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Here are the top 9 so strange flavours of Pepsi from all over the world:

#1. The newest limited edition: Apple-pie flavour

Pepsi announced it will be giving away 2-litre bottles of Pepsi Apple Pie to 1,500 winners of its #PepsiApplePieChallenge sweepstakes, which fans can enter to win by submitting a photo or video of a "baking fail."

"Failing at baking -- especially this year -- is nothing to be ashamed of, and we're celebrating those amateur bakers that are truly trying their best during a unique holiday season", said Todd Kaplan, vice president of marketing at Pepsi, in the announcement. "With Pepsi Apple Pie, we're providing a refreshingly delicious twist on the traditional slice of apple pie, while making sure people have some fun and don't take themselves too seriously in the process."

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PepsiCo unveiled its first 2-litre bottle redesign in nearly 30 years on Monday, with the new packaging being 25% slimmer than the previous design. Bottles of Pepsi Apple Pie, which evokes hints of cinnamon and apple to mimic the taste of a slice of apple pie, will be in the new packaging.

#2. Pepsi Ghost

On Halloween 2016, Japan introduced Pepsi Ghost, a mystery-flavoured soda that's totally baffling taste testers. One person was torn between pumpkin, chocolate, marshmallow and candy corn, another thought it was a twist on Cherry Pepsi or Cherry Pepsi with a hint of vanilla. There's no word whether Pepsi will ever reveal what the limited-edition drink is supposed to taste like.

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#3. Pepsi Blue Hawaii

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This pineapple-lemon flavoured soda is a nod to the classic Tiki cocktail, minus the booze (though you could easily spike this yourself, for a fizzy, zero-effort party drink to serve the masses). The drink was only sold in Japan in 2008, but that doesn’t mean you can’t launch a Change.org petition to bring it back.

#4. Pepsi Mont Blanc

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This version of Pepsi was inspired by the French dessert, Mont Blanc, which is made with sweetened chestnuts and whipped cream. It was released in Japan for a limited time in October of 2010.

#5. Pink Cola

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Pink Cola debuted as a limited-time offering last year, but it has stuck around as a Pepsi Japan offering for longer than most seasonal flavours. The light pink beverage is not simply strawberry flavoured, but instead strawberry-milk flavoured, The Wall Street Journal reports.

#6. Pepsi White

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In 2008, yoghurt-flavoured soda officially became a thing in Japan. It was a slightly milky-looking soda that came in a clear plastic bottle and has had a few additional short-term releases since (once with a mandarin orange flavour), as cited by Best Products.

#7. Crystal Pepsi

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Crystal Pepsi, which was on the market from 1992-1993, was possibly Pepsi's most famous weird release. It even made a recent but limited comeback due to popular demand.

Fun fact: This soda was actually developed as a result of an early '90s marketing fad that equated clear products with purity, which began when Ivory Soap released their first clear soap.

#8. Pepsi Holiday Spice

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Pepsi Holiday Spice was a limited-edition release from 2004's holiday season, available only in the U.S. and Canada. It didn't do so well, though there are still some cult followers around longing for it to be reintroduced. Apparently, in 2015, an unopened 2-litre bottle sold for $50 on eBay.

#9. Pepsi Kick

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Pepsi Kick, sold in Mexico, is the classic soda with an extra jolt of caffeine, much like Pepsi Max in the U.S. The only difference? It has a stronger ginseng flavour, according to Providence Soda Club.

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