These Zodiac Signs Will Turn into Different People in front of their Crushes
Some people hide their flaws out of insecurities while others have a hard exterior that is tough to break in. Photo: Love Devani

When you find the perfect or the missing piece in your puzzle, you try and look for everything you share in common and connect the dots that led you to them. Often, we overlook the details and make a haste decision because we are so overwhelmed by the feeling of love. Sometimes, your partner tends to woo you with words or actions that seem perfect, things that you see in the movies. However, we forget that falling in love does not mean being attracted to perfection, it is the imperfections that we accept and the chemistry you feel around them.

Some people hide their flaws out of insecurities while others have a hard exterior that is tough to break in. While getting to know your partner, you might feel that they act differently in front of you and act differently in front of their parents or friends. While this is normal for some people, here are the top 3 zodiac signs who are most likely to behave differently in front of their partners. Check it out.


Scorpios are the most secretive zodiac sign who have a completely different persona in front of their partners. This zodiac sign is all fun and games until they are seen with their lovers. You will see a stranger who is docile, vulnerable, and shy. Scorpios act differently in front of their partners when they are deeply and truly in love and they also prefer to keep their relationship private for various reasons.

These Zodiac Signs Will Turn into Different People in front of their Crushes
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How Scorpio react when they have a crush on someone: When in love, the Scorpios sting anyone or anything that may come in their way. The only deterrent to their passion is the person they love. The people born of this zodiac won’t proclaim their love for you the way some of the other zodiacs do. However, the show will start marking their territory. Not to say they are over-possessive but the elements are present. They cannot stand to be with you in a crowd and always seek out somewhere private. If anyone else shows an interest in you, they’ll call that person out and settle things once and for all. That isn’t to say they have no sensitive side, for this same person who can kill for you, will also cry for you.

How Scorpio act around their crush: In relationships, Scorpios are known to be loyal, intense and passionate, but they tend to keep their cards close to their chest when it comes to their crushes. They may come across as stand-offish at times, but it’s all for fun; they are just taking their time to read you, says Your Tango.

Look out for lots of eye contact, as that shows their intrigue. Scorpios have a way of initiating a connection, but they will wait for you to make the first move. So, if you sense a Scorpio has a crush on you, trust your instincts.


This zodiac sign has multiple mood swings and personalities that are suited for every situation. They are extremely social one minute and then anti-social the other by staying away and isolated from everyone. They prefer to have a calm exterior, playing it cool. However, they can get triggered by small things and blow things out of proportion very fast. This side of theirs is often hidden from their friends, as only people who are close to them like their lovers get to witness it. Hence, they are the opposite person in front of their partners than they are with their friends, according to Pink Villa.

These Zodiac Signs Will Turn into Different People in front of their Crushes
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How Gemini react when they have a crush on someone: It isn’t easy to understand what the people born of this zodiac want most of the time. But love is something they can’t hide either. So, if you find him growing insanely open to you, something might be up with his adrenaline. Now, they use their body a lot to express what they feel. They’ll try to seduce you with all that they have to flaunt. So, he’ll probably wear a shirt that makes his gym-made body stand-out for you to admire. He’ll lead you to dance, kiss you on the forehead, make you feel like you are the only girl in the world. Most importantly, they’ll make sure everything is just perfect when it comes to you. So, he probably knows all your favorite songs, your best friends. He’ll be a walking encyclopedia on you.

How Gemini act around their crush: Geminis are notoriously dualistic and can be hard to read when it comes to whether or not they have a crush. As an Air sign, they love to talk to their crushes and will be expressive and engaged. What gets confusing is when they give you the cold shoulder moments later or flirt with an oblivious third party in your presence.

Their hot and cold nature can be hard to keep up with, but if you’re willing to play along with their game, these mixed signals could be a sign that they are into you. And it's not all mind games with Gemini — they are gentle creatures at heart and will appreciate your efforts.


Virgos are perfectionists who like being practical and logical in every situation. However, this personality trait goes out of the window when they are caught with their lovers. They act extremely cringe-worthy and are vulnerable with their partners. They don’t show this side to anyone else and neither do they wish. Being vulnerable and romantic is not Virgo’s cup of tea, but they do try to make an effort for their partner which might come as a shocker for their friends.

These Zodiac Signs Will Turn into Different People in front of their Crushes
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How Virgo react when they have a crush on someone: The usually calm and composed Virgo, will break free from those shackles and proclaim their love for you. Simple as that. But if they are still in the process of whether they like you or not, you may want to look for signs. Now, the people born under this zodiac, like other signs, like physical contact. But that is through hair. So, when you are around, they’ll touch their hair a lot, or your hair a lot. Virgos don’t usually engage in conversations based on subject matter that isn’t considered socially acceptable. But with you, they can have all the R-rated conversations they can think of. When in love, a Virgo can be very dramatic, with their words and their body language, notes Women Wow.

How Virgo act around their crush: Virgos are all about acts of kindness and support. This methodical Earth sign knows the value of routine and organization. They’ll note your patterns and do small favors for you to make your life easier, without you even having to ask.

Because Virgos are observers, they find it difficult to make the first move and ask you out. Instead, they are more likely to ask you to hang out in casual group settings to get to know you more.

Crushes are exciting and full of possibilities, but we're all familiar with that daunting fear that someone might not like you back. And it can get in the way of that initial excitement.

How do you know if their teasing is flirty or platonic? Are they disinterested or just playing hard to get? Is there a specific way to act around your crush?

Crushes can be confusing, so while things were simpler in elementary school when you could just pass someone a note saying, “Do you like me?” there are still subtle ways of knowing if your crush feels the same way about you.

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