Camel Ride in Qatar
Camel Ride in Qatar

Qatar has many attractive destinations, alternating between the modern and the old landscapes, and the wild nature is worth exploring during the days of the World Cup.

These attractions are only a few kilometers away from the center of Doha, so if you go for a leisurely visit, it only takes 3 days.

1.The most prominent in Doha is the world's largest Islamic art museum with 5 floors in white standing out in the middle of the blue sea with a total construction cost of 50 million USD. The highlight is the top floor depicting a Muslim woman wearing a veil, revealing only her emotional eyes, giving a deep impression to visitors.

2.Aspire 17-storey tower 300m high is a complex including offices, sports museum, exhibition and a 5-star hotel with a swimming pool protruding from the building 12m on a height of 60m, a 360-degree rotating restaurant 300 degrees wide. place.

The Best Tourist Destinations in Qatar
Aspire Tower in Doha - Qatar

At the top is a torch used to light up the past Olympics such as the 2006 Asian Games and the upcoming 2022 World Cup. If observed from afar at night with the LED effect, the tower is like a beautiful giant torch lighting up a corner of the sky, is a monumental and magnificent architectural highlight.

3.Don't miss the chance to experience the Mesaieed sand desert, as vast as silk. Here, visitors can ride on camel, sand slide or ride a specialized vehicle to try the thrill of conquering the sand dunes, enjoy the nomadic life such as eating in a tent, sleeping in a tent and sipping a cup of tea. hot, lying on the sand watching the starry sky twinkling.

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4.Souq Waqif is a traditional market in Doha. This place still retains the image of the "Persian market" in the story "One Thousand and One Nights" with shops made of mud, wooden beams and some of the original buildings that have been restored to life and beauty. . Souq Waqif also specializes in selling a variety of traditional goods such as textiles, crafts, jewelry, souvenirs, aromas, spices, perfumes, and even gold.

The Best Tourist Destinations in Qatar
Souq Waqif - Traditional Market

At this 100-year-old market, visitors can find a variety of unique items such as antique lamps, hand-woven rugs, and animals such as falcons, camels and horses. Each bird costs between $500 and $5,000.

5.Doha is also a shopping paradise with 0% duty free items in major shopping centers, especially at the lavish Villagio Mall with 200 stores. There is a canal running around and a sky-shaped roof that changes light and dark with day and night. The experience of sitting on an Italian Gondola like a miniature Venice for sightseeing and shopping will be very interesting.

6.The Pearl is an artificial archipelago off the coast of Qatar, about 9 km from the center of Doha.

The archipelago has a diameter of 4 km including 13 small islands, is home to the longest pedestrian street in the world, has 400 high-rise buildings, 6,000 parking spaces, marina with space large enough for 750 boats to anchor. same time. In addition, the island also has a "copy of the city of Venice" like the real thing.

This is also the first place in Qatar to recognize home ownership with foreign nationals when buying real estate.

The Best Tourist Destinations in Qatar
The Pearl is an artificial archipelago
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7.Katara Cultural Village (8 km from the center) is a maze of cobblestone streets and alleys, reminiscent of an old traditional market. Inside this village there are exhibition halls, craft markets, concert halls, cinemas, and soccer fields. The most prominent is the Katara cathedral, which is decorated with many impressive blue-brown textured tiles. This village with unique architectural beauty has attracted many tourists to visit.

8.Pearl Bay is also the place to dock hundreds of luxury yachts, waiting for visitors to walk on the beach on traditional wooden boats or go to the jetty to watch the romantic sunset over the bay is also a great choice.

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9.The Corniche is a 4 km long pedestrian walkway that connects the West Bay district of Doha to the south side of Doha International Airport. Corniche has many skyscrapers such as Doha cultural center, Sheraton hotel, national museum and is an ideal place for visitors to walk in the early morning or evening.

10.First air-conditioned World Cup Stadium. To prepare for the 2022 World Cup, Qatar is ready to spend $ 125 billion to build 8 new stadiums with a capacity of 45,000 to 86,000 seats for 64 matches.

Each stadium will be a unique art architecture of humanity, connected by a modern tram system. All yards are equipped with state-of-the-art air conditioning system to ensure the temperature is always at 20 degrees Celsius when the weather outside is 45 degrees Celsius in the summer.