there because reservations are booked weeks in advance.

9. Dans Le Noir In Paris, France

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Gordon Ramsay will never be able to criticize the plate presentation at this place because he won't be able to see a thing. At Dans Le Noir in Paris, guests are served in a pitch-black dining room. You also don’t know what you are about to eat because guests are served from a pre-determined “surprise” menu. And don't worry about the waiters tripping and dropping your food - all the waitstaff at Dans Le Noir are blind.

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