4 Zodiac Signs Who are Born to Be Artist
4 most artistic zodiac signs. Photo: Threadless Blog

1. Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20)

You are without a doubt the most artistic sign in all the zodiac, Pisces. Your ruling planet is Neptune, so you have a unique connection to music, but your gentle and intuitive spirit gives you a special knack for creativity in all areas of your life. Your instinctual understanding of the world around you and your introspective attitude shine through your work, allowing you to create masterpieces that deeply resonate with the people around you, according to Sweety High.

Anish Kapoor, born March 12, 1954

4 Zodiac Signs Who are Born to Be Artist
Photo: The Bubble

Every sign learns the lessons of those that come before it. So Pisces, the last sign in the zodiac, have learned all of the lessons there are to know; but since they’re last, they’re also closest to the beginning. This unique placement makes Pisces both the wisest and most childish of all the celestial creatures. This combination of the compassion of a child and the reflective spirit of an aged adult seems fitting for Anish Kapoor, who creates artworks that ride the line between playfulness and existential concerns.

Best known for Cloud Gate (2004–06), a large, reflective public sculpture in Chicago’s Millennium Park that’s also known as “The Bean,” Kapoor creates artworks that are visually enticing, yet steeped in heady themes like immateriality and duality. Pisces are represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, a nod to their interests in both imagination and reality. In his work, Kapoor has reflected on the importance of considering dualities. As he once stated: “The experience of opposites allows for the expression of wholeness.”

2. Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

You're highly imaginative, Cancer, which is one of the ultimate contributing forces to your well-rounded artistic ability. You love dreaming up new ideas, and you're just persistent enough to make sure your dreams are put into action. Combine your inventive state of mind with your deeply emotional nature and it's easy to see why you're one of the most artistic zodiac signs.

Frida Kahlo, born July 6, 1907

4 Zodiac Signs Who are Born to Be Artist
Photo: The Guardian

Cancers are one of the most emotional signs, but you would never guess it upon meeting one. They compensate for their incredible tenderness by shielding themselves from the world with a hard outer shell. In the rare instance that they do open up to someone, Cancers are said to become extremely invested in that person. Frida Kahlo, who suffered a lifetime of pain due to Polio and a near-death accident, and worked at a time when few women of color were recognized artists, opened up to one thing throughout her life: painting, Artsy cites.

Most of Kahlo’s major life events (surgery, marriage, and divorce, to name a few) were made into paintings with great intensity and nuance, which could relate to her being a Cancer. In her 1938 painting What the Water Gave Me, Kahlo painted her legs and feet submerged in a bathtub filled with gray water. Symbolic images of her life appear underwater, floating to the surface. Kahlo’s Cancerian traits shine through in this type of painting, where real experiences are balanced with insightful emotion.

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3. Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22)

You have a warmhearted and passionate nature, Leo, which makes you very in tune with your artistic side. Your self-confidence and penchant for drama cause you to turn to creative outlets to express your emotions. Your artistic ability is central to your constant search to become the best version of yourself, explaining your rank as one of the most artistic zodiac signs.

Andy Warhol, born August 6, 1928

4 Zodiac Signs Who are Born to Be Artist
Photo: CR Fashion Book

Ruled by the sun, Leos embody vitality and never stop spinning forward. With vain tendencies, they may have aspirations for glamour, genius, or superstardom. Andy Warhol, one of the best-known artists of the 20th century, can be seen as the epitome of a Leo. After finishing school in Pittsburgh, Warhol abandoned his birth name (Andrew Warhola), landed on his iconic hairstyle, and moved to New York City.

Warhol became a fierce innovator who knew his worth; not only was he an artist, he also worked as a magazine publisher, filmmaker, and band manager. He founded Andy Warhol Enterprises in 1975, and would create a portrait of anyone—that is, anyone who would pay him $25,000. By day, he led the Pop art movement with his colorful takes on automation and American commerce, and by night, he was getting into any nightclub he wanted to. Warhol was obsessed with celebrity culture, and in the end, he became one himself.

4. Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

You excel in the artistic sphere, Gemini, mainly due to your never-ending curiosity. You're fascinated by the world around you, and your open state of mind allows you to easily transition into a creative zone. You're especially skilled with words, as you're always searching to express the wonderful things you've experienced. Your versatile and inquisitive nature easily cements you as one of the more artistic signs in the zodiac.

Damien Hirst, born June 7, 1965

4 Zodiac Signs Who are Born to Be Artist
Photo: Artnet News

Each sign has its own way of being in the world; while Aries identify with the phrase “I am” and Tauruses identify with the phrase “I have,” Geminis are represented by the phrase “I think.” Fittingly, Conceptual artist Damien Hirst is a Gemini.

One of Hirst’s most famous works is a tiger shark frozen inside of a vitrine filled with formaldehyde, entitled The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living I (1991). But this ready-made approach is just one of many Hirst has taken on throughout his career; as of late, he’s been painting canvases with blots of color.

Represented by a set of twins, Geminis are often (unfairly) labeled as being two-faced. While their ability to flip between personality traits may seem unusual, they need to be able to adapt quickly in order to juggle their overwhelming amount of interests. Thus, Hirst’s ability to leap between disparate ideas and media resonates with being a Gemini.

If you need more convincing to believe that Hirst is a true Gemini, take a gander through his Instagram. Geminis are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, and love to constantly share every feeling and thought they have with the world; Hirst does just that with his 455,000 followers.

When it comes to artistic ability, some people have it and some people don't.

Even if you spend your whole life working on it, creativity starts with some kind of natural talent. So how do you know if you're an artistic person or if you should stay far away from the creative sphere? Thankfully, the stars can provide the answer.

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