10 Most Interesting Things You Should Do in Qatar
Conquer the Sand Desert in Qatar

1.Conquer the Sand Desert

Crossing the vast desert is a popular pastime in Qatar, commonly known as dune bashing. The dunes here are so high and steep that driving across the desert is truly a breathtaking challenge. You can spend the night in luxurious Arabian tents, cook for yourself, enjoy local delicacies and gaze at the stars.

2.Doha Corniche and Boat Ride 'Dhow'

Walking the 7km Doha Corniche along Doha Bay is a great experience for late afternoons. You can drink coffee, fly a kite or take a photo at the pearl shell statue, a symbol of Qatar's past. Don't forget to take a dhow boat ride, a traditional means of transport here.

Visit Souq Waqif Ancient Market in Doha: To feel the atmosphere of a bygone world, nothing is better than this "standing market". Here you can easily get lost in the labyrinth of fabric, spice, sweets, homewares, souvenirs, handicrafts... Not only that, you can find and sew a traditional costume. Qatari men's tradition and enjoy a cheap Arabic meal.

3.Visit the Museum of Islamic Art

10 Most Interesting Things You Should Do in Qatar
Museum of Islamic Art

Built on an independent island so that no new buildings block the view, this museum looks like it's floating on water. The vast art collection on display here dates from the 7-19th centuries. The outdoor area on the top floor of the museum can give you great views of Doha and the opportunity to enjoy fine dining.

4.Visit Al Zubara Fort and Abandoned Village

As Qatar's first UNESCO World Heritage Site, explore Al Zubarah Fort and surrounding archaeological sites to help you learn the history and culture of Qatar. . Overlooking the fort is the ancient fishing town of Al Zubarah, where traders from China to England visited some 200 years ago. Now, even abandoned, they are still extremely charming.

10 Most Interesting Things You Should Do in Qatar
Al Zubara Fort

5.Attend Sporting Events

As the host of the biggest football festival on the planet, the Khalifa International Stadium in Qatar is ready to welcome you to the 2022 World Cup. In addition to the attraction of the ball, Qatar has much to offer. Other attractive annual sporting events such as ATP World Tour, Qatar Moto Grand Prix, World Superbikes, Qatar Masters Golf Tournament... Also don't forget about traditional Qatari sports such as Arabian horse racing, camel racing, falconry.

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6.Explore Al Thakira Mangrove

This is a large mangrove area with its own ecosystem, lost in the hot, dry, sandy desert. Coming to this unique place in Qatar, the best way to experience nature here is by kayaking through the lush green trees, to forget that you are in the middle of the desert.

7.Enjoy Life at The Pearl

As an artificial island off the coast of Doha, The Pearl was built on a land stretching nearly 4 million m2, including residential areas, commercial and entertainment stores.. the most lavish. The picturesque Qanat Quartier area here is Mediterranean inspired with colorful apartments, canals, overpasses, pedestrian squares, restaurants, cafes...

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Qatar is the host of the 2022 World Cup, let's find out the 5 most interesting things about this country.

8.Admire East-West/West-East Artworks

With its passion for culture and art, Qatar always "makes land" for world-famous artists to create unique works. In the middle of the sandy desert in the Brouq nature reserve is "East-West/West-East" by sculptor Richard Serra. Both locals and tourists flock here to see this unique, impressive sight.


Qatar has no shortage of places to shop. You can go to Villagio Mall with more than 200 stores. However, because it is inspired by Venice (Italy), sailing on the canals right in the house is the most attractive point here. You can also visit Doha Festival City, the largest shopping mall in Qatar, or the chic Al Hazm district, which blends Arabic traditions with European design.

10.Camel Ride in Doha - Qatar

Coming to the host of the World Cup 2022, in addition to enjoying the beautiful scenery and the most luxurious life in the world, you also have the opportunity to experience attractive games.