List of Countries Have Won World Cup in History
List of Countries Have Won World Cup in History

When Did the FIFA World Cup Start?

The FIFA World Cup started in 1930. It was held in Uruguay and it has the distinctive honor of being the only World Cup without qualifying rounds as only countries which were invited for the competition could participate.

Only 13 countries took part in the prestigious tournament in 1930.

Uruguay became the first nation to win the tournament after defeating Argentina and become the first World Champions.

Since the start of the World Cup 1930, 20 World Cups have taken place. 8 different teams have won the prestigious trophy with Brazil winning it for a record 5 times.

Germany and Italy have won it 4 times each. Argentina and Uruguay have won it twice each.

Which Countries Won the World Cup in History - Full List Winners by Year?

The World Cup is the largest international football tournament in the world, taking place every 4 years for all national teams from FIFA member countries. The tournament was first held in 1930 and was interrupted twice in 1942 and 1946 due to World War II.

Here are the full list of winners of the previous men's FIFA World Cups. Click on the highlighted text for more information about each host city and participating country.

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The national teams that won the World Cup in history - Winners List By Year:

Hosts Winner Score
2022 Qatar
2018 Russia France France 4-2 Croatia
2014 Brazil Germany Germany 1-0 Argentina
2010 South Africa Spain Spain 1-0 Netherlands
2006 Germany Italy 1-1, then Italy beat France 5-3 in penalties
2002 Japan / S. Korea Brazil Brazil 2-0 Germany
1998 France France France 3-0 Brazil
1994 USA Brazil 0-0, then Brazil defeated Italy 3-2 in penalties
1990 Italy Germany Germany 1-0 Argentina
1986 Mexico Argentina Argentina 3-2 Germany
1982 Spain Italy Italy 3-1 Germany
1978 Argentina Argentina Argentina 3-1 Holland
1974 Germany Germany Germany 2-1 Holland
1970 Mexico Brazil Brazil 4-1 Italy
1966 England England England 4-2 Germany
1962 Chile Brazil Brazil 3-1 Czechoslovakia
1958 Sweden Brazil Brazil 5-2 Sweden
1954 Switzerland Germany Germany 3-2 Hungary
1950 Brazil Uruguay Uruguay 2-1 Brazil
1946 not held
1942 not held
1938 France Italy Italy 4-2 Hungary
1934 Italy Italy Italy 2-1 Czechoslovakia
1930 Uruguay Uruguay Uruguay 4-2 Argentina

Who are the Most Successful Teams in FIFA World Cup History?

Brazil is the most successful team in the FIFA World Cup after winning five titles. The Brazil side is well renowned for good attractive attacking football – or ‘Joga Bonito”. Germany and Italy are also joint-second best at the World Cup after having won four World Cups each.

Uruguay, France and Argentina are the only other teams to have won the cup more than once. England and Spain have all won the tournament once each.

1.Brazil Has Won the Most World Cups

♦ Number of championships: 5 (1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002)

Brazil is the greatest national team in the history of the World Cup with five championships and two runners-up (1950 and 1998).

They are also the only national team to have attended all 21 World Cups in history. The yellow-green team won the world championship for the first time in 1958 when the World Cup was held in Sweden, after a 5-2 victory over the host opponent in the final.

Four years later in Chile, Brazil successfully defended its throne, defeating Czechoslovakia 3-1 in the final. In 1970, Selecao officially began to become the national team to win the most World Cups (as well as the individual King of football Pele in terms of players) with the third time in Mexico, after a 4-1 victory over Italy in the final match. conclude. The original Jules Rimet trophy also went to their traditional chamber permanently instead of returning it to FIFA afterwards.

However, Brazil also had to wait another 24 years to be able to continue to the top of glory for the 4th time. The 1994 World Cup in the US and the Italians once again became defeated after a grim shootout in the tournament. Final match. Eight years later, when the World Cup was first held in Asia (Japan - Korea), Selecao was crowned world champion for the fifth time after a 2-0 victory over Germany in the final.

2.German Won the World Cup 4 Times

♦ Number of championships: 4 (1954, 1974, 1990, 2014)

Germany is the second richest national team after Brazil in World Cup history, even they themselves have played the most finals. However, Mannschaft only enjoyed the joy of winning half of them, with one defeat against Brazil itself (2002).

Germany won the World Cup for the first time in 1954 when the tournament was held in neighboring Switzerland. In the final, they made a spectacular comeback and won 3-2 against Hungary, a football power of that time with legends Ferenc Puskas or Sandor Kocsis.

Two decades later and right at home, Germany dominated the world for the second time with a 2-1 victory over the Netherlands in the final by Johann Cruyff. "Emperor" Franz Beckerbauer was the first person to raise the new version of the golden trophy and 16 years later, he also became the first person to win the World Cup both as a player and as a coach.

In the 1990 final in Italy, Germany defeated Diego Maradona's Argentina with a score of 1–0, paying a fair share of defeat four years earlier in Mexico. And then in 2014, also defeated by Lionel Messi's Argentina and still with a 1-0 victory due to Mario Gotze, Mannschaft officially became the number one planet for the 4th time. This resounding success became even sweeter. sweeter when they also took revenge on Brazil, with an unbelievable 7-1 destruction in the semi-finals right at the opponent's home ground.

3.Italy: Handsome and Good at Soccer

♦ Number of championships: 4 (1934, 1938, 1982, 2006)

With the number of gold cups with Germany, but with only 2 runners-up in 1970 and 1994, Italy had to rank 3rd in the list of the most successful national teams in World Cup history. Sure enough, the Tianqing Army was the first team to successfully defend the championship with two consecutive times in 1934 and 1938, when the tournament was still relatively primitive with the number of participating teams and sports. competition rules.

Full List of National Teams Have Won the World Cup in History
Italian National Team

Those were the finals of a 2-1 victory over Czechoslovakia in their homeland and 4-2 against Hungary in France, when the Azzurri were both under the leadership of Vittorio Pozzo. Thereby, the late football legend became the first and only person to win the World Cup twice as a coach. In addition, Giuseppe Meazza, better known by posterity as the home name of the Inter Milan club, is also the first and only captain to lift the gold cup twice.

The Italians also had to wait another 44 years to be able to stand on top of the world for the third time. This time it was Espana 82 (the 1982 World Cup was held in Spain), when Italy beat West Germany with a score. 3-1 in the final. In 2006, when Germany hosted the World Cup, the Azzurri overcame the host country in the semi-finals and then defeated France on penalties 11m in the final, crowning the 4th championship.

4.Argentina and Maradona Won 2

♦ Number of championships: 2 (1978, 1986)

Argentina played the final at the very first World Cup in 1930, but they also had to wait nearly half a century to complete their unfinished dream. In 1978, La Albiceleste reached the top of the world in its homeland with a 3-1 victory over the Netherlands in the final.

Eight years later in Mexico 86, genius Diego Maradona led Argentina to the World Cup championship after beating Germany 3-2 in the final. Earlier in the quarter-finals, winning 2-1 against England, the Golden Boy scored twice and both goals have become classics of football - one with the name "Hand of God" and a solo phase through 6. opposing players to go down in history as the best goal in the World Cup and all time.

5. French Golgotha ​​Take the Throne

Number of championships: 2 (1998, 2018)

France is the defending World Cup champion with a 2018 victory in Russia. Les Bleus defeated the Croatian phenomenon 4-2 in the final under the guidance of Didier Deschamps, thereby following his predecessor Franz Beckerbauer to become the second person in history to win the World Cup as a player. players and coaches.

Twenty years ago, when the tournament was held in his homeland and was also the first time it was expanded to 32 participating national teams, France's captain Didier Deschamps suddenly defeated the defending champion. Brazil won 3-0 in the final, with the brilliance of conductor Zinedine Zidane, the coach who won the Champions League three times in a row with Real Madrid.

6.Uruguay used to be the Power of World Cup

Uruguay is the first World Cup winner in history.

In 1930, La Celeste was crowned right in his homeland after a 4-2 victory over Argentina in the final.

Twenty years later, with the 1950 World Cup marking the return of the tournament after being interrupted by World War II in the 1940s, Uruguay reached the top of the world for the second time after a 2-1 victory over the host Brazil. in the "final".

This is a special World Cup when there is no knockout round, replaced by a round-robin format and the top team will be crowned the champion. Not only is Brazil more appreciated, but Brazil also has an advantage over Uruguay before the decisive final match (more than 1 point), meaning a draw is enough to help Selecao crown.

However, Uruguay came back to beat Brazil and win the World Cup in front of the stunned and painful witness of 200,000 spectators on the holy city of Maracana. The results were so shocking that people even coined the term Maracanazo to talk about the biggest football disaster in the history of Samba.

7.The British Lion Won the World Cup at home

♦ Number of Championships: 1 (1966)

Said to be the birthplace of the king sport, football only really returned to its home in 1966, literally and figuratively. In the only time to host the World Cup so far, England have won the championship and it is also the only international title of the Three Lions until today, after a 4-2 victory over rival Germany in the tournament. the finale of endless controversy and perhaps never finding an answer.

Geoff Hurst became the first and only player so far to score a hat-trick in a World Cup final, but no one can tell for sure if his second, which was also the most important goal in lifting the World Cup. The score went up to 3-2 in stoppage time, deserved recognition or not, as the ball still didn't seem to have crossed the line after bouncing off the crossbar.

8.Spanish Bulls Win with Tiki-taka Gameplay

♦ Number of Championships: 1 (2010)

During the heyday and domination of the world of tiki-taka football philosophy, Spain, with its core of play around Barcelona players, made good use of it to win the championship for the first time and only time.

In 2010 when the tournament was first held in Africa (South Africa country), Spain defeated the Netherlands with the only goal from Andres Iniesta scored in stoppage time in the final.

La Roja became a special World Cup champion when opening the tournament with a loss (0-1 to Switzerland), while losing to General Oranje with a bitter 3rd place, runner-up also became the national team to play many matches. Most World Cup final without winning.

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