Top 15 Most-Subscribed YouTube Channels To Look Out In 2022 Top 15 Most-Subscribed YouTube Channels To Look Out In 2022
Top 10 Official Youtube Channels To Watch Movies And TV Shows (Legal and Free) Top 10 Official Youtube Channels To Watch Movies And TV Shows (Legal and Free)
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Using streaming services is a great way to see the newest movie without having to leave your house. Many of the options on hand provide a good balance of classics and contemporary works, old and new, and titles from every genre imaginable.

Although there is a lot of original content on video streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., you cannot access it for free. On such video streaming services, you can only watch videos after purchasing a high-priced monthly plan.

However, if you can't afford the cost of a subscription to a streaming service, it becomes challenging to expand your movie-watching options.

You may already be looking for the free options if you are someone who cannot afford to pay for a premium video streaming service. You can legally stream free movies and TV shows from quite a few websites, which is a blessing. One such website is YouTube, which has hundreds of channels with legal movies you can watch without charge.

These channels' video content is available for free and in compliance with the law. Some of the top YouTube channels to watch free movies and TV shows are listed on The top YouTube channels for free movies and TV shows are listed below.

Top 10+ Best YouTube Channels to Watch Free Movies & Shows Today

1. Movie Central

Youtube Channel Link:

One of the best legal options for free movie streaming on the internet is Movie Central, which has a detailed description informing viewers that all of the channel's content is legally licensed. You are not breaking the law if you watch any of the videos that have been uploaded for free.

Cinema Central Daily, and occasionally multiple times per day, content is uploaded to the YouTube channel. The majority of the featured videos are full-length movies, though you can occasionally find a trailer or episode of a television show. Every genre has its own titles, so you're sure to find at least one that piques your curiosity enough to watch.

2. Mr. Bean

Youtube Channel Link:

10 Best YouTube Channels to Watch Free Movies & TV Shows (2022)
Best Free YouTube Channels to Watch Movies Now

This is Mr. Bean's official channel, which has more than 30 million subscribers. You can subscribe to the channel to watch Mr. Bean's full-length, live-action, animated, and short-form comedy videos.

In most homes, comedy is king because it doesn't matter whether you watch comedies actively or in the background—either way, they're still entertaining. That especially holds true for Mr. Bean-style comedies. The Mr Bean YouTube channel capitalizes on how nostalgic and iconic the films featuring the particular character's antics have become years after their initial release.

3. Horror Central

Youtube Channel Link:

You might prefer to subscribe to the Horror Central YouTube channel if you are a die-hard fan of the horror genre. Similar to Movie Central, Horror Central offers free movie streaming without concern for breaking the law.

Every piece of content shared on the platform is covered by legal licenses from various distributors and owners of copyright. Additionally, it has playlists for various subgenres of horror, including Slasher, Possession, Psychological, Monster, and more.

4. Watch Movies Now

Youtube Channel Link:

10 Best Free YouTube Channels to Watch Movies & Shows
Best Free YouTube Channels to Watch Movies and TV Shows

For fans of horror films, this is yet another top YouTube channel. On Watch Movies Now, you can find a variety of scary movies. The films are all duly authorized.

To watch slasher movies, paranormal horror, dark fantasy, found footage, zombie movies, and more, you can subscribe to this channel. Another excellent YouTube channel to watch free horror movies is Watch Movies Now.

5. Barbarella X: Science Fiction Movies

Youtube Channel Link:

Barbarella X: Science Fiction Movies is a must-see if you enjoy science fiction films. It's a YouTube channel dedicated exclusively to science fiction. The channel had previously released a number of well-known science fiction films, including Independence Wars, Genesis, Lost at War, and others.

The fact that there is so little content on the Barbarella X: Science Fiction Movies channel is its lone flaw. The most recent movie on the channel was released almost six months ago. Although the channel is not very active, you can already watch a few well-known Sci-Fi movies there for free.

6. Sci-Fi Central

Youtube Channel Link:

Another resource for sci-fi fans to find their next movie is Sci-Fi Central. The YouTube channel mixes short- and long-form content by providing both movies and television shows. If that's not your thing, you can just watch one of the channel's feature-length movies. The shows typically cover interesting topics meant to spark a discussion.

If you're a fan of UFOs and the paranormal, you can find documentary-style content as well as classics like Ancient Aliens. You'll also undoubtedly find something to pique your interest.

7. FilmRise Movies

Youtube Channel Link:

10 Best Free YouTube Channels to Watch Movies & Shows
FilmRise Movies

In case you're unaware, FilmRise is a free movie and television studio that provides complete films and series. It has a FilmRise Movies YouTube channel where it posts free movies and TV shows.

On its YouTube channel, you can watch a number of well-known films for free, including Inferno, Diary of a Serial Killer, Deadly Target, and others. Although the channel only has a small amount of content, it is all well-liked and uploaded in HD.

8. Movie Express

Youtube Channel Link:

It's understandable why so many people adore Indian features because nobody does the dramatic soap opera style staredown as well as they do. If you want to watch some Indian movies but don't have access to Indian TV, you should check out the Movie Express YouTube channel.

Many full-length films are available on Movie Express, allowing you to lose yourself in the drama, romance, action, and comedy of Indian shows and films.

9. PizzaFlix

Youtube Channel Link:

There is a little bit of everything available on the PizzaFlix YouTube channel. You can find uploads in a variety of genres, including comedy, action, thriller, romance, and more. Animation films, documentary-style videos, and, of course, full-length motion pictures are all available. ''The preservation and discovery of the Golden Age of Hollywood and Television'' has been the channel's main area of focus.

PizzaFlix features many 'old-timey' black and white images that have been digitally remastered so you can view them in the best possible quality. Visit the PizzaFlix channel and watch The Bat (1959), starring Vincent Price, if you haven't already. You can download the channel's videos to watch them later when you're offline because everything is authorized and legal to watch.

10. Timeless Classic Movies

Youtube Channel Link:

You might want to subscribe to Timeless Classic Movies if you enjoy watching old classic movies. A great selection of classic movies, including Tarzan and the Green Goddess, Nosferatu, A Life at Stake, The Way Ahead, and others, can be found on the Timeless Classic Movies YouTube channel.

On this channel, you can watch movies in a variety of genres, including thrillers, science fiction, horror, mysteries, comedies, and dramas.

11. Ultra Movie Parlour

Youtube Channel Link:

One can get a front-row view of the Indian entertainment sector at Ultra Movie Parlour. On the YouTube channel, you can find a ton of full-length movies and a few trailers here and there. With over 19 million subscribers and four billion channel views, it's no wonder the channel is so popular.

Over 1,500 movies in every genre you can think of are available at Ultra Movie Parlour, including comedies, dramas, action films, and more. The YouTube channel is a veritable gold mine of Indian feature content due to the frequent uploads.

12. Terror Films

Youtube Channel Link:

The number of videos uploaded to the Terror Films YouTube channel is less than those of the other channels on this list. There is still a ton of content to watch, and a new video is added on a regular basis.

Offering full-length independent horror films is Terror Films. If you want to support independent artists by watching a free movie on YouTube, check out Terror Films. One awesome feature of the YouTube channel is that the money from watch time and ad breaks goes back to the indie filmmakers who created the features.

In Conclusion

On these YouTube channels, you can watch full-length movies that cover a wide variety of genres. The following is a list of some of the best channels on YouTube where users can legally watch free movies and TV shows. Please let us know in the comment box below if you are aware of any additional YouTube channels that are similar.

Because YouTube upholds strict copyright standards, channels and creators—individual or not—who pirate and share their content illegally don't stay on the platform for very long. Don't assume, though, that the platform has no other features. There is more to it than just exploring the different channels.
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