Top 10 Youtube Channels To Watch Free Movies And TV Shows
Top 10 Youtube Channels To Watch Free Movies And TV Shows. Photo KnowInsiders

Searching for a good movie channel often creates a hassle for many viewers. Not all people have the same taste. Some people like romantic, animation, comedy, or drama movies; while some are crazy fans of scientific, thriller, horror, or adventure movies. Youtube offers watchers a variety of choices for movies and TV shows. From sci-fi movies, comedies to Indian movies, just by one click, it’s easy to watch your favorite videos. Your job is just to assess to following channels to enjoy.

Top 10 Youtube Channels To Watch Free Movies And TV Shows (Legally)

1. Mr Bean

Photo makeuseof
Photo makeuseof

Comedy is king in most households as comedic movies can be watched in the background or fully engaged, and either way, they're still worth the watch. That applies especially to Mr Bean's type of comedy. It's nostalgic, and years after their original release, the movies showcasing the particular character's antics have earned the title iconic—the Mr Bean YouTube channel banks on that.

Mr Bean's official YouTube channel has over 30 million subscribers, and everything on it is fully licensed and legal to watch. You can find short-form, long-form, animated, and live-action videos, and they all center on Mr Bean. And what's not to love about that?

Besides Mr Bean, you can watch the brilliant comedy actor Jim Carrey.

He has taken comedy acting to a new altitude. The realistic, brilliant, and creative comedy acting of Jim Carrey relieve our mind from tension and stress for some time. Thanks to Jim Carrey YouTube channel for preserving the precious episodes of Jim Carrey Movies. Click on the link below and enjoy limitless laughter with Jim Carrey.

2. The Paramount Vault

Paramount Vault is one of the classic film production houses in the United States. Now they are offering their classic movies and even newer movies—everything from B movies to big name blockbusters—Paramount Vault has it all 100% free on YouTube.

3. Timeless Classic Movies

If you love to watch old classic movies, you would like to subscribe to Timeless Classic Movies. Timeless Classic Movies is a YouTube channel with a fine collection of classic films like Tarzan an the Green Goddess, Nosferatu, A Life at Stake, The Way Ahead, and more.

You will find movies of various genres on this channel, including Thriller, Science Fiction, Horror, Mystery, Comedy, Drama, and more.

4. Sci-Fi Central

Photo tech viral
Photo tech viral

Sci-Fi Central is another hub for sci-fi fans to find their next watch. The YouTube channel offers both movies and series, mixing short and long-form content. The shows tend to cover interesting topics aimed at starting a discussion, but if that's not your thing, you can just delve into one of the channel's full-length movies.

You can find documentary-style content and classics like Ancient Aliens, and you'd definitely find something to appeal to your curiosity if you're a UFO and Paranormal fan.

You can also visit 'Barbarella X: Science Fiction Movies' YouTube channel to watch a range of Sci-Fi movies. Depending on your choice, you can watch Sci-Fi horror movies, Sci-Fi action movies, Sci-Fi adventure movies, etc. This channel has 162K subscribers to date. Click on the link below to watch Barbarella X movies.

5. Hollywood Cinema

Are you a fan of Hollywood Movies? If yes, don't miss the YouTube channel 'Hollywood Cinema'. This channel presents a great combination of diverse Hollywood moves including rare films, fresh movies, blockbuster movies, etc. About 456K people have subscribed to this channel.

6. Horror Central

If you are a huge fan of the Horror genre, you might prefer subscribing to the Horror Central YouTube channel. Just like the Movie Central, Horror Central has movies that you can watch for free without worrying about breaking any law,

All the content shared on the platform is under legal license from various copyright holders and distributors. It also has playlists for different horror categories such as Slasher horror, psychological horror, possession horror, monster horror, and more.

7. PizzaFlix

The PizzaFlix YouTube channel offers a little bit of everything. There are uploads under a slew of genres you can enjoy, from comedy to action, thriller, romance, and more. There are animated features, documentary-style videos, and, of course, full-length movies. The channel has focused its efforts on ‘‘the preservation and discovery of the Golden Age of Hollywood and Television.’’

PizzaFlix showcases a ton of ‘old-timey’ black and white pictures that have been digitally remastered so you can watch them with the highest quality. If you've never seen The Bat (1959) with Vincent Price, jump over to the PizzaFlix channel and give it a watch. Everything is licensed and legal to watch, and you can download the channel's videos for offline viewing later.

8. The movie

With more than 130,000 subscribers, this channel offers a good selection of movies for all tastes. Its catalog is not too extensive, but it is one more proposal that you should value when viewing free movies on youtube So it is best to take a look at its contents, because surely there will be something that is of interest to you. La Peli is an interesting repository that you cannot lose sight of.

9. FilmRise Movies

Photo tech viral
Photo tech viral

Well, if you don’t know, FilmRise is a free film and television studio that offers full-length movies & TV shows. It has a Youtube channel called FilmRise Movies which publishes movies & TV shows for free.

For free, you can watch some popular movie titles on its Youtube channel, such as Inferno, Diary of a Serial Killer, Deadly Target, and more. The channel has limited content, but all are popular and uploaded in HD quality.

10. Movie Express

Photo tech viral
Photo tech viral

Movie Express is a YouTube channel popular because of Indian TV Shows and Movies. You can subscribe to the Movie Express YouTube channel to watch the latest blockbuster Telugu Movies, Tollywood Movies, Comedy Movies, Action Movies, and more.

So, Movie Express is a YouTube channel for Indian users, and it offers hundreds of full-length movies to watch online.

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